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Hotel Ishiro

Magelang, Kabupaten, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jl. Kaliurang, Kocoran, Caturtunggal, Kec. Depok, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281, Indonesia
Rating: 3.90
Telp: +62 274 520230
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

burhan sidqi (27/05/2018 10:34)
AC kurang dingin, pintu kamar mandi susah ditutup. Tapi sangat dekat pusat kota. Sesusai dengan harga

wandra ade saputra (26/04/2018 04:34)
Cheap price

imam sudibyo Mochamad (05/04/2018 09:49)
Sorry if the photograph is so messy. Overall the hotel is good enough for a nice night budget type sleep. 😁

Andhi Prasetyo (27/03/2018 02:31)
Cheap and really affordable hotel..
The design is s bit old school, but still a nice place to sleep and enjoy the oldies theme of hotel in Yogyakarta..
The bathroom is clean enough, even there's some break floor in some place..
I stay here with online booking by airy room for regular price Rp 174.000,- , but i didn't pay a single rupiah because i got a perk for becoming a Google local guide, free Rp 200K for staying with sorry room..
The breakfast is could be better, there's only two option, fried rice or bread, and you can only choose one from it..

Aqsa Sjuhada (24/03/2018 00:07)
Near Gadjah Mada campus, good price, friendly staffs, and a lot of delicious street food around.

Ary Syahriar (02/03/2018 08:02)
Nice hotel, clean and quiet. Near UGM

Asri Faizun (21/12/2017 13:04)
if you're looking for a cheap place near the university to stay, this hotel could be a good option for you, the room is not bad and the hotel is easy to reach

Ya Maulidin (10/11/2017 06:28)
Cheap and Cozy! Close to everywhere

dewi lim (10/10/2017 05:02)
Booked from reddoorz app. Clean. The staff was friendly too.

Yudha Nawa Anggara (10/10/2017 03:49)
Cheap but comfortable

Hanisa Damar (22/09/2017 03:52)
Quite good for stopping by. Food is not so good but affordable restaurants are available near the hotel.

ka re (19/08/2017 06:27)
Quite affordable and cozy

Syifaur Rohmah (28/07/2017 17:08)
cheap hotel with standard room and services is not too humble

Dewi Ramdani (07/07/2017 15:16)
Good choice for vocation

Rokhmawan wawan (02/07/2017 13:56)
The breakfast is not variatif

Alvin Laurent Ertanto (01/06/2017 23:39)
Cheap hotel with standard level

Alfin Wijaya (30/04/2017 22:56)
The rooms are okay

Muhammad Azzqi (09/03/2017 21:08)
Cheap but sometimes hot water bathroom error

Febri Anggriawan Widodo (05/03/2017 04:30)
Quite cheap..

Nofendianto Rahmaan (11/01/2017 11:02)
Nice place to go

Bimo Winardianto (16/05/2016 09:02)
The location is good, but need more space for parking area and refresh the display.

Novan Firmansyah (04/05/2016 10:44)
Nice place to stay at jogya if your business is to Gajah Mada Univercity.
Just need to walk to the univercity complex.
a lot food options

Sahrun Dongoran (03/09/2016 10:39)
Lewat di depan

dicki mahfud fauzi (15/07/2016 12:27)
good, but need to upgrade the bathroom

Aimagu Inc (14/07/2016 13:58)
CS ramah

Si Dik (22/06/2016 17:42)

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