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Merapi Volcano Museum

Magelang, Kabupaten, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jl. Kaliurang Km. 22, Banteng, Hargobinangun, Pakem, Ngipiksari, Hargobinangun, Pakem, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55582, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20
Telp: +62 274 896498
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Komentar :

ghufron zaida (22/05/2018 18:33)
Tourist can enjoy the various collections of the museum, such as rocks collection which thrown during the eruption of mount Merapi, image viewer of volcanic eruption type, the damaged stufff remnants, photographs of mount Merapi from time to time, etc


Raisa Hani Tamara (21/05/2018 09:27)
The building are magnificient. This museum really give us the whole picture of Merapi mountain. This museum is not only contains a just a replica of mountain, but also a lot of information about mountain itself. There are lots of picture, replica along with helpful and informative explanation which will educate the visitor easily. They also provide a movie about merapi mountain which is like another new way to know the museum and the mountain better. This place is the best and I recomend this place as a new place to spebd your holiday.

Edd (08/05/2018 12:52)
The villages along Merapi Village is rich with history, the tourism industry is made my the villagers themselves as the government restrict the area as a dangerous place. With more help, the local tourism industry can definitely be imrpoved

Khala Kirana (05/05/2018 13:12)
So cold , it is good for you too enjoy the view cos not many people in there ... The hotel in there is cheap too ..

roy primera (01/05/2018 16:02)
Education and recreational spot for everyone! Learn about Merapi volcano eruption which took place on 2010. Count your blessings and grateful as always.

Bambang Ardianto (14/04/2018 03:56)
Less maintenance, crack in few of buildings part, flood in second floor. A lot of good spot for taking photos.

yovanita mita (12/04/2018 08:08)
Disini kita bisa lihat barang2 sisa merapi ...
Serta foto fotonya ....
Cukup bagus buat edukasi...
Jalan nya kesini sangat berbatu tapi fun banget naik jeep

Robert Silaen (04/04/2018 11:23)
This place is good for bring your kids to know about volcanoes!! Lots of information about volcanoes in Indonesia. They have volcano miniature of Mount Merapi with diorama and eruption pictures also real sound of merapi when errupt back in couple years ago until 2010
Also there is movie theatre inside!

CV Bamboo Craft Indonesia (21/02/2018 05:56)
Interesting exhibition. Building is in complete disrepair and needs urgent maintenance. Mold everywhere. Not recommending long stays.

Rosmeilan Siagian (15/02/2018 07:35)
The overall display is wonderful. Visitors can view the pictures and read each of the descriptions in Indonesian and English. Unfortunately, some parts of the ceiling were leaked. It will be preferable for the museum management to repair them.

ferry Wijaya (26/11/2017 09:45)
Amazing place to learn earth science. The museum is also very well maintained. Clean. And the entrance fee is so cheap.

Widyamukti Arif Wicaksana (08/11/2017 07:01)
Great place to introduce all about volcano, especially for kids. The museum were located quite far from man road though

Vijay gk (24/10/2017 05:23)
This is definitely a decent museum even for Indonesian standards, compared to the earthquake museum at banda aceh....if only they could do up the mouldy walls and leaky ceilings and provide a bit more international languages then even foreigners can appreciate it.the blend of mythical folklore and seismic information is a nice touch.

Ellen Resnatali (01/10/2017 02:16)
A good place to visit. This place is the best museum I ever visit so far. So many good information.

Stephlynn W. W. (26/09/2017 15:55)
Also went here for a school field trip. The guide was nice, the knowledge was pretty interesting. I liked it there.

Nurmalita Bakhiitah Mabruukah (24/09/2017 03:05)
Masih terkena nuansa pegunungan yang segar, dari segi fasilitas sudah sangat oke. Musholla dan toilet yang terawat. Dengan taman penuh bunga dan rerumputan dan tempat2 duduk. Banyak memberikan informasi ttg gunung terutama g. Merapi

Ati Dipura (10/09/2017 17:32)
Perfect place for everyone, because it give us education and knowledge about Volcanoes around the World but there's not many object to explore..

Mohd Amzari Mohd Rani (29/08/2017 10:21)
Full of information regarding Mount Merapi. The museum guides are very helpful and very attentive to your needs

Jit Bose (23/07/2017 18:24)
The museum is nothing much to write home about. Have a look at the pictures. The drive in nice the roads are terribly maintain. But do have a look at the devastation the Volcanos cause.

Kevin Leatemia (10/07/2017 06:14)
Great museum but.. we not in perfect time to spend here.. not much explore

jack ardjo (06/07/2017 14:54)
Most interested destination about merapi's all about history and education nature...

Christian Hartono (26/06/2017 08:18)
Good place, historic good for kids to learn with traveling. But some area are broken.

Clem L (05/06/2017 07:00)
Quite place with history of merapi. Very informative. Condition of museum could be better.

beta subakti n (22/05/2017 05:50)
Good place to learn about indonesia volcanic mountains and history of merapi mountain itself. But its maintenance is not quite high performed.

Noorvica Intan Kartika (02/04/2017 23:10)
I loved it especially the movie!! It's a must watch!

Audrey Sarah Kristina (18/03/2017 06:49)
They have the Merapi vulcanic eruption similations which is great, and complete history and report of Merapi Mountain. It is worth to study about Merapi there but they need improvements, including interior design to attract and makes visitors more enjoy their times.

Putri Adini (08/01/2017 14:57)
Me and my friend from Switzerland visited this museum. She spent Rp.10.000 while I was Rp.5.000. So cheap. Luckily us when we came inside, there were a group of visitors from Thailand who are guided by the museum employee. We could know so much better than others. Lol!

Indra Gunawan (04/01/2017 23:01)
Best place to learn about vulcano not only Merapi. But when we visit there the electricity was off so we can't explore the simulators

rah aji bagus prasetyo (30/12/2016 23:19)
Jumping around display. Museum's concept is not that strong. Building is not well maintained.

Fitria Amathonthe (22/08/2016 08:33)
I love the museum. We can learn a lot about volcanic. The displays are great too.

Alistair Funge (27/07/2016 09:43)
Amazing and imposing volcano so close to a major city. Yet people live and work on this very active volcano every day. Highly recommend one of the Jeep tours up the mountain.

harjono halim (13/10/2016 16:02)
Mau tahu mitos, sejarah Gunung Merapi, disini tempatnya. Ada juga pemutaran film dokumenter Merapi. Wajib dikunjungi.

ignatius hersanto (14/08/2016 14:33)
If you want to know everything about merapi , this is the best place

Nur Falah (02/08/2016 11:20)
Great museum i've ever seen

Rhizka Pay Deniz (01/08/2016 18:31)
The Big Project never forgeted.

Muhammad Mustangin (07/06/2016 06:01)
Good for education, nice place to learn about mountain

Raditya Fadilla (06/05/2016 11:30)
A great place to learn about volcanoes and the Merapi itself.

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