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CGV Jwalk Mall

Magelang, Kabupaten, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: J-Walk Mall Lt. 3, Jalan Babarsari No. 2, Caturtunggal, Depok, Caturtunggal, Kec. Depok, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20
Telp: +62 274 2800700

Komentar :

Raedi Luzman (30/05/2018 21:08)
Yang ok di sini coman cgv nya ajah, haha

Aliya Imadudeen (30/05/2018 07:42)
good cinema theatre with budget price, also to whom wanted to find seat when crowd is full, in this theatre we can always find empty seat especially when near midnight schedule, one thing though, sometimes the mall elevator not working after watch movie at midnight schedule

Niwan Sutungpol (11/05/2018 06:06)
This shopping mall is unique..! And thanks God, there is CGV here.
Yesterday was the 2nd time i watch movie here and watching The Avenger Infinity War was became a really amazing experince.
Although this mall is not finished yet, but CGV make it better. :D

Ika Nur Halimah (06/05/2018 02:46)
Tempat parkir ada di basement, namun remang remang. Pengunjungnya sedikit, rata rata hanya ingin menonton. Harga yg diberikan juga lebih murah. Tapi tempatnya sangat sepi. Jadi berasa sangat horor. Tapi kalau sudah sampai cgv ada yg jual makanan, dan cukup ramai.

widhie jogja (04/05/2018 10:24)
Good theater, perfect sound, and lower ticket price. Also, they have a nice 3D theater too. That is quiet great, isn't it?

Nova Tri Cahyono (28/04/2018 15:59)
I was visited to watch movie, this place an unfinished mall, and too quiet parking area also store still empty.
I see event with collage student, like drama or poem, i dont know this, it in the night.
If you want to watch movies with cheap price, this cinema recommend to visit and also booking seats via online aplication in play store.

Vesti WK (26/04/2018 15:51)
Nice place for hangout before the movie starts. Though it wasn't my fave to watch at a small theater as usually the walls reflected few lights as it nears to the screen.

Indra Cipta (13/04/2018 22:49)
Pelayanan buruk, disaat bertanya promo dengan kartu dbs (buy 1 get 1) di cgv jwalk jogja. Petugas tiket memberikan info sedang gangguan, kemudian mengatkan tidak ada promo, setelah kami membeli via tiket otomatis dan menanyakan lagi promo tsb petugas lainnya mengatakan bahwa promo memang tersedia dan petugas sebelumnya tidak mengetahui. Sungguh mengecewakan cgv tidak memberikan knowledge yang baik kepada seluruh karyawannya. Not recomended

Abee Sukarna (12/03/2018 13:39)
The cinema concept was really nice. Very young and fresh. They have ticket box and popcorn zone in different spot, so it makes people easy and don't stuck in line. CGV also has Self Ticketing Zone.

Satrio Ghaffar (28/01/2018 12:49)
Slow service, took me 30 minutes just to buy a ticket (the queue line was longer when I was at xxi, but it only takes 10 minutes to get the ticket) you have to buy the ticket at the snack bar if you only bring cash. Same price as empire xxi but with worse service

I came here because this is the only cinema that shows ghibli movies

Reyhan Pradantyo (29/12/2017 06:46)
Why the hell would they think it’ll be a good idea to combine the ticket box with the snack bar?! Sure make it look extremely crowded with stupid long lines. Terrible management, would never recommend!

Johnny Appleseed (30/08/2017 07:36)
The cinema was clean & comfy. But the listed price for a beverage i order was different from the actual price i paid. Not much, but still.. i paid more than the listed price

Yennu Ariendra (16/11/2017 15:48)
If other movie theaters full, maybe you can get tickets here. The only bad thing here is because they combined ticket box and food stall together, make a long queue. Also sometime, ticket machine not working

antique version (16/10/2017 07:50)
Right choice to watch movies, Chip prize but unique desain.

Clara Avila (06/10/2017 23:11)
Nice place. So instagramable

Mila Ardja (08/08/2017 09:23)
It can be very crowded when new box office movies come in. The place is nice and comfy, though the mall itself is pretty much empty. Perhaps when new tenants come it would make the place more lively.

Umarul Mukhtar (03/08/2017 04:17)
its seating has nice legroom.. probably best in the city..

Alfian Finuria (07/06/2017 13:30)
Best cinema in town. They have so many promo program.

ConsLife - F (02/06/2017 17:09)
The ticket price is afforable .The Movie selection is huge from anime movie to Western Movies

Awmahendra 17 (10/05/2017 17:40)
Nice cinema. Cozy place. But, they just have 2 models cinema, 2d or 3d.

nurul hidayati (22/04/2017 04:39)
Not close enough from UGM, but quite ok. And there is a Trans Jogja shelter, so you can go there by public transportation.

Alina Putri (29/03/2017 13:47)
The mall has not opened yet. However, I really like spending my time watching my fav movie here because this place is cozy and not too crowded

Khairul Anwar (01/03/2017 03:48)
Easy to access, good movie selections, nice sound system, cozy sofa & not crowded. =)

Sakurai Evsa (24/02/2017 12:34)
One of the best place to watch movies. Has more than 3 different studio types.

Agus sugiharto (08/02/2017 01:15)
Good place to watch movie. Many promo and sometomes give a special price.

Asa Rahmana (18/01/2017 11:35)
Good movie, good seat (they have seat for couple), better sound (comparing to 21 Ambarukmo Plaza, XXI, & Cinemax Lippo)

Fidensius Prasojo (09/11/2016 02:29)
This plaza is in construction but for who want to watch a movie with a low budget I actually recommended this place. By make a member card u'll get a point and can use it to get the other ticket for ur mates

Yudhi Sutopo (23/10/2016 12:44)
Masih sepi mallnya

Runo More (04/10/2016 13:23)
Container style cinema with cozy halls and upper seats for couples (ask the cashier if you prefer that). Very nice lobby, especially the upper floor, although it should have an AC.

Faisal M (28/09/2016 03:23)
Tidak terlalu ramai

radityo pambudi (09/09/2016 15:29)
Bagus bersih nyaman

Lisana Husna (31/07/2016 14:18)
Nice place to watch movies. Ticket's price is competitive. Simple and reliable online booking system.

L Pratama (19/02/2016 01:47)
Nice place to watch some movies here. Not so crowd because it's located in urban area. The ticket price is so-so but you'll get the sensation of watching movie in your own private theatre.

Afif Alfianto (29/12/2015 08:19)
Nice place...

Victor Goi (11/12/2015 16:28)
Good place for you who love movies, they'r update such as anime from japan, thai movies, korean movies etc.

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