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Adisucipto International Airport

Magelang, Kabupaten, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jl. Raya Solo KM.9, Maguwoharjo, Kec. Depok, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55282, Indonesia
Rating: 3.90
Telp: +62 274 498261

Komentar :

Rizaldi Two (06/06/2018 13:11)
I'm in Terminal B, the building renovation still on going. It will make you less comfortable. Very crowded around check in counter area but if you have no luggage there is an extra counter for a quick check in. In the waiting room there is only one lounge available, but pretty cheaps and has smooking room.. which is all i need for my always delayed flight schedule here...🙂
It has free shuttle from terminal A to B by kart.
Anyway, have a happy flight..🙏

Sapiderman Lumpat (18/05/2018 11:00)
International my Butt!
Cannot handle the volume of passengers. No facilities.

Parking : 4/5 plenty of parking.
Transportation : 4/5 airport taxi is plentiful and has regular pricing. There's train station and trans jogja busses. Good integration.
Facilities : 1/5 minimal praying area, minimal eating places at ridiculously inflated prices. There's free wifi.
Waiting area : 1/5 both departure and arrival waiting areas are sub standard, very cramped and not nearly enough capacity.

Fatma N.S Azh-zahra (18/05/2018 03:45)
The airport is quite small but comfortable. There are a lot of charging station in the long chair. It also has some souvenir store, polo store, and food stall. The distance between gate is near. The toilet is clean.

Frits Kranenborg (17/05/2018 03:56)
Just the worst. Due to its over capacity, departures and landings are more often than not delayed. While waiting for departure or someone to arrive; there’s nothing decent to eat, seating is limited, toilets are often dirty.

When you finally make it out of the airport, you’re welcomed by rude and intrusive taxi drivers and porters.

Sad that the entry to/departure from such a beautiful city needs to be an experience like this.

Amas Mustofa (14/05/2018 11:34)
Bandara Adi Sucipto, ya disinilah Bandara Internasional Jogjakarta.
Untuk penumpang yang melakukan penerbangan pertama kali, datanglah 3 jam sebelum keberangkatan. Karena di Bandara Adi Sucipto ini jika kita check in akan mengalami antrian panjang.
Jika kita membawa barang bawaan yang banyak pastinya akan mengikuti antrian panjang. Jika kita tidak membawa barang bawaan atau barang yg bisa dibawa masuk pesawat, maka bisa masuk antrian di without bagasi.
Disini ada terminal domestik dan internasional.

Kurinta Septi DR (11/04/2018 22:24)
I visited this place for the first time. I just got surprised with the airport. It is like in the middle of town. I felt like this airport was too small, or it was just my feeling. I just realized it when the plane was just landed. But it was not really matter for me.

Another thing, the staffs were friendly. It was easy to get taxi. We should take transjogja which was cheaper than taxi but we didn't know the direction. Feel like going to fly to Jogja again someday.

novi kurniawan (31/03/2018 12:24)
The airport is relatively crowded due to overcapacity. New terminal building has been built on the west side of the existing building. Free shuttle is provided between these 2 terminals. For arrival, damri, trans jogja and train station are available. Online ride sharing is not allowed to pick the passenger inside the airport area. You can walk to the imigration office in jalan adisucipto to order online ride sharing.

chris wattimena (20/03/2018 02:26)
The airport really hot.......aircon seems not working well.....lot of people.......good environment but need to fix the aircon system

Arif Sentana (15/02/2018 23:11)
The airport is small yes, because it is also an air Force airport some delay would be expected. In the waiting room, the gate are a bit close to each other and combined with crowded people can be a little hard to find if you get there late. Boarding is always by ladder, as there are no jet bridge. A small tips for traveler, it is better to take early morning flight if you plan on leaving Yogya as it is not so crowded. Also the best part is, the only airport where you can hear the announcer speaking in Javanese, that's unique!

Cheria Noezar (16/01/2018 02:57)
The city is in great need of a new airport!!! This airport is shared with the Air Force Academy: when they are on a roll, you can be delayed for hours! The place is at capacity, the waiting room is ALWAYS super full. There aren't enough places to eat, the toilet is icky. The plus side: if you like planes, you can linger a little longer on the tarmac to watch planes land and take-off, the place has no boarding bridge.

R MAMITAKA (27/12/2017 15:44)
International airport of yogyakarta province. The airport is also used by air force of indonesia military. Soon, commercial flight will be moved to bigger airport thas is currently under construction in shout west side of yogyakarta province. This airport has very short run away, so it feel not nice during landing. There are two terminal A and B. Terminla B mostly used for international flight.

Kevin Pinarto (26/12/2017 22:50)
Not to big for an airport but very strategic place. The airport near the town and reachable with public transportation. Sometimes just hate the taxi driver inside arrival terminal. They offer a ride with unacceptable price. Sometimes a bit pricey.
The departure lounge a bit too crowded because every departure passenger mixed in one lounge.

Tika Fitriyanti (16/12/2017 13:17)
Small waiting room, too crowded especially on weekend. Is this what you called "international airport"?? I've never seen this crowded airport before, so many passengers couldn't get access to sit down so they have to sit down on the floor. I feel truly disappointed with this kind of airport and service.

Vincentia Esti Windiastri (05/12/2017 01:56)
A mini international Airport with short runway. So, don't be too nervous when the plane landed hardly in this airport. And it's so crowded during the weekend and holiday seasons.

exao original (15/10/2017 11:45)
cant complain a lot cuz its the only airport serving Jogja. Too crowded and sometimes you have to take a long walk to get into the plane (hopefully not rain). Much improvement with lots of food stalls and transport arrangement from - to airport.

Haris Harras (02/10/2017 02:14)
At security check, "mas, koret nggak bisa di bawa" lalu, "kalau mau isap rokok gimana?" hahahahaha. The conversation made me laugh sooo hard.

Nica airport, small and quick move. Just lack of facility outside the boarding gate :)

Dian Nusantari (24/09/2017 14:23)
Small, cramped airport. When there's flight delay, the waiting room became very crowded and not enough chairs for people. Restrooms only has 3 working stalls out of 4, but usually clean. Lots of flight delays both incoming and outgoing since this airport is way too small yet accommodating busy flight schedules.
Hopefully the new, bigger airport will be ready in 2019. Fingers crossed!

Tropicalstorm (16/09/2017 02:31)
Small airport with a single runway. Custom and immigration is easy enough. International departure has a separate holding area from domestic flight.

Prince Francis T J (01/09/2017 13:32)
Borobudur is considered as one of the largest and most famous Buddhist temple all around the world. This temple is located in Java on the Indonesian island which is 40 km away from Yogyakarta. The temple was built in the 8th or 9th century with the help of around 2 million block of stone. Borobudur should be on the top in the list of visiting famous temples.

Andi Muhammad K (30/04/2017 04:53)
Ini bukan bandara. Tolong di ralat.

Denny J (20/02/2017 02:21)
Bandara imut2

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