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Gereja Hati Kudus Yesus

Malang, Kabupaten, Jawa Timur
Alamat: Jl. MGR Sugiyopranoto No.2, Kiduldalem, Klojen, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur 65119, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 341 323937

Komentar :

Christy Samantha (12/05/2018 05:28)
Pure and Holy Church 🕎

thepragive (24/04/2018 06:46)
One of gothic-architectured church in Malang together with Ijen

Christian Wijayanto (25/03/2018 04:49)
one of many old Catholic Church in Malang. many history begin in this place. the architecture is amazing. although it's difficult to find parking spot here, the church is always crowded at Saturday and Sunday. it's under renovation few months ago, they paint, add air conditioner and some improvement to the church. this church is located beside the McDonald's in the Sarinah Department Store.

Dicky Kosasih (06/03/2018 16:22)
Best church in malang

Hazardouzst Hazard (07/12/2017 13:45)
Incredible old church, located at Mgr. Soegiyopranoto street. Not hard to find the location of this church. Very beautiful place...builted at 1879 a small old church, by the way it's on renovation....

nicodemus yusenda (15/10/2017 10:01)
Old church at centre town neat alun2 and mosque .

Parlin Pakpahan (19/08/2017 13:52)
Gereja Hati Kudus Jesus

This Catholic Church is located at Jalan MGR Sugiyopranoto No.2, Kiduldalem, Klojen, Malang City, East Java 65119. This church belongs to Kayutangan Parish with name / protector : Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Its location is very strategic, exactly in the center of Malang, not far from the legendary Oen Shop and from the town square of Malang. No wonder access to the church is very easy from any direction in the city of Malang.

This church belongs to one of the historical buildings that are protected by law, given its age which has existed since the Dutch era.

The structure of the building is really oldies Catholic and remains charming with a strong religious impression. The parking spaces are not too wide, but relatively able to serve cars and motorcycles of the church congregation.

I suggest that this church is worthy of Catholics to worship on Sundays and to celebrate other Christian holidays. Also can be used as a religious object in the city of Malang is famous for the Dutch heritage. And for all that I give a 5 star rating to this church.

via dolorosa (07/10/2017 11:38)
where peace founded

agung prakasa (24/09/2017 02:24)
Gereja Katolik dengan arsitektur gaya belanda, salah satu warisa sejarah di Kota Malang

Ar Wic (14/08/2017 13:50)
Historical place. Beautiful gothic architecture.

ME Prasetyo (11/12/2016 15:00)
One of more icon in Malang

yves frombelgium (15/11/2016 00:51)
Fairly impressive church, dutch era, neogothic style, central location in malang

Tommy Pratomo (13/07/2016 08:49)
The Historic Church that was build by Dutch colonialism. Located in central city of Malang, East Java

Jeffri Kj (11/06/2016 13:09)
Dutch Old style architecture, very the heart of Malang city

Fungky Oktanio (30/05/2016 15:31)
Gothic style curch... landmark of malang city....

Martinus Koentjoro (22/09/2016 20:20)
Die alteste Kirche im Malang. Die Touristen mussen unbedingt hier besuchen.

Fandi Rahman (06/06/2016 14:54)
Ini adalah gereja tertua yang ada di Malang dan pertama kali dibangun di Kota Malang.

Denny Prasetyo (26/02/2016 10:59)
Beautiful architecture

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