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Karel Sadsuitubun Langgur Airport

Maluku Tenggara, Maluku
Klasifikasi: Area Publik
Alamat: Jl. Bandara Langgur - Maluku Tenggara, Kel. Ibra, Kec. Kei Kecil, Ibra, Kei Kecil, Kabupaten Maluku Tenggara, Maluku, Indonesia
Rating: 4.00
Telp: +62 812-5206-4450

Komentar :

Indra Tri (28/05/2018 10:35)
Bandara bersih, tapi toilet kurang terjaga

oka mahendra (15/09/2017 03:14)
Clean, modern, warm officers

Ibnu Harris Fadillah (27/08/2017 17:20)
Indonesia ENT Oncology Head & Neck team several time came for Thyroidectomy mission....and the airport getting better and better...👌

Hadi Kama Holidays (23/06/2017 12:01)
Small and only open when flight time is near, there are only 3 regular flight everyday from and to ambon, twice by wings air in the morning (around 5.50) and afternoon (around 14.15) and once by garuda in the morning at (06.00)
Airport is clear, restroom cleanest is okay, there's also canteen and Muslim praying room available.
Since airport is small and only work for atr type, those who need special arrangement such wheelchair I think need to info airline in advance.
For first time visitor, welcome to kei and enjoy your holiday with magnificent white beach sand :)

Faruuq Qayyum (20/08/2016 04:55)
A replacement commercial airport of Dumatubun Airport (currently converted only for the purpose of Indonesian Army Air Force) which is located in Kei Kecil. It takes approximately up to 45 minutes by car. However, according to its location, this airport is currently not accessible by public transportation; angkot (car). Need to book or rent a car, angkot, or ojek to get to this airport as another option of using private car while to get to the main city, there are some rent cars or booked angkot that can be used for up to IDR 150,000 depends on the negotiation with the driver as there is no fixed price. There are plenty of cafes and food stands as the airport's facilities with average price from IDR 20,000 to IDR 150,000. Unfortunately, currently there is no money exchange for those visitors who bring foreign money. This airport currently serves 4 airlines, 2 of them are the most used for flight to bigger cities, they are Wings Air and Garuda Indonesia.

Andy Atis (28/06/2016 07:20)
A brand new airport, operating officially since 2015. Currently, as of 28 June 2016, the length of the runway is 2.6Km. Garuda Indonesia, the national carrier of the Republic of Indonesia flies daily from Ambon, using the new ATR 72.

The government of the Southeast Maluku Regency, through its current head of Regency, Andrias Rentanubun, is negotiating with Garuda Indonesia to add LUV as a stopover for its daily flight Denpasar Bali to Jayapura and Timika in West Papua. The plan is to have it materialize by early 2017. This will enhance the tourism industry of Southeast Maluku Regency with popular name the KEI ISLANDS

rizqy kaka (14/04/2017 01:52)

Richard K (31/12/2016 06:55)
For such remote area, this airport is good

Imam Fakoubun (11/03/2016 00:29)
Karel Sadsuitubun Airport is the best

Jan Hettler (02/12/2015 23:36)
It's ok. A brand new small local airport. There are ATM machines, food vendors and airline offices.

Irwanto Forester (28/06/2016 11:59)
Bandara yang cukup bagus untuk ukuran kabupaten. Saat ini ada 4x penerbangan ke Ambon.

Aulia Irfan Wazani (16/04/2016 08:47)
Bandara komersil di kepulauan kei

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