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THE 1O1 Palembang Rajawali

Musi Banyuasin, Sumatera Selatan
Alamat: Jl. Rajawali No.18, 9 Ilir, Ilir Tim. II, Kota Palembang, Sumatera Selatan 30113, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 711 3031101 palembangrajawali

Komentar :

eddy purnomo (29/05/2018 01:37)
1.very clean
2. comfort
3. good servise
4. average pay

Febriana Budhi (02/05/2018 02:59)
overall i'm satisfied..
but there were some minor issues i want to add from my personal perspective..
Room : the big mirror was not really okay since there was no enough lighting especially when i used it at night, the light was only from table lamp near the bed
bathroom: i think it would be better if there is a soap & shampoo box hang on the wall. we only got soap & shampoo in tube & the soap was too liquid & i had to ask housekeeping to add more soap few time.
Also please pay attention more on public toilet (near front desk) for the cleanliness, since it is provided for anyone who come to the hotel

but me & my father like most is the food..the food were the best..but i think you need to add more staff to handle restaurant to keep everything clean..
the staffs are friendly & helpful
the location is near to my favorite cafe, so i chose this hotel

keep up the work..!!

Ivan Aditya (14/04/2018 14:56)
Nice ambience, modern look, clean room and good response & hospitality from the staffs. Strategic location make it easy to go to different part of the city & to access public transportation. Walls a bit too thin, external sounds easily heard from our room. Small, short & shallow main pool, difficult to get a good workout because children also plays in it. Small gym. Too much carbs on breakfast, should have add more veggies, fiber & protein. Overall: recommended since they have done well for the basic, necessary services of a hotel.

Jacob Stevan (01/04/2018 13:26)
A very comfortable hotel with a decent room. The location is also pretty good. It has family karaoke across the street so in case if you are bored at staying alone in your room simply cross the road and sing!

Idrus Fhadli (21/03/2018 11:18)
Good hotel, cozy, tasteful foods, and strategically located in the heart of rajawali street. Unfortunately, the parking lot is not spacy enough if you held or attending a big conference event, the only solution is to park the vehicle in Rajawali Village parking area.

About the room, unfortunately can’t tell more detail at this time because I have not yet spend a stay here.

Olivia Oliv (21/02/2018 13:02)
Hotel is so good. Service they give, really responsive, really nice, i think i will stay in this hotel again. Room looks beautiful, the place looks so clean

Indah Puspita Rani (21/01/2018 10:26)
Nice hotel, the room looks like new. Stayed 1 night for suite room. The food for breakfast is okay. Location wise is good, near a lot restaurants. However, be careful even if you just walk near the hotel, I was unlucky to get pickpockets snatched my bag from motorbike just 2 block away from the hotel. Lucky it was unseccessful attempt as my bag dropped from their motorbike. But it was really scary..

Cris Isis (04/12/2017 12:33)
The location is at jalan.bangau.. the rooms is good enough for us and the service is great

Rachmadi Kusentyo P. (27/11/2017 09:18)
Hotel facilities are good. The location near Pempek Beringin. But one mistake was made in our last day, our laundry was picked up by officer without any permission and customer's signature in form, so we disputed with housekeeping officer and receptionist, while we were checking out. It spent about 30 minutes-45 minutes to solve that problem.

Okki Sutanto (13/11/2017 13:53)
Great new building. Clean and beautiful rooms. Nice surroundings. Perfect for family.

maria olivia gita (13/10/2017 11:49)
Great design, spacious room, generous pillows, comfy bed. However the water stream was really weak. Then there was this disturbing offer for laundry service that was knocking on each room at 8 AM. Moreover the walls are thin so we can hear them knocking on each room in the hallway. Breakfast was fine but you might want to improve a lil bit. Overall it was a great stay, thanks to the satisfying pillows, bed and good looking design.

Kristiana Kusuma (20/09/2017 02:47)
I dont mistake to make decision choice vacation in hotel 101...hotel 101 a great chatismatic that cant be duplicate by another hotel. From service, acomodation, n delicious food u give to me. Its awesome 4 me. Your score is so excellent. Tq hotel akan datang lg ke u. I'll come back again later.

fadznida fadzil (19/09/2017 14:23)
We stayed for 3 nights at Family Room and we have pleasant experience during our stay. Clean spacious room, nice ambiance, variety of food during buffet breakfast, friendly staff, quiet surrounding and value for money. Recommended for leisure or business trip.

dhany ega satria (17/09/2017 14:02)
The room is almost same size with grand zuri, but there is a long sofa in the room, so it's subjectively good or not, but the bath room is noticably "space efficient",
The hotel is clean, neat, luxurious look, and the food is good!!
parking lot is quite spacious as well, the location is quite strategic with a lot of restaurant nearby

rehmi wantika (05/09/2017 09:46)
Everything is good..just the swimming pool is rather small...the hospitality off the employee make my child and our vacation so comfort

Raina Rachmani (26/07/2017 03:01)
Delicious food... Friendly staff.. comfortable room... strategic hotel location... Would love to stay here more often...

Donnie Haribuan (17/07/2017 14:15)
New room standard quality bed but quite nice..

Juli Kartika (02/07/2017 10:00)
a new hotel with cozy rooms and enjoyable stay, the breakfast is good with various kinds of food....

Didiek Priambudi (30/06/2017 14:03)
Very good food, clean, cozy bed

Moehtar Wardanna (20/06/2017 12:17)
A great place to stay. You can cross the street to find other culinary at Rajawali food and entertainment or you can bought Pempek Beringin as souvenir that only 1 meter from hotel. This hotel need more space for cars parking.

Astrid Agustira (15/05/2017 15:17)
Nice so far. Tp ketika di restoran, staff tdk menanyakan ingin minum apa yg biasanya menjadi standart restoran hotel.

Ken Liu (09/04/2017 05:40)
Great place to stay but there was an incident during the stay which the cleaning service stole my money in my bag

Christian Natalie (04/04/2017 09:42)
Good facilities. But swimming pool is too small.

Melda Wita Sitompul (22/02/2017 10:08)
new hotel, minimalist and near to every tour location

Andi A. Rusli (03/02/2017 23:45)
Great n new hotel with warm Hospitality

Hendy Odwin (29/01/2017 19:10)
Its a great place to stay but the parking lot isn't big enough

Joel Marshall (28/01/2017 21:23)
Nice clean and new. Service is perfect as expected

erwin ardiansyah (04/01/2017 17:49)
Good service

Elvia Arsani (05/11/2016 15:17)
Hotel yang sangat nyaman calon nya

indra kurniawan (10/09/2016 14:04)

Suwandi Huang (07/09/2016 03:07)
Belum buka

Muhammad Rizky Firmansyah (01/09/2016 06:25)

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