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Poeri Devata Resort Hotel

Magelang, Kabupaten, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Klurak, Bokoharjo, Sleman, Pulir Rejo, Tamanmartani, Kalasan, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55571, Indonesia
Rating: 4.10
Telp: +62 274 496453
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

ajeng lupitasari (19/04/2018 07:15)
Always love the food here..the view..the ambience.. And oowh by the way, this Nasi Gila is deliiisshhhh... worth to try

Fauzan Arifan (24/03/2018 07:52)
Vintage, prambanan and villages view,
Best for couples to see a ramayana ballet show

Andri Erasmus (18/02/2018 02:13)
This hotel was awsome, and we really enjoy

didik soepardi (10/01/2018 19:16)
This hotel is a vintage hotel. There are two typea of rooma which are Prambanan and Ramayana. I got the information that all Ramayanas are twin beds when I arrived. It was too late to change room so I chose to merge the beds.
The good things are ambience is very comforting like in a village with greens surroundind, the breakfast is simple but tasty. It has an open air bathroom with bath tub and shower. The view was also amazing. You can see Prambanan temple as you open the door.
Things they need to improve are maintenance and cleanliness. I could not latch the bathroom door.
But if you need a get away hotel this hotel is a choice.

Katie Muirhead (16/11/2017 00:20)
The grounds were always kept tidy and the bed sheets were changed daily. They have a marker in the room that designates the direction of Mecca. The breakfast leaves a lot to be left desired, but they do have a pool. There are only two staff members who speak English well and there were problems with paying for a third party tour and rooms. We were told paying by credit card was no problem but on the day before check out we were asked to pay cash. We were running low on cash at that point, and had to scramble to scrape together enough cash. It was a very disappointing end to the trip. We were also told told the prices of a tour at the hotel, but when we arrived to do the tour we were told an entirely different price.

Sumanth Sridhar (05/10/2016 07:06)
The good...
The staff were very nice and helpful, and the food was really good (we're vegetarian, and it's pretty hard to get a lot of good vegetarian food in the country). The place looks great; rustic and beautiful. The bathroom is not fully enclosed- it's partly open to the outside. Not everyone would be comfortable with this tho :P
..and the bad...
Unfortunately, the place seems to be quite old. The AC was so bad you wouldn't notice if it was on; the fan's regulator was faulty. Only 1 plug point in the room, put in an uncomfortable place. We'd paid for an extra bed. It was HORRIBLE. Some old, creaky, and bloody TINY cot that sunk in the middle by like 10cm (and I'm a skinny guy of avg height even by Indian standards :P).

Ayu Faye Eminentia (31/10/2016 03:38)
Friendly staffs, good views, good price

michiel sipkes (29/10/2016 07:54)
Verry cozy, quiet bungalows. Some say dated, I'd call it retro stylish. Nice outside bathroom. Good facilities.

Burkhard Heider (30/09/2016 02:35)
Nice garden with bungalows. Great staff with good english. A little noisy from planes.

Yales Vivadinar (26/12/2015 01:52)
Just one night stay for the Ramayana ballet show. The cottages complex is located on the quite area within the paddy field and the temple. You can see the impressive scenery of the temple behind the trees from the restaurant on the second floor.
The very helpful staff is happy to help you to book the ticket for the show.

Dorian Grolaux (24/07/2015 09:47)
Awesome place, we stayed there for 4 days, and of all the hotels we've been to in three weeks, it was the hotel I preferred! The staff is super friendly and always there to help if you need it. The only grip I have with it is that the bathroom water heater looked like it came out of the 50s, and didn't always work as expected. I'd give 5 stars if they renovated the bathrooms a bit, but nonetheless, if you need to stay in Yogyakarta, Poeri Devata is the hotel you should choose!

Hariyanto Evendy (06/08/2016 05:24)
Excellent....enak banget buat refressing dr penat seharian

Segitiga Web & IT Solutions (13/07/2016 12:16)
Excellent service! love the ambiance and environment

Alain Sabatier (18/08/2014 10:52)
A eu son heure de gloire il y a 30 ans environ. Tout l'équipement est fatigué et peu nettoyé. Moyen.

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