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Magelang, Kabupaten, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jalan Chairil Anwar, Margahayu, Bekasi Timur, Sosromenduran, Gedong Tengen, Kota Yogyakarta, Jawa Barat 17113, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40

Komentar :

Ahmad Alvin Muttaqin (10/05/2018 18:33)
This is the starting point to enjoy the lovely experience of Yogyakarta. Through these train station, you will know about the history of Yogyakarta and its uniqueness. I hope you enjoy it!

Rezare A (27/04/2018 01:31)
Known as Stasiun Tugu, One of the main train station in Yogyakarta. A walking distance away to the ever popular Malioboro Street. Going about is either by conventional taxi, e-hailing taxis and by bus provided by Trans Jogja. Many hotels around with different room rates according to your budget.

Stoffel Vandoorne (13/04/2018 13:53)
One Of The Largest Stations In Indonesia And A Few Restaurant, plus Main station in yogyakarta and many southern train stop here

cintya alavanna (16/03/2018 17:45)
Always find a way back home. The best and the hardest moment i've spent here..

rizky hermawan (18/02/2018 07:30)
When I first came here, I felt so very comfortable because I see this clean and very well-maintained train station. The staff are so welcome and cooperate. I love it.

Amnina Fira Kharira (26/01/2018 04:34)
It's clean and the seats are well organized. It's comfortable and feels secure even while waiting for midnight trains. Train tickets date/time alteration can be processed at the very last 60 minutes before departure, and cancellation at the very last 45 minutes before departure. Both will be charged 25% of the ticket's price. Expats will get them refunded immediately. For some reasons locals must wait for about a month to get them refunded.

Henry Zheng (05/01/2018 09:32)
Very old train station with many historical story behind. Long time not visit this station but always lovely to be here. Biggest station at Yogyakarta but can't improve too much, since i was child till now doesn't change. Still old fashion train station, but people love it. Maybe because this is historical place or building, they can't do major renovation to this station.

Naufanti Zulfah (25/12/2017 14:04)
It's better after the station has been renovated and expanded. It's easier to get there. The parking area is also expanded

Dintani Na'imah (23/12/2017 01:46)
Great building, nice station, sadly the staff is not professional, especially when they're dealing with commuter passenger. Although commuter train ticket is cheap, customer deserve to be treated equally. Which sadly not happen here.

Maulana Jati (20/12/2017 12:23)
Beautiful old station, even more after renovation. However, they need to works on feeder transportation, from and to station. Today's experience: no canopy in the exit gate (imagine when it's rainy), poor public transport out of station (Non sense taxi fare, they offered IDR 90k for 3 km).

Adwa Qaireen (04/12/2017 02:25)
The best train station I've ever visited. Old and romantic. Javanese style. Very very love this station ❤️❤️❤️

dodo basuki (12/11/2017 23:11)
It's OK not that great. OK let be honest it's disappointing. The one thing that they should improve is on the main gate there is no shade to cover when you drop off and heavy rain pouring on you. You going to be soaking wet like a mouse trap in the toilet. The management should experienced getting wet one in a while so they're know what its feel like. It's pretty shame on this huge train station.

Ivan Noer Soetanto (15/10/2017 17:07)
The front area entrance (from jl. Mangkubumi) is not allowed for public to pick up or parking. They only use it for drop off area. The passenger who got off train on this station and want to take exit to jl. Mangkubumi is not allowed as well. So basically, most activities are done at the back gate area, which is difficult access. Shame on you Jogjakarta Station.

Adam Althusius (18/09/2017 13:03)
First time again in here after Jonan's era. The rest is good. But my concern is the waiting chair on exit door.

Carina Wahyu (29/08/2017 23:03)
I love this place so much! Many beautiful place to visit. They have very cheap food and delicious too. The citizen was so kindly. I really really love!!

Bambang Udoyono (16/08/2017 23:44)
Modern station. Clean, train are on schedule. Spacious prayer Room, spacious parking lot. Unfortunately there are taxis that charge you too high.

Rachoc (25/07/2017 09:25)
Nice was this place. Toilet was in building. I left feeling clean. Many announcements led to headache.
many so australians - warning

Hadi Kama Holidays (24/07/2017 11:56)
This place need to look for a solution of how to move get off passenger to get to exit door without passing through inside a stop train, it's dangerous when you have to pass trough it and the train just about to depart another one minutes.
Overall this train station is nice and clean, and know also as one of the most crowded station in java so make sure to be here on time.

AG (19/07/2017 11:22)
The station has been upgraded and renovated to be better. It has many places to wait for the train. Here you can find many facilities such as toilette and convenience store. The amount of parking lots is also have been improved (but we should walk a little bit longer). The employee should be improved.

Nuraksa Makodian (17/07/2017 23:18)
A much needed revamp of this old station makes it cleaner and passenger friendly. However, station staffs still need to be improved

Stevani Setiawan (17/06/2017 04:32)
This station is much better than before. However, there is no parking lot for motorcycle in the area, so you have to walk pretty faraway. Still, the parking lot for car is big enough and the service is good

Hasya Kinan (19/05/2017 20:19)
I went to Yogya from Bandung and this place is sooo crowded more than Stasiun Bandung itself. Once you off the station, right on the parking lot you will see bunches of people offering you Taxi, Becak or Ojek - but it's all almost much more expensive than the normal price. If you prefer to go by Online taxi i suggest you to walk little bit further from the station because there is that law which is online taxi only can to drop off and not picking up near the station area. The area of the station itself is always stuck with some traffic even at non-bussiness hours, so prepare yourself for all the possibilities.

Raden Rezky (19/04/2017 21:04)
beside it's legendary train station, this place is clean and neat, also it is modernized now ( ATM, toilet, etc). easy access to nearly famous places in the town but makesure you bring your own map.

Nuhan Hidayat (16/04/2017 08:50)
Clean, strategic location near Malioboro st. Nice waiting area and it used to have executive lounge but I'm not sure if they're​ still open

Carolina Lidya (13/04/2017 17:18)
Complete all facilities we need. Musholla, unisex restroom, and cafes. It's near from Malioboro Street, if you have to stay and transit, you can spend time in Malioboro Street.

Timothy iP (25/03/2017 01:45)
But somehow the commuter trains (prameks) needs improvement, bad train, overloaded during weekend, almost no ticket available during peak. Also, some of the waiting bay for local train should be improved.

chandra hermawan (21/03/2017 01:06)
Profesional, clean and friendly for every one.. I miss Jogjakarta, and will be back soon by train..

Green Earth (18/02/2017 15:45)
Awesome architecture. With Jogja design characteristic. Clean and friendly staff here. And many train destinations.

Idham Badruzaman (26/01/2017 14:50)
Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI)/ IndonesianTrain now is catching up with other good trains overseas. A significant progress has been made by this train. Keep the good work and two thumbs up for PT KAI.

rizkha destianri (12/01/2017 12:01)
With the new management, I like traveling by train. There's a good waiting room just for the traveler only, without any distrubance from the sellers anymore.
The place is quite clean and well keep.
Some of the officers I met were nice, some need to smile more.
The line for printing ticket is short as long as you came earlier. 😁

dai_ mo91 (27/12/2016 22:43)
It's just like airport! But that's what makes it more comfortable and reliable..

arwan khoiruddin (16/12/2016 19:20)
I arrived at Tugu at very early in the morning. Fortunately they provide some long chairs. As there were only few people at the station, I can sleep on the chair comfortably. Thanks KAI

Iwan Restiono (16/12/2016 13:03)
Clean and very nice railway station. Announcement in 3 different languages, Java, Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Pratama Yogianantha (20/11/2016 08:26)
Clean and comfort station. One of many historical station in indonesia. Make sure bring your ID's or you are not eligible to entry

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