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Nagekeo, Nusa Tenggara Timur
Alamat: Kelimutu, Woloara, Kelimutu, Ende Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
Rating: 4.60

Komentar :

nkavn (29/05/2018 16:47)
So much better to visit on an early morning for the sunrise. Also be careful with the monkeys, they would take some of your stuff. Would come visit this amazing place again. SUE THE VIEW💯💯

Marcelinus Carol (16/03/2018 07:36)
one of the mountains you must visit because Kelimutu is a mountain that has three craters with three colors ... very beautiful place.

Owlivia (24/02/2018 15:44)
It only takes about two hours ride from Ende. I rode my bike from 2 AM to get there, the road is pitch black, but as you look up to the sky, you can see the milkyway clearly. Then at ca. 4.30 awed by the sight of sunrise in Kelimutu. 👍👍

Rubi Perkasa (06/01/2018 02:12)
Beautiful place to go and it’s a must-visit place you have to put in your bucket list.

It only took 1.5 hours if you go here by a motorbike, there are already a spacious parking area so don’t worry (if only you are thinking that kelimutu is far away in the jungle) :))

The scenery was awesome, i don’t mind to come back here 2-3 times because i still didn’t get the three colors lake. (The best i have ever had was only 2 colors: black and turquoise)

Dewan Karim (24/12/2017 00:13)
One of strangest place on earth with three different crater lakes on the top of Flores mountain range. Topaz colour is the most beautiful. Walk to the top most memorable.

Christian Skoda (21/11/2017 05:12)
Beautiful natural sight. But hard to get to. Everybody says to go for sunrise but I found the time around 9am much better, since the sun is completely up and showing the colors of the lakes much brighter than during sunrise. Entrance fee is steep for foreigners (150k), locals pay 5-7k. The whole place is nice to spend a few hours though, nice to watch the scenery change with the sun and let the mind wander. In afternoons cloud and even rain can be expected.

Tim Boende (17/10/2017 05:39)
This is a normal stop for almost all tours to the region. Please use a qualified guide who can explain the geology and history of the lake and mountain. It's worth learning this

yen nguyen (12/10/2017 05:42)
Magic color you must see in your life. Even it seems to be edited by photoshop in photo. :)))
Entrance fee is 150,000 Rp in week days and 225,000 Rp on Sunday & National holiday. Parking fee is 1,000 Rp. Ticket is available whole day.
The road is quite new & fine for youself ride motorbike. You can rent it at Andy's place located in Moni village with 100,000 Rp in 24hrs.
Or you can ask Ojek bring you up there with 50,000 Rp and take time walk down by yourself. On the way, it's nice to those villages closed by as well.
The best time to observe the lakes is noon time around 10 _12 am in my opinion. Because the sun will shine to the lake. You will catch most breathtaking view.
Enjoy your trip !

Get Lost Safely (07/08/2017 15:57)
Lovely place. I can´t describe the beauty by words. The pictures will tell you all you need to know. Worth visit for sure.

Jan Bex (21/07/2017 12:40)
One if the most surreal places I have ever been. The three lakes in the volcano crater change colour during the Sunrise. The fluid inside almost looks like milk. In darkness, the middle Lake seems fluorescent.

Nur Hadi Hartono (08/07/2017 06:43)
I have been to Kelimutu several times and have lucky enough to see several lake color changes. Every visits are a new experience, because there are always differences, such as weather, the fauna, and even the visitors. My latest visit is starting with a series of unfortunate events, starting by heavy fog, heavy rain, and a monkey that snatch away our strawberries. However the fog make the visitors scream with joy when the sun finally appear followed by clear sky. Thought the fog still desperately surround us, it occasionally become thin enough to make the lakes appear. And we also get a bonus by a circular rainbow that appear because of the fog.

Yanger Walling (18/06/2017 14:01)
A sight to appreciate and enjoy the moment..

Zulka Nasution (14/03/2017 04:05)
Nice place to visit. It's kid friendly mountain. The climb is not hard at all.

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