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Ullen Sentalu Museum

Magelang, Kabupaten, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jalan Boyong KM 25, Kaliurang Barat, Hargobinangun, Sleman, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55582, Indonesia
Rating: 4.60
Telp: +62 274 895161 konten/ 40/ 0/ informasi#d=hubungi-kami
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Thursday: 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Friday: 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Saturday: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Sunday: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Komentar :

Chaira Andhia Putri (21/05/2018 14:09)
TOP! Bawa Babang Bule ke sana dan Mbak Guidenya oke sekali. Walaupun rasanya kayak agak terburu-buru, mungkin karena masih terbatas guidenya dan mesti siap-siap buat pengunjung berikutnya. But this is one of the best museum, for sure. Especially for foreigners, no need to worry. They have guide that explain everything in english. Definitely will come back.

nidhi kaushik (09/05/2018 15:09)
The museum is privately owned and is not in the centre of the city. However if you have sometime at hand you wouldn't regret the trip. The guided english tour is in every 15 minutes and they take you through the ruler and history of Yogyakarta including some basics about the famous 'batik'.
The complex is nicely maintained and aesthetically pretty.

Gaby Clarisa (21/04/2018 17:36)
Beautiful Museum in Yogyakarta. Very clean place. So authentic. Great tour guide inside this museum. In this museum you have to follow the rules. Don't take any picture in this museum except in the photo area.

Mega Aida Fitriana (20/04/2018 12:27)
Beautiful museum with a helpful guide. You must visit this place at least once! you won't be disappointed. Oh, in between the tour, you're going to be served with a special drink that supposedly able to keep you stay young 😆

Anthracius Bacilius (03/04/2018 12:18)
This is one of the best museums in Yogyakarta. I find it more interesting than Sultan's kraton. Since this is a private museum, only limited photography is allowed. I liked how the guide explained the culture of the royal Javanese and the significance of the batik they wore. The letters written in Dutch by the royal family way before the existence of WhatsApp is also very intriguing.

Clara Kristanto (18/03/2018 13:48)
I love to visit the museum, and this one too. The history is about Yogyakarta, Solo, and their kings. The museum has a large area, but you won't be boring or tired because they arrange the museum in an unique way. You will have one tour guide to explain anything inside. Like walk in a labyrinth, the guide will bring you from one room to another room. Every rooms have a different story. And you will get a special drink that the guide told it would make you look younger, believe it or not. The guide is very friendly. Too bad they forbid you to take a picture inside. The one you can take a pic is the final place. Well, so far i was enjoyed so much.

Itulah Channel (10/03/2018 05:10)
The best museum in Yogyakarta with huge collection of Yogyakarta royal family tree and history. The welcome drink is nice. Weather is really nice and tour guide is well trained.
The only thing is missing is you can't take much picture in this incredible place.

Heng Dju Ong (28/02/2018 00:22)
Highly authentic Javanese culture and very artistic layout. Some if not all of the relics are original as allowed by the national museum authority. Loved the story telling of the museum guide. It has to be guided tour anyhow, but be prepared for an hour of Javanese immersions...

Ratna Ramadhani (04/02/2018 15:34)
This is a unique museum for its design and collections. Every around 10 people will be guided by a tour guide. In this museum, you'll be guided to know the history of Javanese Kings and families and side stories of them. The museum located on the nice cool place of Kaliurang and uniquely designed. I recommend you to come with family on the weekend. One more, you're allowed to take photos only at certain places. So, be careful of your camera.

Maeda Azalia (03/12/2017 11:02)
No photograph is allowed on the inside of the museum but there are several areas that you are allowed to snap some photos.
The museum has a relief replica from part of Borobudur temple. The relief purposely placed tilted to symbolizes the museum’s owner disappointment that many people nowday ignore the history and culture of their own nation (specifically Indonesian).
History and culture that slowly fades and is neglected is the beginning of the destruction of a nation.

pia fitriani (24/11/2017 20:20)
Great place to visit and learn Javanese culture especially about Yogyakarta and Solo. This museum also provides both local and international guide. In the end of the area, there are great restaurant and boutique. Beautiful place with indoor and outdoor concept, so you should to be ready with sudden rain cause the weather is too extreme though.

Aulia Rasyid (30/10/2017 13:40)
A great place to learn history with a considerable amount of ticket fee. Do not expect for you to stroll around freely since its a guided tour. No description available on the museum's item so you need to listen to the guide attentively.

Nedra Widjaja (22/10/2017 04:31)
We cannot record or take photo. Yet the museum is very well maintained. I really enjoy the tour. The tour guide is very knowledgeable. I'm Indonesian and I trully learn a lot. Very Very Recommended.

Gabriel Monson (15/10/2017 11:11)
Artworks and batiks, many on loan from the Jogjakarta Royal Family, well arranged in a series of interesting spaces. English language guide included in the admission price, which really helped explain the recent history and culture of the area. Lovely destination in a hill resort location. Small, but well worth the visit if you're in the area. I combined with a visit to the Merapi Volcano Museum and had a great afternoon

Ben Johnson (11/09/2017 13:25)
Good place to know the Javanese history. You can see a lot of Javanese artifacts here. Photograph it's prohibited here.

Richard K (21/08/2017 10:32)
Really nice museum...
I went there long time ago,.. and now it is being renovated, especially in the front..
Supposed to be more strict n clearer on no camera policy, meaning people can take picture but NO flash, by imposing deposit before entering the museum; and if people break the rule, the deposit will be gone and the camera will be seized till outside

Luke Samantha (16/08/2017 02:22)
For the first time visit, it's COOL! A unique concept of java combine cultured mixed with a good collections of sculpture, not only getting knowledge but you'll enjoy this place as it's like a mixed outdoor-indoor museum concept. The guide is friendly, explain kindly and give us a traditional drink at the end of the worthy to spend time here, suggestion: come early in the morning cause it's bit crowded there. It closed at 4pm. One more thing: Taking photos inside the museum collections is prohibited. So, take a deep look of those. hihi

Ghea & Hanif (14/08/2017 22:06)
We will get 60-90 minutes interactive guided tour, with the awesome tour guide that explaines us about the history and culture in the museum. Taking photo in most of areas is forbidden. And so strict about this, if they found you take the picture, the guide will be take your phone or camera and delete the photo.

But, at the end of the tour, you can take some photos outdor and at the restaurant. So far, great place, awesome design with good management.

Dominix Bharata (02/08/2017 04:43)
Each and every visit will give you a unique experience as you experience this 50 minute guided tour around the museum.
The museum is also heavily influenced by both traditional Javanese and modern architecture, dropping your jaw on every corner of the place.
Although taking photos and recording videos aren't allowed inside the museum, this will not reduce the experience of your visit.

Veronika Swanti (15/07/2017 08:39)
I visited once and it was great. Very clean and complete collection. The building is beautiful yet tough. The museum guide was friendly and patient.

Ferdie Soedomo (30/06/2017 18:37)
Spent a fascinating day in this gorgeous museum. Beautiful landscape and collections, also a good arrangement of short tour - as if we take a time machine to travel to the past when Islamic Mataram Kingdom once existed. Will be back when it is not in peak season, because the tour guide seemed in hurry guiding us due to the tight schedule.

Diana Wahyuni (29/06/2017 01:52)
A well maintained small private museum that contains collection of paintings, traditional musical instruments, old letters, batiks and statues depicting the lives of midern Mataram royal families. The guides are well experienced and friendly. One thing to be improved is to have wheelchair friendly access.

Stevani Setiawan (22/06/2017 02:25)
Great place! The guide explains very well and the collections are all in a good shape. We can't take photos inside but it is a nice experience.

Rayhan Tyas (10/05/2017 02:56)
Very well maintained museum. Entrance fee 30k (50k for foreigner) including educator who'll explain about Keraton Yogyakarta. Visitors not allowed to take photos inside, but allowed outside. There are also a restaurant on 2nd floor and batik store

Reza Fachry (09/05/2017 09:14)
Great place, take your time if you're around to this museum. The guide is good and and explain well. Taking photo is not allowed inside the museum.

Kevzterz (02/04/2017 08:17)
What makes this museum different with other museums you'll ever visit is the experience of exploring the museum in a group with a well spoken, extremely insightful and eloquent guide who will explain practically everything from the moment you step in to the entrance to the exit. You'll leave the museum with an immense amount of knowledge about the Yogyakarta and Solo Sultanates. Worth the 1-hour drive from Yogyakarta. Photo taking is not allowed at all. Hence, why you won't find photos of the museum's interior anywhere online.

Prita Dewi (01/04/2017 06:05)
The best museum in Indonesia, and have no wonder about it. Well managed, provide professional guides help you to understand their collections. We'll be back someday, 50 minutes is not enough though.

Delima Rokhayati (05/03/2017 14:14)
One of my favorite museum. I'll recommend you to go in the morning so the guide is still eager to explain everything :)

naru naru (26/02/2017 10:42)
Gk rugi gk nyesel Masuk ke ullen sentalu walaupun tiketnya Mahal Tapi totally worth-it.. for me it's the first time I go to the museum and not boring at all

Monica S (12/02/2017 06:42)
Beautiful museum but we felt a bit rushed. You have to go around with a tour guide who was very knowledgable. However, it would be great if they can allow us to explore it ourselves after the tour and add descriptions under each exhibit.

Kicky Kirana (08/02/2017 00:14)
This place gives you a great ambiance for those who love history, particularly aboutJavanese girl/family. The guides are so professional to explain so much details about the collections/items in this place. After the tour you will get a healthy, sweet and exotic herbal beverage to drink. Better to enjoy this place in a low season holiday. There is a gallery, restaurant/cafe and some open spots to be enjoyed. I do love this place!

Kawantrip Indonesia (30/10/2016 16:55)
The Ullen Sentalu Museum is a Javanese culture and art museum located in Kaliurang highland, Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia. The museum displays relics and artifact from royal houses and kratons of Java, such as Yogyakarta, Pakualam, Surakarta, and Mangkunegaran.

Tantry Dhenis (06/10/2016 06:18)
If you want not only a refreshing place but also knowledge about the history, this place is the best choice in Yogyakarta. By buying 30k for entrance ticket it's all worth it because there's a guide who will give us the informations.

Dela Erawati (20/08/2016 06:13)
Second visit but still worth it :) friendly guide (will help you to take photos in certain places), nice atmosphere, and of course good place to learn about history. Best to be visited on workdays. Keep up the good work :D

A. Noyara Rahmasary (18/08/2016 02:22)
A friend of mine 'warned' me before that this museum is one of the best in her perspective but it lacks in the term of size. Eventhough the museum itself is quite small, we enjoyed the history-packed tour with qualified guide. Also, the fact that we can't take any pictures inside the museum is actually comforting. That way, we could fully relive the story of both Kasultanan and Kasunanan in Java during the tour.

Gisella Thiofanny (02/08/2016 07:01)
this museum isn't maintained by the government, so i guess IDR 30.000 is still ok for the entrance ticket. we were guided by a guide (whose able to speak english too i believe) and she told us about the history and the entire story about their kingdom. history was really boring in school, but they actually delivered the story really well. even my little cousin could understand the story.

i've been to this museum 3 times. i came there in january 2015 and the entrance ticket price was 25k. then i came back in september 2015 i guess and the entrance ticket was 30k because they built more (it wasn't ready yet). and i came back there in july 2016. they were still building it. so i guess you should come in few months, so you can get the best of it!

Victor Goi (25/05/2016 14:01)
Unique one with a strong historical story telling by the tour guide. . .

Like their concept and nice building & landscape.

Raditya Fadilla (06/05/2016 11:32)
Great place to learn about the Javanase history, especially about its royal families. The guide that I got knows her stuff really well. I'm sure the others will do as well. The place is also well maintained.

Marcell Limantara (01/05/2016 09:40)
Hell, this is a heck of a museum. Well built, well maintained. This museum is beyond any words. One of the best museum in Indonesia

marcello stanley (03/02/2016 01:00)
the best museum in indonesia. the ticket price is. uch higher compared to other indonesian museum, but very very good. there will be an assigned knowledgable guide to share the stories. the collection are exquisite and well cared.

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