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Prambanan Temple

Magelang, Kabupaten, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Kranggan, Bokoharjo, Prambanan, Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Rating: 4.60
Telp: +62 274 496401 the-prambanan-temple/

Komentar :

WrackAce Marz (23/05/2018 08:04)
The most popular hindu temple in central java. Said to be built by a king in a single night to win the bride; this temple is massive and covers large area. You can also enjoy watching traditional plays in the theater within this temple boundary. Parking, ticketing, cleanliness are maintained well.

Javier S (15/05/2018 01:13)
There is much more than the mesmerizing temple, there are endless pristine green fields and some Javanese music around from the speakers making a really nice ambience. It's only 15 minutes away from the airport so if you're arriving here when the temple is open, visit it! The temple is just incredible.

Philipp Bisle (13/05/2018 20:16)
The temple looks amazing on any picture.
But in reality it is much more impressive and beautiful than any picture can show.
The area invites you to stay there many hours and to explore the breath taking formations of the temple.
A must visit!

Habib Ullah Bahar (07/05/2018 13:13)
The point you enter into the premise, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of an ancient architectural wonder. The whole place is very well organized. We spent like 4 hours enjoying the view. Do take an umbrella with you as the weather is usually very hot.

Mia Odina (02/05/2018 06:53)
It was so huge, you'll walk a lot. Nice view with historical building. You also can buy a lot of souvenir with cheap price. Really really cheap! The location is, after you have a round from Prambanan temple then heading out, not far from there, there are a lot of stores that sells bracelet and other souvenirs with cheap price. Please visit this temple and see the beauty of it!

Harry (20/04/2018 02:29)
The most beautiful temple inside green and clean temple complex.
One of the best temple in Indonesia,
Completely with museum,shooping arcade and others public facility.
We also can find the beautiful sunset here.

B Boy (04/04/2018 07:53)
It's $40 for Borobudur and Pambanan pkg. Buy pass for both at either FRONT entrance.
(It is cheaper for Indonesians).
Awesome ruins to walk around in and explore. You will have time for lunch and a lava river jeep trek, start the day with the sunrise Borobudur tour, a view a few miles away to watch the temples come through the clouds.

Itulah Channel (10/03/2018 05:16)
The most beautiful Hindu temple in Indonesia.
It is located near the central city of Yogyakarta (between Yogyakarta city and Solo city).
The temple is stunning.
But it is recommended if you visit this temple at the afternoon surround 4 pm due to the sun and the heat, but if you insist on visiting in the morning or afternoon, the umbrella is a must to bring.

Zahra Septi Cahyaning Pertiwi (04/03/2018 05:49)
I've been here two times but my first visit was better because it wasn't too crowded. You'll definitely enjoy it more when there isn't so many people. Choose a weekday in a non-peak season.

jusfar rivai (01/03/2018 13:19)
The biggest and the most beautiful Hindu temple in Indonesia located in Sleman, Special Region of Yogyakarta, with many good spots to take some pictures. The temple fully with beautiful stone carving. It's easy to access here especially by taxi or any. Reasonable ticket to enter and we'll get amazing panorama. The facilities are good enough such as: parking area, souvenir shops, and so on. Your trip to Yogyakarta is not complete yet before visiting this place.

Kaylee Kuah (25/02/2018 07:17)
Very well restored temple area. I'd recommend you spend a day here to see everything. There's a lot of walking so remember to wear comfy shoes and bring water as it can get really hot.

Dionisia Stella (28/11/2017 03:41)
Prambanan Temple is definitely a huge dictionary of Hinduism myths and stories! We can suddenly relate the story carved on the temple's surface since they are all well-known. Amazing!!!

siwi subiantoro (25/11/2017 15:42)
I love this historical place. It's a gift that Indonesia has Prambanan Temple. Not only historical, this place also has a very valuable culture. Visitors also has to see Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan Theatre. The event shows every Tuesday and Thursday night, under the moonlight. It's so beautiful

Rajan Raju (23/11/2017 08:51)
One of the best restored Hindu temples in the world. The beautiful architecture was put together centuries after the whole complex was flattened by the erupting volcano. Gorgeous carvings, imposing statutes and the imposing temples are set within well tended gardens make this a must visit place. Do give yourself enough time to explore and experience the whole complex.

Don’t forget to see the Ramayana Ballet in the evening, from where you’ll be treated to an unforgettable view of the Temple.

Untung Prasetyo (21/11/2017 12:56)
A temple with beautiful carving. Good place, little bit over pricing for entrance ticket. Easy access, excellent view, clean rest room, spacious parking area, spacious compound, clean and tidy market of souvenir, polite vendors. You also can watch an amazing Ramayana Ballet at night - for schedule please check at tourism information or you can browse at google.

Yusuf Hari (05/11/2017 19:08)
The biggest Hindu's temple in Indonesia, don't worry about the facilities u will found many guide to explain about this temple or u can read the brochure. Don't forget to put you trash to basket case, i see many lazy people put the trash carelessly. Reasonable price ticket for domestic and recommend place for family trip.

Hophop HOPHOP (30/08/2017 07:43)
Easy money from Tourists. The entry price is exhorbitantly high. Welcome to Disneyland.
I enjoyed myself much more visiting the surrounding temples out of the complex. And they were almost all free and not as crowded.

Andrea Nicola Weiss (26/08/2017 07:08)
Beautiful world heritage site! Not so crowded as Borobudur. A guide is a good idea. A combi ticket Borobudur and Prambanan costs 520k. A guide in both sites around 120k.
Unfortunately you get scammed by all the shop owners before the exits. Don't pay much more than in a Indomaret.

Endang SW (17/08/2017 01:55)
Unforgetable moments visiting this temple. Night recommended even The entrance ticket is a bit highly priced. But the most stunning thing is we can shop local unique souvenir at low price here. Horray for local shopper..!

Jonathan Wei Hong Luk (11/08/2017 04:26)
The place is very beautiful. This temple was partially destroyed during an earthquake and was restored. Come here to catch your sunset, it's gorgeous. If you plan to buy your souvenir, please do it here on your way to exit. The key rings are relatively cheap (1 for 1,000 rupiah) without any bargain. I found its cheaper here compared to other temples (Borabudur).

Amnina Fira Kharira (27/07/2017 03:11)
Unforgettable experience! Sharing the excitement with all culture enthusiast, watching a long-live history of Ramayana delivered with such beautiful theatrical dances. Five out of five!

JOENG SUKAMTO JUSUF (01/07/2017 22:42)
Much people in holiday seasons. Good view, especially in sunny day. Exit with long path and very crowded. It must have another pathway which visitor don't like buying anything

Cyndhee Dora (23/06/2017 02:22)
Its a huge site and a lot to see. Very interesting for people who loves history and culture. Many activities such as biking and museum. Can get really busy during local holiday.

Sabda Dachi (20/06/2017 13:25)
This is my favorite Temple in Jogja. This temple is really beautiful. Don't say you ever traveling to Yogyakarta if you never come to this place. If you are a traveler of visitor in this city, you must visit this place. Don't forget to bring your camera. 😊😊😊

Ramlee Tamin (31/05/2017 04:41)
It is amazing to see the architecture of this Hindu temple.
The limestones are arranged nicely and this is more intricate than the pyramid.
Many of the stairs leading to the entrance are extremely steep.
I wonder how people can climb it without falling.
There must be some railings or ropes helping one to enter the temple in the past.
Luckily there are staircases that are not steep at some entrances.
I'm very sad to see perpetual erosion of the stones.

Nunung Afu'ah (01/05/2017 06:04)
I have been there twice and I never regret to back again. Its design, atmosphere and all of its part never fail me.

Pedram Nick Aryan (26/04/2017 20:36)
Very well kept area. One of the most beautiful Hindu temples in Indonesia. Highly recommend seeing both Borobudur and Prambanan. They're both stunning sights and the history of these sights is truly fascinating

adrian p (16/04/2017 15:07)
One if the biggest and well preserved Hindu temple in Indonesia. Visited here on end of March 2017. It's better go there on afternoon and avoid local school holiday season. Temple is located quite far from parking lot, you have to walk through large park. You can take amazing picture facing the temple from park.

Justin Donnelly (27/03/2017 02:39)
Very well kept area and well maintained after the earthquakes many years ago. Somewhat pricey for tourists but it's historical value is totally worth it. Make sure you walk around the far perimeter of the area to get away from the people and for amazing photos.

Pati Nusiyanto (22/03/2017 08:37)
Highly recommended! A temple with beautiful carving. You also can watch an amazing Ramayana Ballet at night - for schedule please check at tourism information or you can browse at google. Amazing place!

budi muryanto (01/03/2017 06:39)
Candi Prambanan or Prambanan temple is the great ancient heritage of Hindus from the 10th century. It is well known as the world most beautiful Hindu temple.

Steven Lee (21/02/2017 04:38)
A complex of Hindu Temple.
Consist of small temples with three big main temple.
The carved stone decorations are extraordinary.
A recommended place for historical travel.

Jacob Meudt (23/01/2017 01:28)
Worthwhile visit. You can easily spend a few hours here. Be sure to walk around and see the other temples on the property. I actually enjoyed the temple on the back of the property a bit more.

For locals I believe the cost was 30,000, for foreigners it was around 230,000.

Ka Jit The (31/12/2016 10:22)
Beautiful ancient Hindu temple built at the 8th century. A must visit if you travel to Yogyakarta.
Come here at 4.30 afternoon (to avoid the heat), get a guide to explain the story and walk you around, then capture the beautiful sunset scene before the place close down at 6pm

Stella A (29/12/2016 03:43)
Great scenery of a temple. My suggestion is to rent a bike or buy train ticket in order to see the whole Prambanan Park efficiently. IMO, it is too hot and shiny to explore the park on foot.

Khaled Abdelhamid (06/11/2016 19:14)
Big temple complex. Make sure to get a ticket combined with Borobudur (you save some money)
If you've been to many temples already this won't impress you a lot. Not as good as Borobudur in my opinion, but worth the trip if you're interested.

Hint: Students (with a valid Student's ID) get a 50% discount

sabah walkaround (11/10/2016 11:33)
Beautiful, the largest temple compound with 240 temples. Most of the temples were destroyed due to earthquake, only 8 remain standing proud.
Many stalls selling items.
Toilet clean.
Local guide available.

pras santoso (10/10/2016 06:27)
You have to see this marvelous temple if you are in the Yogyakarta area. This is the tallest ancient temple in Indonesia. Well condition also you can see Sewu temple with the ruin just like ancient time. People often misinterpret that Loro Jonggrang story is for Prambanan but Loro Jonggrang story is for Sewu temple.
Sewu means thousand in Indonesia, so if you go to Prambanan temple you must visit Sewu temple also. It's near Prambanan you can take mini train from Prambanan to Sewu temple. It's worth it.

Timothée Pineau (09/09/2016 16:48)
The site is simply splendid. It's been mostly rebuild as most of the similar structures but offers a good impression of what it was like.

I recommend you go there for around 3/4pm to be there for sunset. If you are lucky the orange sub rays will light the temple.

Rendra Budi Hutama (22/08/2016 03:10)
The historical temple always be interesting site to visit. This temple and surrounding area seems very well treated and maintained by government. The garden was green and cool. The toilet was clean too. Don't missed the deer captivity, it's nice to interact with them.

Just be aware, on the noon temple area was very hot because it was exposed by direct blazing sun. Better you visit on evening, so you also can catch the sunset too.

You can access this temple easily by TransJogja but you need to walk quite far enough.

Rizkan Halal (03/08/2016 05:07)
Great place and architecture. One of many place I recommended to visit for. It's a great temple located in Klaten, at the border of Jogjakarta and East Java Province. Have a nice trip!

AG (22/07/2016 04:54)
A great temple and being one of the most well known temple in Indonesia. If you visit Central Java or Jogja, you must visit this temple. It is well treated by the government. You can find a small zoo here or watch Sendratari Ramayana. The parking area is really big and nowadays it has been served by bus rapid transit called Trans Jogja, that connected Prambanan to the center of Jogjakarta and the other well known place.
Unfortunately the price for the international tourist is too high.

Ruth Nathalia (13/07/2016 09:02)
Great view at night, with special perfomance for rama and shinta drama and dance under the bright sky

Radhea Permata Dewi (13/07/2016 06:14)
This temple is one of the wonder of Hinduism age in Indonesia in 9th-century. This temple is very beautiful. This temple is strongly correlated with the legend of Roro Jonggrang. In the legend story, Roro Jonggrang is asked to marry with a prince. Roro asked the prince to build 1000 temples (which are these temples in Prambanan). Roro actually did not want to marry the prince, so she make a false alarm (she woke up the hens and roasters earlier) so the prince failed the mission of building 1000 temples. The prince has just finished the 999th temple. He got angry and cursed Roro Jonggrang to be a statue. The Roro Jonggrang statue is then placed in one of the temple in Prambanan Temple area. Whether it was true or not, the statue of Roro Jonggrang is there! Very insteresting.

Vinod Kumar (20/06/2016 15:01)
Built 1200 years back and went in to oblivion 500 years back, one of the world's tallest and largest Hindu temple complex. Restoration led by the British, Dutch authorities and magnificantly completed by a predominantly Muslim Indonesia! What a powerful statement!
The determination, will and skill of the restoration team is astounding. And visited by few millions every year!
A must visit!
What they charge will not cover a fraction of the cost, so three of us - foreign tourists - visited twice.

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