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Danau Linow

Minahasa Tenggara, Sulawesi Utara
Alamat: Lahendong, South Tomohon, Tomohon City, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 812-8308-9057
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Komentar :

Ekha Ekha (01/06/2018 09:01)
The view is amazing,, its best view is on sunny day.. The lake shines beautifully in green color ^^

Sondang Eva (30/05/2018 08:49)
I went there after noon. The view was pretty. The restaurant serving delicious food and beverage. Anyway ticket entrance is Rp. 25.000 include a cup of coffee or tea.

Brigitta Gani (17/05/2018 04:13)
I came here in weekdays and found it was crowded enough, just cant imagine how it would be in the weekend. I really enjoy the view in here, so nice and kinda magical for me since I have less vacation recently.
Well, I had to pay IDR25,000 per person to get inside the restaurant and I got a cup of tea/coffee. Surprisingly the toilet was very clean in such a public place in Indonesia. It seldom happens to me find a nice toilet in public space in this country, I mean it, really. Well, finally it is a MUST to come here when you are in Manado.

Tuan Amos (06/05/2018 11:16)
Cool and quaint place to visit away from the busy hectic everyday city life

devan aldian (20/04/2018 05:47)
This is danau linow.. its basically a volcanic lake at the highland of tomohon. A small city next to manado.. u can smell sulphur here. Theres a restaurant next to the lake.. the ticket rate is 25k / person.. include freee tea or coffe..

'Ps the coffee is good

Bunhamin Arifin (17/04/2018 01:52)
A very beautiful lake and if you come earlier than others, you can feel the tranquillity.

Monica Wongkar (15/04/2018 23:07)
We were expecting a good weather, but turns out it was rainy. It doesn't feel like gloomy, it looked just amazing. The misty effect and the rain really were special. The food and drink is fine. We almost couldn't get in because like the capacity inside the restaurant is only up to 75 people when it rains. Also, if they can provide a sink/toilets within the restaurant building that would be awesome because like you have to walk outside from the restaurant first entrance to get to the toilets or just to wash your hand. Overall, I had fun in this place.

Arthur The Cyberman (05/04/2018 15:18)
Very nice place with Indonesian original street food.

Titik Kurniawati (01/04/2018 06:02)
affordable food with beautiful view

Winda Samola (26/01/2018 13:45)
It's totally amazing place with peaceful and beautiful views. Great place to have your quality time with family, friends, or your loved one. This place also have a lot of facility to enjoy beside taking pictures and enjoying the view. If you want to take pre-wedding pictures.. you should check this one out! 💖

Humble Fisherman (07/01/2018 03:56)
very nice place to relax.. the food is limited and so so.. but the landscape is nice.. come here in the morning around 10-12 . the restaurant open at 10 am.

Julia Suryantan (28/12/2017 04:33)
Great view. Entrance fee include one cup of coffee or tea. A nice place to enjoy the great view, nice weather, a cup of coffee and fried banana. And of course taking nice pics

Olanz Ngurawan (14/11/2017 01:34)
i really love this place, this is place where ypu can hangout with friends, and also for you to spend your alone time, the view of Linow Lake are the best, you can also enjoy coffee and fried banana in this place
best place, really recommended

WAWAN KUPLUK (14/10/2017 16:34)
Nice place, Good View, Free Coffee and Tea if u buy the ticket only IDR 25k u can ENJOY IT!!

Armand Indomorales (14/09/2017 08:51)
Volcanic smell from time to time depend where the wind blows. Nice, relaxing with wild ducks and some birds

Ronny Mulyono (03/09/2017 05:04)
5 star place.
Just enjoy your coffee with peaceful jazz and beautiful scenery.

oka mahendra (28/08/2017 08:55)
Perfect place to enjoy the volcanic lake while sipping a cup of coffee and snack

maria renny (03/08/2017 22:28)
Really nice place to hang out with families and friends by the lake. Entrance ticket includes tea or coffee. Smoking is free but you can't swim on the lake though. It can be very crowded and noisy. Snacks with sambal roa is superb.

Aulia Rachman (07/07/2017 16:11)
This is the best lake and the peaceful place in Tomohon, North Sulawesi. I wish someday I could go back there with my future wife 💙💙💙

Elli W (01/07/2017 04:37)
Good view.. Clean cafe.. But the food is not so good 😊

Alfiano Johanes Frans (27/05/2017 11:41)
The place is verry cozy, the lake verry clean and unique. The snack they served is tasty. I would recommend this place if you on a trip to north sulawesi!

Princilvanno Naukoko (12/05/2017 05:33)
Nice place to go. It takes Rp.25.000 for entry charges and you can use that for get free a cup of tea or coffee. Food prices are reasonable. My advice, don't come here during long weekend or holiday... You will hard to get table 😎

Marcellino Pangalila (04/04/2017 19:06)
A beautifull place..

Kory Siagian (01/04/2017 03:06)
Love the color of Linow Lake.
Don't forget to try coffee and pisang spatu there.

Pasko da Gama (15/03/2017 23:00)
This place is so good. You can see the Linow lake from here and you can get nice servce

Hadi Sukirman (11/03/2017 06:16)
A nice little restaurant with reasonably priced food.

dea chinantya (27/02/2017 14:25)
Good place and good view of Linow Lake and it's enough to enjoy the nature. The food not bad and what I love the most is the seating arrangement. It is really pretty and nice to sit by the lake and enjoy the view. Make sure you have a good company 😉

Maya Pesik (24/01/2017 14:56)
Beautiful lake... Wonderful tourism site to visit

Togar Sianturi (17/09/2016 01:55)
Green lake. Nice coffee and fried banana. Wonderful view.

Novie Hosang (24/07/2016 00:39)
The restaurant's chic & the view is gorgeous. Food was okay but they gotta do something about the flies buzzing around the food.

theresia pondaag (01/11/2016 06:56)
Please update the information, d'Linow ia open everyday morning until 18.00....

Nancy Pakasi (19/08/2016 03:28)
Bagus, cantik, romantis, cozy. Untuk wisatawan ataupun tamu bisnis, danau linow merupakan spot yg termasuk wajib dikunjungi untuk duduk santai menikmati teh/kopi sambil berbincang-bincang.

Nurrizky Imani (16/07/2016 23:37)
It has great view of lake & also have great food altough the waiting is so long

Robert Soetanto (08/07/2016 08:40)
great location and view

yansen cheng (01/07/2016 09:55)
wajib dikunjungi

Daniel Leksmana (06/06/2016 03:42)
Nice place

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