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Hotel Salak The Heritage

Lebak, Banten
Klasifikasi: Spa dan Salon, Hotel and Villa
Alamat: Jalan Ir. Haji Djuanda No. 8, Pabaton, Bogor Tengah, Pabaton, Bogor Tengah, Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16121, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 251 8373111

Komentar :

dea chinantya (02/06/2018 11:41)
This hotel located near Bogor Botanical Garden and in the centre of Bogor. Ambience is really nice, room was spacious and the bed is really comfortable. They also have free shuttle service that can pick up or drop off from certain point which is Bogor Train Station, and Botania Square. Considering the location in the middle of governmental office, you could not find any minimarket nearby, the closest one is around 10-15 minutes driving.

Dyah Pramudhawardani (27/05/2018 02:13)
Modern hotel rich with historical culture. Located in the near presidential place and renowed bogor botanical park. The best breakfast and dinner in here. All staf very friendly 💙💙. There fitness area, swimming pool, ayam fatmawati restaurants, binenhoff & kanari cafe and bar.

Chafidz Akbar (13/05/2018 12:06)
Good room, good service, good atmosphere, mediocre buffet. Seriously, the buffet really tarnished its status as 4⭐️ hotel.

Ati Sumiati (04/05/2018 15:28)
You can feel the different ambience here, very classic and unique. They provide various food, all are really tasty.

Ricky Febryanto (24/04/2018 11:21)
Good place to stay. nice staff. awesome environtment..... keren tempatnya

Sigit S (22/04/2018 15:03)
Heritage hotel also one of bogor icon, near with bogor botanical garden and presidential palace. Service excellence, recommended it

fema solekhah (08/04/2018 18:15)
The hotel location is easy to find. The breakfast is quite tasty and the menu is varied. the rooms are quite comfortable. the pool is clean and routinely cleaned

Devi Wardani (24/03/2018 22:39)
Went to Salak The Heritage for Meetings.
Great location.
Next to government building and close to Kebun Raya Bogor.
Just 8 minutes walk from Bogor Train Station (commuterline).

Also, they do have a delicious lunch!

Anita Valiane (19/03/2018 09:12)
Nice place.. Old hotel.. And comfortbale.. Near with Kebun raya bogor and strategic hotel..

Pablo Vázquez (18/03/2018 16:32)
Nice place, swimmingpool and rooms but the bathroom has no door which is a really bad point in my opinion. Breakfast is average but the price is really attractive.

Sally Ayumi (17/12/2017 01:32)
Old hotel. Nice location. Nice room, clean area... but the food taste should have more improvement. Public toilets are so low light, empty and spooky. 😨

Adji Cynthia (23/12/2017 14:44)
The hotel is located within walking distance from Stasiun Bogor. The downside is, the street in front of the hotel is a one way street. Room is clean, food is okay. I like their sausage BBQ stall near their pool.

Didan Abdurachman (21/12/2017 10:25)
Seems nice. I just stop there with my bike anyway. But it will be good place to rest your body.

Veno Avellino (06/12/2017 07:28)
Nice hotel located in the central of Bogor. Room is comfortable n clean. Kids also have fun there coz they've a fish pond n play ground.

Lupita Ayu Laksmi (22/11/2017 21:54)
I often use it for office purpose such as meeting. But it is yet the best hotel found near the public transportation which is makes it easy to get. The room is good and clean althought it doens't have the smoking one. If you wanna get the smoking room you have to use stairs to get to the highest floor. The food is not really enormous but sufficient.

Irvina Falah (28/09/2017 22:50)
I stayed here for office meeting around last week. Salak The Heritage is a historic building that also seen as one of Bogor landmarks, antique building. The location is very strategic that visitors can reach it by walking distance from the station. Surrounding by many facilities (public transportation, taxi, atm, etc). Unfortunately not really happy with some of their service. They served cold and not so varied breakfast, noisy waitress with clattering plate and i think it need to be refurbished.

Fitria Nur Syamsiah (20/09/2017 10:43)
Good place to stay if you plan to explore Bogor by foot. It is located near train station, presidential palace with the botanical garden, and culinary center. The staff are very welcome and the spa is good.

Puty Puar (09/09/2017 16:26)
One of the most famous old hotel in Bogor. Very nice and somehow it will transform you the warmth and coziness of 2 or 3 decades ago.

rizka halida (16/08/2017 22:47)
The room is large and clean, in colonial style. The meeting room and it's facilities are satisfying, especially the toilet, it's clean. The WiFi is quite fast. The staffs are cooperatives. Overall it's a nice place to stay. But if you order many rooms, you have to check the spec of the room (twin or double bad) to make sure that you get the spec you need.

Titi Anggraini (13/08/2017 21:41)
My favorite hotel in Bogor. Located in front of Bogor Presidential Palace. Swimming pool best for your kids. The food is good. Very close to City Hall. You can walk to Botanical Garden opposite the hotel.

Lilik Wulaningtyas (23/07/2017 17:28)
Great place to stay. It also give shuttle service from and to hotel salak, train station, damri and botani square. The food so so.

Kosa Kosa (15/07/2017 11:40)
Nice hotel, in front of Istana Bogor and near from Kebun Raya Bogor

Aulia Heryanov (26/06/2017 12:32)
Everything is good except the hot water are not hot enough. Other than that this place is pretty good

Zaira Naftassa (24/06/2017 13:21)
A hotel with historical background, frendly n hospitality wellcoming, qood food, such good place for relaxing but not too far from jakarta

bram freddy17 (16/06/2017 11:37)
One of the most historical hotels around. This hotel provides you with the beautiful views of Bogor Palace and the outstanding historical site of Bogor Botanical Garden. Their service is excellent. This hotel is also located in the most strategic place in Bogor area, so if you want to relax while enjoying your days in Bogor with five star service, you should try to stay in this hotel.

Ming Qing Lye (07/05/2017 14:51)
Free car ride and water Service to nearby mall and you can call them to pick you up and back to the hotel.

This is the best hotel in Bogor Area.

Also hotel staff speak very good English ^_^

lina Rachmatia (06/05/2017 11:11)
Artistic design, strategic, good view, cleanes, good service and historical place in Bogor

Yudi Wahyudin (05/05/2017 01:23)
This hotel is nearly to the whitehouse of Bogor mayor and also located on the main road of Juanda street. You can enjoy your morning and or afternoon to jogging and or walking on the botanical trotoar round road.

Allison Bryce (01/05/2017 08:44)
Good value for money. Clean. Breakfast buffet over priced, however lunch menu a la carte was very reasonably priced and food was good.

Muhamad Yusuf (13/03/2017 06:15)
Is a heritage hotel. A bit outdated. Services are great. Live music regularly performed in the evening. Very close to the Bogor railway station.

Arie Jutex (02/03/2017 07:45)
I like the service of all the hotel staff, they were nice and friendly, I love the pool and the sixth floor, and theirs location is strategic

Arie Casanova (02/03/2017 07:40)
I like the service of all the hotel staff, they were nice and friendly, I love the pool and the sixth floor, and the hotel location was setrategic

Elizabeth Santoso (01/02/2017 12:42)
The hotel is old but very clean, the staffs are kind and polite

Festiaji N. Irawanto (29/12/2016 07:54)
The heritage hotel in the heart of bogor city, have a classic architecture for interior and exterior of the building. The location is in front of istana bogor. Totally comfort to stay in this hotel.

Rizky Purba (13/08/2016 16:50)
Good place to relaxing your body, the ambience is so historical...

San Toso (22/06/2016 02:33)
Jl pasar baru

Sutiar Utomo (14/06/2016 13:14)
Lokasinya strategis. Deket stasiun. Pelayanannya bagus. Wifinya ok. Kolam renangnya bagus.

Aria Dhika Rayendra (06/05/2016 13:36)
Conveniently located at the heart of Bogor, Hotel Salak have an old style architecture and the rooms is better than many other hotels. The swimming pool is usually crowded during the holidays and the price isn't that high.

Muhammad Rusdy (22/12/2015 14:30)
At the end of December , I have a meeting for 3 days, and my wife and my grandson join me. This hotel is good all for kids, they can swimming in the kids pool.. And you can visit "kebun Raya" for a walk..

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