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Movimax Sarinah

Malang, Kabupaten, Jawa Timur
Alamat: Sarinah Plaza Lt. 03, Jalan Basuki Rachmat No. 2A, Klojen, Kiduldalem, Klojen, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur 65119, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 341 368181

Komentar :

Eko Setiawan (29/05/2018 13:44)
Favorite kl nonton mah dimari

Tito Maulana (22/05/2018 19:44)
My favorite place to watch movies. Come to Sarinah only to go all the way up, last call, sincerely. Clean and tidy, service was great aswel. Too bad yg jaga tiket kadang judes. Need a bigger musholla. Sometimes the lines are long especially on premieres, so prep yourself. Pro tip: buy online tickets.

mh.anggraini puspitasari (06/05/2018 14:19)
Sukak bgt nonton dsni🤗

Sofi Indawati (04/05/2018 12:36)
Need to go on very early on booking the ticket, otherwise it is always sold out for great movie

Namouri Kyoto (01/05/2018 13:07)
the chairs for the executive theater are very comfortable, the price corresponds to what is given. for a relatively cheap meal price.

Thirasamvaro Evan Prajongko (01/05/2018 10:10)
I really like being here. Room lighting is very fitting, not too dim nor light too. Using yellow lights makes this place seem warm and classy. Sound system using Dolby, as well as seats can be arranged so that the audience can lie in this cinema.

Donnie Bahar (14/02/2018 14:58)
A bit pricy, but this cinema offer a leg rest for each seats in exclusive studios. Now I don't know about you, but that right there sound like a good deal to me

Yongki Susanto (13/02/2018 22:47)
First executive theatre in malang. Nice and convenient seat with cheap ticket price. You should try to watch cinema in here.

Ivan Christy (11/02/2018 17:29)
Great place to watch movie. The service is great. U can buy ticket online now.. comfortable place. Neat and clean... Very recommended..

Novrizal Herdananto (24/12/2017 18:17)
the staffs are nice. clean and comfortable..
and the food can be delivered to your seat..
and also online booking is available.

Aditya Wibawa (30/10/2017 00:18)
Now this you can call cinema. The deluxe seat is super comfy, be careful to not to sleep while watching movie. Audio using dolby 7.1 but I think the projector can use more updated technology, seems a bit dark and blurry sometimes. Quite recommend this place if you want to watch movie with friend or family.

Ghulam Al Aufa (29/11/2017 05:20)
One of the best experience watching movies here. It has a nice and comfortable seat too

Arief Ash (20/11/2017 08:26)
Only came here only for some movies that I really want to watch. Ended up going to see any upcomimg movies regularly here. The price is worth it compared to the seat and facility that this place offered, I mean I ever got the farthest right seat but I still experience a good time watching the movies. Plenty of foods and beverages outside can bie carried inside.

ihrom riswanto (09/09/2017 05:26)
Some option place to watch some movies dan akses agak susah

hardini rahma (02/09/2017 23:50)
Nice and cozy. The sound and picture are good

Rico (07/08/2017 06:47)
Nice place, seats are comfortable. Theaters are alright compared to theaters back home in Michigan, USA. I do enjoy the fact you can bring food in from outside.

Dicky Irawanto (09/07/2017 21:55)
It always crowded when i want to watch a movie although its not weekend. Also have the most expensive price of ticket i think

wibisono yamin (29/06/2017 08:41)
Much cheaper "lazy-boy-chair-watching-movie-experience" compared to 21 cineplex's premier or cgv's satin place for movie goers at malang

Riki Atsuke (20/06/2017 15:01)
I like the cinema here compared to other cinemas in Malang. Not too crowded. Chairs comfortable. AC cold! I don't suggest getting the edge front row if you're not Elsa. And this is the only place where the front is not that close to the screen, so if there's no more space left at the back, no worries!

Alvin Arkansas (17/06/2017 16:11)
Definitely an awesome experience sitting on that comfy chair at the excecutive theatre. Feels like home. This is the place you want to watch movie everytime

FANY SAFRIANSYAH (24/05/2017 14:58)
Cinema, there is executive studio at studio 1 and 2 which are includes sofa. And studio 3 for deluxe without sofa (just an ordinary cinema's chair).
Hey, you can bring your foods to cinema, but if you buy from foods stall in this area.
Not too crowded...

Alfa Musika (13/05/2017 15:50)
bit expensive but totally worth it. popcorn is better than the others. clean, not too crowded. you can even bring food from the outside

ulfa fawzia (06/05/2017 15:04)
The studio one is nice, the seat is comfortable. The best thing is that you're allowed to bring food and drinks from outside.

Fitrahtur Rahman (14/04/2017 09:48)
The best movie theater in Malang. Comfy seats, small but clean toilet, and cozy lounge. Worth the price.

Lies Nureni (21/03/2017 03:22)
It's one of the best cinemas in Malang especially for those who doesn't like to be distubed by 'alay' teenagers. With around 40 chairs in each studio, you will not hear any noisy sound from annoying people as much as in big cinemas. Too bad it only has three studios so the tickets are a little bit difficult to get especially for box office movies.

Ekky Hapsari (16/03/2017 03:40)
If you are looking for different feeling when you are watching movies in cinema, this is your go to place. Movimax sarinah present different quality of seating and more premium studio. Of course that the price is much higher than your average cinema. But its worth it. Located on the 3rd floor in Sarinah you can access the cinema using a lift outside right accros KFC or using a ladder inside the Sarinah. :)

Sukma Dephiena (22/02/2017 17:11)
Its like history building in malang, looks like "modern" old building. They have great cinemas

ANDY SETIAWAN (08/02/2017 05:41)
Cheap price. Nice studio. Comfortable seat.

Josephine Halim (04/02/2017 02:00)
The 1st and 2nd theater is Executive Class so it is more expensive, the seat is a sofa with an extendable leg rest. More expensive than the other theater.

Penyihir Selenka (03/02/2017 12:39)
Not only popcorn and soft drink, this cinema also have some street snacks vendor inside the lobby. The studio is comfortable and the movie is good

maya rizki fauzia (30/01/2017 18:08)
My favorite cinema in Malang. It is considerably new compared to other cinemas.
It has reclining seats and allows people to bring some snacks while watching the movie. Spacious lobby

David Herlianto (22/09/2016 11:18)
The only Premiere theater in Malang city, the prices are cheap by the way. This theater is recommended if you want to watch movie here.

Riska Bagus Setyawan (17/09/2016 05:00)
One of the best cinema in Malang. The location near to Alun-Alun Malang

bastian daniel toemali (13/09/2016 20:12)
The best theatre in Malang! Despite the seats are not much, they got the biggest and most comfortable sofa with foot resting. Also you can eat inside the theatre, just like at home. The price are very affordable

Aji bagus (06/09/2016 06:16)
One of the cinema in Malang City. Located near Alun Alun Malang. This is the comfy cinema which provide the latest movies.

Rizky Yudianto (31/08/2016 03:04)
Nice and comfy theater, probably the most exclusive in Malang city. It has both deluxe and executive theater room. Unfortunately, the ticket can't be ordered online

Agung Pramudhita (29/07/2016 02:46)
Comfy chair, great sound. Really worth the price, best cinema in malang

Daniel Moningka (06/07/2016 02:00)
Comfy place, the price is cheap really nice seats here, but the capacity is not too big.

Indira Susetyawati (03/07/2016 15:55)
Very comfortable chair at Studio 1 and 2. Latest movies. Hard to find parking lot, but they provide vallet service at 10.000 rupiah cost.

Louis Chi (14/06/2016 09:31)
Best cinema in malang. Must go earlier to order the tickets

Dio ? (24/03/2016 20:12)
Great cinema for join ur fav movies

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