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MX Mall

Malang, Kabupaten, Jawa Timur
Alamat: Jalan Veteran, Klojen, Penanggungan, Klojen, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur 65113, Indonesia
Rating: 3.80

Komentar :

Evelyne Angelina (21/01/2018 17:54)
Currently closed. Lagi under renovation utk dibuat Trans Mall.

Lubna Rofiq (28/12/2017 22:41)
Cozy. Good place and has the potensial to be just like matos. But too bad transmart is now here.

Amalia Shalihah (21/11/2017 02:33)
The place is good but its not the best. You can stroll around for an afternoon walk tho. There are so many college students here as it is nearby 2 well known campuses

Erlinda Tri (23/08/2017 02:40)
It is supposed to be a good mall, but seems like a grand opening mall. A lot of empty store (I don't know it is not open yet or they choose to close their business). The clothes price is very cheap and it have up-to-date model. There is a big stationery store at the second level. In my opinion, they have complete stock with a reachable price.Try to walk in and explore this mall by your self.

Adam Mele (09/07/2017 05:27)
It looks could delay, this place would keep you waiting for a few more minutes than you anticipated, but then quickly set you on your way. A ground floor with a popular somewhat upscale international coffee chain seems to promise something. What you get? Well, shops of course, but a little less (or more) than you thought would be there.

akmal Official (05/10/2017 07:21)
Royal ATK- Good accessories shop, stationery and other souvenir and gifts.
Starbucks-If you want to relax and chill or just study

Thats it

Firdausi Fachrunnisa (24/09/2017 02:55)
open at 10 a.m. I love have been here because Royal ATK 😀

Izmi BA (18/09/2017 02:34)
It's big and clean but still not good enough. I try to go to the toilet at the second floor and it still close at 1pm.

Wisnu Satriyo (18/09/2017 00:42)
There should be a better parking layout and invite more tennant with a good reputation

Nungky Nugroho (18/07/2017 08:08)
Ada starbucks, royal atk, nav karaoke, hoka-hoka bento

anggun wigati (04/07/2017 18:47)
Next to matos mall. The best parts of it are Royal ATK for stationery, Nav for karaoke, and some good restaurants. Oh and there's also Starbucks

Yang LydiaEnrica (01/07/2017 15:58)
Got a nice Japanese restaurant and stationary store there. Now also got Starbucks.

ferry Wijaya (11/05/2017 11:50)
A small mall... shopping lane rather... manybcafes and restaurants... but there are many unit that are not occupied so it feels like the mall is "dead" and dark.

Not like the neighbouring mall that is so crowded with people.

Masayu Putri Prameswari (27/04/2017 00:09)
Yeah..good place to eat and shooping

Satrio Wisanggeni (08/02/2017 03:36)
has some nice restaurants on the ground floor. such a shame, its low ceiling makes it seems more cramped than it actually is.

PUTU AYU PRAMANASARI (30/01/2017 20:10)
There's a japanese bistro I love for its variety of menu and reasonable price set in a nice ambience on the first floor. The large parking lot is its main advantage. It also has one of the big stationary and office supplies chain store on the second floor. And there's bigger mall next to it within less than a minute of walking.

Arief Indriawan (26/12/2016 06:31)
Good lifestyle Mall concept, but the tenants are empty. People usually visit this mall just for park their ride.

Happy Hardiansyah (12/12/2016 08:25)
Small plaza which contain enough for yiur desire like culinary, or maybe buy some stuff for your office

esti laras aruming tyas (14/11/2016 23:25)
Just two qualified tenants. My Kopi O restaurant and Hachi Hachi bistro.

David Herlianto (26/09/2016 05:49)
This mall is recommended for yound people. Because this mall is 90% is cafe, donut shop and restaurant. Many people usually visit this mall for parking their vehicle, because in Malang Town Square usually difficult to find parking lot.

Michelle Latukolan (28/08/2016 04:30)
It's quite here. But perfect place if you just want to hangout with your friend.

rudy ardiansyah (01/08/2016 04:44)
Tempat berbelanja

Otto Menaro (18/06/2016 18:37)
1 decent Japanese and Korean restaurant, 1 popular place to go drinking in the city, and 1 good cafe. Nothing else. Quite fun, although it will not be as happening as it will in Surabaya, Bali or Jakarta.

勝利ゲール (05/06/2016 05:51)
better cafes
many stalls
good electronics service (f2)
funzone but some games are deactivated
good for hanging out if u like silence
and a tiny market alfamart is there too

Ekky Arysta (13/05/2016 01:07)
A nice place to hangout. Lots of food stalls, restaurants, bistro, café, and some various stores. And if you want to go to Malang Town Square, you just simply walk to. Because MX Mall sits beside Malang Town Square.

Mutiah Abdat (15/01/2016 14:04)
Such a nice place to hangout.
The mall is not so big and crowded so it looks more "private". Sometimes they held some events there.

But they still need some improvement in lighting + need more tenant to make it looks "alive" and interesting.

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