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H. Hasan Aroeboesman Airport

Nagekeo, Nusa Tenggara Timur
Alamat: Kel. Tetandara, Flores, Ende Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
Rating: 4.00
Telp: +62 381 21512

Komentar :

Elisabet Dewi Rumanti (18/02/2018 01:02)
A small but also a nice airport. From this airport you can enjoy the view out Mount Meja. It is very interesting if you can find out the legend of mount Meja, mount Iya, and Mount Wongge. You also get a wonderful sensation when the plan on a lanfing process. You can see many mountain and it feels like your plan is at the top of the sea and almost touch the sea. It was great!

Rendy Gege (20/01/2018 13:17)
Small airport with nice view. Need improvement in security and cleaning service

David Orlando Kurniawan (09/12/2017 13:21)
A tiny airport which only serves 7 flights daily to 4 destinations: Labuan Bajo, Kupang, Ruteng, or Tambolaka. This airport is the closest to Kelimutu National Park, with the next closest being in Maumere. Its apron could only handle a propeller plane at a time. When you leave the arrival hall, there will be a lot of aggressive drivers offering you services to Kelimutu or around Flores. If you plan to explore the city first, this airport is right on the city's main road, so there is no need to rent a taxi.

Take-off and landing must be done from/to the east side, facing a mountain. It will be one of your most memorable take-off/landing because the aircraft must make a sharp 90deg turn. Flights (mostly Garuda flights) occasionally abort the landing process if the weather is unfavourable and divert the flight to Kupang or Labuan Bajo.

Christian Skoda (22/11/2017 02:20)
Cute but convenient small airport with awesome views.

John Sirait (21/09/2017 11:56)
Love this airport, clean and has many destinations in NTT region

Jimreeves Samuel (14/09/2017 13:33)
Beautiful... Blessings of God...In this city....

Almascatie Al (04/09/2017 22:37)
Cafe with the best flores coffe.

mahma mahendra (06/06/2017 03:10)
small airport, what you expect? even the security are not good

Zulka Nasution (03/04/2017 16:55)
Local students used to cross the runway to go to school, but now the authority has sterilized it. Safer!

Anna Satriyani (25/03/2017 08:04)
There is no chair available to sit in arrival gate, only 1 food stall selling drinks & pop mie. Signal: only Telkomsel. Transportation: avanza taxi & ojek. ATM: BNI, BRI.
Mushola available, ask the officer to get the key since it's always locked.

Herditama Galih (04/03/2017 10:54)
No wifi, no food. But gread view

Junda Zul (15/10/2016 02:32)
Bacause i love you

Rusdy S. Nugraha (04/08/2016 10:33)
Scenic airport between volcanoes and sea. Take your seat beside the window!

Tim Boende (25/11/2015 11:04)
A very scenic airport! Mountains around, volcano craters and beaches. It's not big, tiny, but nicely done

Setyo Adi Nugroho (28/10/2015 14:34)
You know the place where you really excited to get back? And do a lot adventures? This is the place to start explore Flores!!!

Rubi Perkasa (13/09/2016 13:34)
Wonderful airport!

Andri Agassi (05/12/2015 03:12)
It's really funny that the check-in officer knew who I was the moment I came. I guess they don't have a lot of tourist, eh?

Made Surya Indrawan (10/10/2014 00:08)
On the Job Training 16 september - 16oktober 2014... Thanks to Om Kanis, Om Abner, Bang Ferdi, Om Agustinus, Pak Agus, Mas Rusdi, Mas Eko, Mas Ari...

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