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Kampung Labasan Resort

Magelang, Kabupaten, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jalan Kaliurang KM 17.5, Area Sawah, Pakembinangun, Pakem, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55582, Indonesia
Rating: 4.00

Komentar :

maXYuz (26/02/2018 15:18)

Risa Virgosita (16/10/2017 01:26)
Me and my family went here for Sunday brunch. When I reserved the place, I thought they offer nice view and children activities in green backyard, outbound ground, etc as promoted in their e-brochure. So I expect a nice view, a set of children traditional games that kids can play in the yard. We reserved buffet lunch for 14 persons, each at IDR 85K, thus made up almost IDR 1200K. Menus include fish (2 items), oxtail soup, vegetable (1 item), cassava soup, fried tofu and tempe, manggo chilli/sambal, fruits and sweet spicy sauce (lotis), dawet (traditional dessert), infused water, and hot tea. Given the bunch of menus and the view as pictured in the brochure, I think the price is good. But I felt dissapointed as I reached the place. The actual scenery was far from the brochure. The place was packed up and full of buildings (small houses for homestays). No fresh air, no scenery. The backyard is plain with nothing in it. No traditional children games (egrang, etc) as promoted. When I ask, they said I have to reserve in order to play (which was surprising to me as these toys are simple toys that you can put in the yard). Food is so-so, portion is not generous. To me, given the value I got compared to the price I paid, this is extremely overpriced. However, the service was good and the owner and waiters were nice and friendly. I think the owner needs to learn more about business competition to improve the product/service value, otherwise the business will not sustained. I'm sorry but this is my honest review. I hope my feedback will help to improve the value of the product/service.

Dewi Sekarasih (23/08/2017 00:10)
They offer a back-to-nature atmosphere, and the price was quite good. It's not a hotel, but like a hostel (some of the room have bunk beds) with bathroom inside. The food was delicious and only offers Indonesian (traditional) food. The main concern from me was they have many cats there (angora and persia if I'm not mistaken), and sometimes the owner let them playing around

taufiq rahman (12/06/2017 15:28)
Good views

Yuwanto Joe (12/09/2016 14:39)
Quiet. Cozy. Cool. You will hear night crickets sound and water. Very good kampung and remote experience. Owner is cats lover.

Rumah tin Homestay (24/07/2017 23:49)
Tempat yang nyaman, sejuk, dan membuat kita semakin kembali ke alam. Ada beberapa replika rumah adat yang dijadikan homestay. Menu makan tradisional Lampung semakin membuat betah tinggal di tempat ini

ariyawan arditama (22/04/2017 14:36)
Asik dg suasana ndesa dan keramahan owner

yohanes dalia (02/01/2017 09:49)

aan ananda (20/06/2016 04:40)
Great food awesome place

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