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Sindu Kusuma Edupark

Magelang, Kabupaten, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jalan Jambon, Sinduadi, Mlati, Kragilan, Sinduadi, Mlati, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55284, Indonesia
Rating: 4.10
Telp: +62 274 6429660
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 3:00 – 11:00 PM
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 3:00 – 11:00 PM
Thursday: 3:00 – 11:00 PM
Friday: 3:00 – 11:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Komentar :

adi wibowo (05/06/2018 07:11)
Br jumat lalu ke sana dgn adik yg udh sekian lama ingin ke SKE tp blm terlaksana. Dan akhirnya kmrn kecapaian jg.
Adik sy interest bgt dgn smua wahana yg ada di SKE. Sampe ga mau pulang krn sangat senang menikmati permainan2 yg disediakan.
Oia, jika kalian ingin ke sana bisa beli tiket terusan dgn biaya krg lebih 100.000,- untuk semua wahana. Tapi jika tidak ingin atau bebrp wahana permainan saja yg ingin dicoba maka membeli tiket satu per satu sesuai wahana yg diinginkan.
Cukup lelah menemani adik sy bermain, tp rasa lelah terganti dgn senang dan bahagianya dia bs puas bermain di SKE.
Recomended utk keluarga dgn anak sekitar SMP ke bawah. Karena mereka akan sangat enjoy bermain wahana disini. Sekaligus melatih keberanian di bebrp wahana yg cukup menantang.

Brahmantara (29/05/2018 15:16)
i found it scary to ride the ferris wheel alone, it's also hot too. the view from it is great. most of attractions have a lot of employees so a big plus for it.

Arin Arini (20/04/2018 05:22)
Great place for kids & adults. I bought the plus ticket & its the best deal. I could have all the rides over & over again. Just a few games that's allowed 1x. The light festival was memorable. Definitely going back here when i go to yogya again

Fithrotul Khoiriyah (07/04/2018 15:58)
Nice place for short holiday! This place offers various entrance tickets, so you can choose based on your budgets. If you want enjoy all of the game you can buy a full ticket for about IDR 70K - 100K.

Angela Jennifer Aroemrasni (30/03/2018 01:22)
Great outdoor for kids and actually good place to hang out for adult too. Not far from the central and it's very easy to get there.

The entrance fee is quiet variable, depend on what kind of amusement rides that you want to try.

MAMITAKA Gallery (25/02/2018 02:36)
This place is a nice amusement park for kids and adult. Many attractions are available in this place. Some of them will test your adrenaline. For kids, cars, flying bike, and other attraction will make them very fun. Food court also available in this place. 4D cinema and roller coaster simulation also the attractions that shouldnt be missed.

Disacia (19/02/2018 14:55)
SKE improved so much! I came to visit a few years ago on its early days and honestly the paying system was so confusing with a bit steep price so I end up cancelling my visit. Came again tonight with a friend and it was a wholesome experience! Bought a ticket for the whole games and it was a best deal. I get to try a lot of fun stuff with a reasonable price and the staffs was really nice. My favorite was trampoline and 4D movie. Definitely would come again! I want to go to the light festival next time!

Henry Erik Estrada (28/12/2017 09:48)
A small amusement park. Most of the rides are just regular, nothing spectacular. You can buy all pass ticket which will allow you to use the rides unlimited. Or you can buy entrance ticket only and pay additional fee every time you want take a ride. For family with children under 5 year old it is recommended only to buy entrance ticket as most of the rides still no suitable for young children. We end up only going to light festival, ferris wheel and rent a light car (odong2). It is not too great as holiday destination, but good enough to visit on afternoon/night, especially if you never visit it before.

Location wise is perfect. It is in outskirt of the city so no traffic jam around the area.

Tjhin Sunarto (17/12/2017 15:19)
Went here with the big family. The ticket and the fun we got, they didnt get even. Not much rides to play yet i tried my first segway ride here (somehow it healed my mood). I feel it was my first and last visit here if they dont do something to attract us in the future. Hopefully there are breakthroughs for this place soon.

sagara tirta (08/12/2017 13:10)
Good for kids and teenagers. Ferris well is the trademark of this place. I found it too pricy, they put tag on each thing

Oliver (25/11/2017 19:24)
Came here for a concert. Was good enough for that purpose but i guess im just too old to appreciate the other things that place has to offer

PHILIPUS A. RAJAGUKGUK (06/11/2017 16:46)
I came to this place in rainy day. So i can't explore much cause lot of facilities close due to the safety. This place not very friendly when rain come, developer need to made the drainage better to minimize rain flooding the way and lot canopy to help customers when rain comes. I recommend this place in sunny days.

Hadi Wijaya (19/09/2017 13:12)
The rides are really cool, and you get to walk through a place surrounded bt light s, but you have to pay to get in, and the prices are a bit steep.

Moondrip Down (07/09/2017 03:46)
A big amusement park with various game here. The ticket price are moderate. The night view here is so stunning.

andri handayani (04/08/2017 09:13)
The rides actually are good but you have to pay to every ride before you can enjoy it. The ticket varies ranging from 10k IDR - 50k IDR but it's so annoying for me whose budget is limited. Before you enjoy the rides you have to buy ticket and deposit some money in it. So far my favorite in this place is Ferris Wheel

Septy Dwi Anggraini (25/07/2017 18:25)
Romantic place at night. Not only for a couples, but also suitable to visit with friends and family.

Agung Adhiasto (15/07/2017 23:22)
An alternative destination for attraction park in the city. Do not expect a modern one. It is more like a big traditional one. I was only disappointed that it takes additional ticket to visit the lights attraction area.

Dhia Andrina (08/07/2017 00:35)
There were too many confusing ticket packages, I was looking forward to the ferris wheel I have seen from the distance, so I picked the one with ferris wheel picture on it. Guess what ? Of course it has to be package for other games 😑 and since the game's names are all "creative", make sure you ALWAYS ask what is what in the ticketing counter and to the staffs inside. Anyway, the ferris wheel is quite nice, esp during the night.

Maharani Meganti (16/04/2017 11:36)
The place is nice and not crowded at all. If you're looking for a private themepark this is the right place. The rides are not fancy but they're sufficient.

Airlangga Jati Kusuma (18/03/2017 23:53)
I suggest that you come with your friends or family. Nice place, you can play some games with a cheap price.

Izam Malik (15/02/2017 00:08)
Nice place, but you have to pay more. At least it's worth..

Elita Loveeating (06/01/2017 13:01)
Love this place. Educated and entertained

Sa Na (09/12/2016 20:27)
Nice place.. Don't expect much.. Not crouded at all.. Mybe no one there at all. It's expensive and they use tricks to let you fill card for games... old system.

Caecilia Purnamasari (09/12/2016 01:25)
It's a fun place to enjoy time both with friends or kids but really expensive plus you'll need to pay for each vehicle

Yohanes Ditia Mada Renata (16/11/2016 01:39)
A good place for spending times with little kids.

Andriansah j (16/10/2016 10:57)
This is entertainment place with affordable price. Buy a ticket plan for your convenience.

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