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Alun Alun Malang

Malang, Kabupaten, Jawa Timur
Alamat: Jalan Merdeka Selatan, Kauman, Kiduldalem, Klojen, Kiduldalem, Klojen, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur 65119, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 341 352712
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Hanna Agustina (28/05/2018 18:14)
A great city park located in Malang. From fountain to gym facilities and kids playground, they got almost everything that I thought a park should have. Great for a nice walk in the afternoon or for a little sport in the morning.

Ahmad Dzakwan (23/05/2018 15:15)
this town square has what you all need. if you want to hang out with family, this place can be your best choice. a beautiful views around it with the sound of pigeons will make you eargasm. this place is near the Grand Mosque, so if you are Muslim, you can go there to take a pray and take a rest.

den hensen (04/05/2018 15:17)
Many old oak trees, shaddy, jogging track, and fun sport area. One thing that interests me, I can see many doves and other birds flying around the place. Awesome

Widya WW (03/05/2018 14:09)
Open air public space located at the heart of Malang City
Surrounded by office buildings, post office, hotel, mosque, church, department stores, banks, etc
Easy to access due to app based online transportation
Restrooms available
I think visitors shouldn't park their vehicles near city square, there should be allocated parking space so that the road is not use for Parking space

Wahyu Nahdianto (27/04/2018 23:09)
The town square is clean, beautiful, and romantic. The ideal city park to spend time with loved ones. The park is so cool because there is a playground for children, and also for adults, there is also a special room for nursing mothers. Breastfeeding room for mother and child, not mother and father...

Ghea & Hanif (10/04/2018 05:50)
A nice park to walk around, especially because i lived near this place. FREE to visit, this is public park that everybody can acess easily. There's a playground for kids and joging track also.

Green grass everywhere, If you want to having a picnic, add this place to your bucket list.

Agnes Dian (24/03/2018 04:40)
It's one of Malang's famous icons. This place could be considers as a multipurpose area. You can take a short escape from your routine by enjoying the water fountain, feeding birds, or keeping your health fit. It has a pedestrian walk that also serves as a jogging track. Children are free to roam around the park as well. Don't forget to bring your garbage with you as you leave this place. Overall, a great place to spend your weekend with your family. It's reachable and free for anyone. You probably only have to spend money for parking lots.

BeWee (20/03/2018 12:33)
The central park of malang. Open public place. Clean and good for gathering with family. Now seems so clean and save. Perfect to enjoy family time with minimum expenses :)

Rizka Putri (07/03/2018 13:33)
Great place to visit if you are in Malang and take a photograph in this very famous icon signage. It's also fun to spend your evening time here

Sri Rahayu (03/01/2018 17:24)
A quite good place to bring our kids, and its free. Know this place since my childhood. The park is so famous in Malang, this is one of the most iconic place when visiting Malang. The main attraction here is the water fountain in the middle of the park, well it's a small fountain but still interesting - I think. Nowadays, some spots need to be repaired and repainted since it turn dated already. Minus: no parking lot, it takes the part of the main road which is always busy - as the parking lot. Maybe better to park your vehicle at one of available shopping centers around the park.

Dhito Pemi Aprianto (03/12/2017 15:57)
Great public this place we can play and give food for pigeons, has well gromed playground and landscape..

close to muslim prayer place...(masjid agung malang - malang's great mosque

Ardnas dewi (15/11/2017 02:01)
A fun park for adults and children..
This park offers it all and more..
There is a playground for children, skateboard areas, bike trails, public restrooms, gazebos, nearby mosque and we can also feed the pigeons.
The park also has a dancing fountain show at night..

Sidiq Rangga (06/11/2017 04:01)
This place is perfect for you if you need calm and relaxing moment also this place is really comfy and you can see a lot of doves in here. I always go to this place to get creativity and start drawing at there

Sakti RM Sitindaon (04/10/2017 06:39)
The center garden of Malang. You can find many things here. Skate park, bird nest or fountain. Located at the center. You can easily find it and go everywhere from here. Big places to walk around. Good for family because free entrance. Clean and tidy places. Many spot for taking photos.

Afryzal Faringga (03/09/2017 02:45)
A very good place to rest. It's very calm, even though it is located right at the center of town. It's like having a Central Park in the middle of Malang, except it's way smaller (and honestly, not exactly comparable).

Rizky Adidharma - Riplay Studio (29/08/2017 04:50)
Pros: Great city park, it's clean because no food merchants allowed there, I like it, it has fountain on the center, kids playground, jogging track, skate board track, pigeon house and some simple gym tools, they even designed various cute trash can.

Cons: it's quite dim at night, they should add more street lamp there.

Juwita Az-Zahra (19/07/2017 23:37)
Clean city concept. I could sit the whole afternoon and enjoy the fresh air. The mosque nearby is also very comfortable to pray.

Jonas Ottiger (10/07/2017 11:13)
A simple relaxing square with a big fountain in the middle and a nice-looking mosque on the side. A playground area full of happy kids. Not much else to see or do.

derajad kreatifinarta (02/07/2017 04:52)
Looking for relaxation in downtown? come here. you'll find nice park with not-so-crowded people. Good for hanging out with family.

Diaz Priantara (29/06/2017 14:42)
Very good place. We can play with our children. We can see some heritage buildings. Thanks to the major who have provided city tour bus. Bravo Malang

febri nugroho (06/05/2017 18:56)
It is a city park. Playing, relaxing and exercising. This park is very popular in the city of Malang. This park is the heart of Malang city. This park is also great for taking pictures.
The park is clean and organized, and has many facilities.
The park is always crowded with locals and tourists.

Sari Rahmawati (27/04/2017 02:44)
Lots of unique spot to capture but unfortunately it doesn't have food stall at all so it was kinda difficult if we want to eat something while enjoying the vibe

Silvyanti Tiara (07/04/2017 06:37)
Alun Alun Malang has been renovated several year ago and now have more modern faces. This place look more huge now. Lots of photo spot here. It has children playground that always crowded. The fountain need to be upgraded and replaced with more spectacular one. I recommend to come in the evening because this place look more beautiful with all the lamps.

Fitria Harun (17/03/2017 09:53)
I love spending my spare time here, especially in afternoon. The weather is quite calm. Looking children in the playgrounds or just sitting on the chair while read my favorite book or resting after do some shopping.

Ekky Hapsari (16/03/2017 03:46)
The city square of Malang. Of course the name itself made Alun-Alun Merdeka Malang as one of the hottest landmark in Malang City. Located right in the middle of city and traffic made this place the best place to run from the busy life. :) unfortunately there is not a lot of tree that can cover you from the heat, so I suggest using some hat or sunblock. But you can take a picture in every inch of this place. Instragam-able indeed. :)

Arrozaqi Sega Hidayatullah (07/03/2017 00:10)
I like this place. Because, this place is calm. Good for holiday or refreshing.

Carrie Meiriza Virriysha Putri (02/03/2017 13:05)
What can I say? a town square!! with a water fountain in the center of it. near historic building like Masjid Jami' and GPIB Immanuel church. There are more than two mall and department store like mall alun-alun (Ramayana), Sarinah, Malang Plaza, Gajahmada Plaza and Gramedia Bookstore. Also restaurant or cafe like "Toko Oen"
so Enjoy Malang :)
*forgive me if there any plus and minus about the information other guide may will complete it.

Prastika Indriyanti (04/02/2017 09:46)
Park infont of the mosque. Good place for take a rest in the center of kota malang. Also best place to take a rest after shopping. There many shopping place around the park. Like it

septi sulistio (30/01/2017 20:22)
It's a good place for take a break from everyday routine, here you can see a bird flying and eating from the seat near "i love malang" statue, which is really heartwarming....

Fiskus TV (08/11/2016 15:57)
Hijau dan asri

Siti Aminah (18/10/2016 12:52)
Clean, and fresh, surounded by masjid and cruch, but I ever lost my phone here, be carefull

Seno Febryanto (16/08/2016 11:51)
bisa buat nyantai

Anggi Agustian (05/08/2016 09:11)
Nyari pokemon malem malemm, ramee

Joko Wisnu Pamungkas (29/07/2016 10:59)
Bersih dan indah...

Tryanoto Sehat santoso (26/07/2016 13:12)
Tempat lure ngolek pokemon

Irwah Yudi Laonga (07/06/2016 13:57)
Ini tempat penuh kenangan... Unforgetable Memory Placess... Suit suit

Iskandar Z. Yoserizal (07/06/2016 08:01)
Some place for release your stress..
Such an awesome historical spot in the heart of Malang city..
It is surrounded by Kompas-SURYA office, Mayor City Office, Historical building now known as Senior High School complex (SMAN1, SMAN3, SMAN4), malang city train station, Army Commando Unit (SKODAM V Brawijaya), and more..

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