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Taman Nasional Kelimutu

Nagekeo, Nusa Tenggara Timur
Alamat: West Detusoko, Detusoko, Ende Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
Rating: 4.70
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday: 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday: 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Komentar :

Ram Krish (17/05/2018 07:02)
Some endangered plant species are protected in this national park, such as: Toona spp., Anthocephalus cadamba, Canarium spp., Diospyros ferra, Alstonis scholaris, Schleichera oleosa, Casuarina equisetifolia and Anaphalis javanica.Some endangered animals can also be found here, such as: Javan rusa, wild boar sp., red junglefowl, Elanus sp. and drongo sp.

Maylina Meiku (17/04/2018 10:02)
Breath taking views around. Facilities could be improved like by providing a place for prayer (for Muslim)

Afrizal Giofani (18/03/2018 07:30) got to see it by yourself. It may not look like much in a picture. But once you get here, you'll know what I'm talking about. Parking lot is not so large, but usually enough for all visitor. Ticket is cheap on weekdays, a bit more expensive on weekends. Toilets exist near parking lot and near the first lake, clean water is available, no need to worry. Its usually rain, lightly. So prepare yourself. Be patient, if the lakes has fogs on them, just wait until wind comes and blow the fogs away.

Elisabet Dewi Rumanti (02/03/2018 13:14)
What a beautiful creation of God! This is my another achievement to be here. It was great and wonderful feeling to see the beautiful lake. It's easy to come here, the hiking track is also not difficult at all. But, you need to bring your jacket, buy or rent a traditional cloth here to help you from cold.

Chris Hendrik (09/02/2018 10:05)
Sunrise is epic at the top! Walking path is good, clean. Toilets are clean.

Dewan Karim (21/01/2018 23:17)
One of the strangest volcano crater lakes with 3 different colour in same place. Sunrise is wonderful. Topaz lake is the most beautiful.

Wayan Adiana (17/12/2017 09:32)
Cleanliness taken care very well. toilet also clean. Path to the top of the hill is very well maintained.

Mooei Maya (20/11/2017 12:49)
I've been there for 2 times and still having a good sunrised view. You need going at 3 am if you dont want to miss the view from Ende. But instead of going at 3, you can stay one night before in Moni, which is the Kelimutu lake located. Ah dont worry, if you miss your coffee in the morning, you can find locals that selling coffee at the top as well. And the best taste kopi ende sambil menikmati sunrise is the best😋😘

Kevin Robbins (13/11/2017 12:02)
Wonderful park with gourgeous views! I only had time to visit the mineral lakes at the summit, but would love to explore the rest of the park.

Arthur De Hart (25/10/2017 09:01)
Thee lakes in crater. Good walking road tot crater. Good parking. Fair entree prices 20k Rp / person. For locals half-price.

Fauziah Azman (02/09/2017 05:02)
Crowded on peak seasons. Sunrise ia beautiful, grab a cup of coffee from the local and enjoy the view!

Jeanette MP (13/08/2017 23:16)
The view stunning! I went there to look for the sunrise. But people there said that sometimes we can't look all the three lakes clearly in the morning because of the fogs that covered up them. Luckily when i went there there was just a lake covered up by fog.
The park is so beatiful! They plant colorful fern there and there are also some outdoor decorations that you could find like unique designed signs. Love it!

Paolus Miki Keli (13/08/2017 00:26)
Well ... There are lot of places to go for leisure,diving best spot,komodo dragons,so beautiful and unspeakable

Nur Hadi Hartono (21/07/2017 12:30)
A very popular destination for tourist both local or international. This place offer breathtaking view, especially at sunrise. But sometimes there are thick fog lingering at morning, which prevent us to view the sunrise. At my last visit, I got caught in thick fog and wet from sudden downpour as early as 4 AM till 7 AM. But the passion of waiting the weather to get better really pays. All of the visitor really express their joy when the Sun's ray manage to penetrate the fog and provide warm in the cold morning. This place is a must visit if you are traveling to Flores island, it worth the trip to get here.

mahma mahendra (18/07/2017 09:40)
Should walk about 3km from parking lot to the top of kelimutu mountain. But it worth... the view is amazing...!

Jonathan Bill (24/06/2017 13:26)
Well worth the effort. Verdant, lust forests and gorgeous crater views. Stop and listen for the birds on the way up. Not sure sunrise is the best option. I'd start around 8:30

Orion Bukantis (28/05/2017 04:44)
The crater lakes are really nice. It's quite busy at sunrise, and a lot of the tourists can be really noisy, so I recommend going at a different time.

Nikol Haris Šenkyříková (13/05/2017 18:32)
I was there in 2010. Perfect, calm place, not touristic. But it's been quite long time ago, I guess it's not that great anymore, because tourism changes everything.

Kianliung Liu (22/04/2017 04:36)
An epic wonder of nature in its raw form.

Sofan Hadi (16/04/2017 16:19)
A tourist destination that you must visit if you go to the city of Ende, traveling from Ende to Kelimutu Lake takes approximately 2 hours, The lake was formed from volcanic activity which form a crater with three different colors, lake colors change every time the weather condition and the chemical constituents in the crater. This tourist place is very clean and well maintained.

Martina Bujnakova (10/04/2017 10:00)
The lake is impressive! A very beautiful place to visit.
However, the one thing I will always be disappointed about in Indonesia is the fact that as a foreigner, you pay 5x more... That's just terrible

Tobin Zee (30/12/2016 08:05)
Amazing place to see three lakes! Get there at 4 or 5 a.m. before tourists arrive. Beware of monkeys!

Yanti Setiawan (22/12/2016 17:24)
The view from the Top was very amazing.. three color weather

rizki hanintyo (12/12/2016 09:31)
Lovely place. A tri colour lake in creater of kelimutu

Gabriela Simamora (03/12/2016 06:42)
Very good place to enjoy sunrise and the beautiful three colors lakes.
There are many monkeys please don't feed them or they will stole your belongings

Pedro Fiuza (19/10/2016 02:42)
The three lakes are amazing. Well worth yo go early and get the sunset. Quite expensive if you're a foreigner..150000 + 5 to park a motorbike.

Heng Dju Ong (06/11/2016 16:12)
Unique, nice hiking track, the forests are still good lots of singing birds

Andri Agassi (22/09/2016 02:33)
A really pretty park/cloud forest full of casuarine tree. The best time to visit and explore is in early morning, as bare-throated whistlers are starting to sing their beautiful songs.

Cornellia Widiastuti (09/09/2016 14:43)
Beautiful national park. A little bit rundown now, but still worth to visit. 1.5-2 hours away from Ende. Do visit in the afternoon because it's quite foggy in the morning and in the afternoon.

abdul hafif (05/08/2016 20:25)
Amazing landscape, lucky enough to saw Garugiwa (Pachycephala nudigula) which is rare to be seen despite its loud and clear voice.

Singgih Yuntoto (01/07/2016 03:13)
Awesome nature

Aulia Rahman (25/03/2016 01:40)
Well managed, clean, nice view. But need to organise local seller.

Michel Knol (02/10/2015 10:20)
DON'T GO HERE!!!!!! IS ONE TO TO CHARGE MORE FOR FOREIGNERS....BUT 150.000 COMPARISON TO ONLY 3000 FOR LOCALS?????? THAT'S 30 TIMES WJAT LOCALS PAY!!!!!Get real snd stuff your national park up your #######ss!!!!!

Ainur Melly (19/05/2015 14:04)
Ckckck hebat banget

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