Direktori Lokasi di Indonesia

Stasiun Lamongan

Lamongan, Jawa Timur
Alamat: Jl. Lamongrejo, Sidokumpul, Kec. Lamongan, Kabupaten Lamongan, Jawa Timur 62213, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30

Komentar :

Jefri Tamba (11/04/2018 15:11)
Nice easily navigable train station with a decent range of stores. Plenty of signage to alert you as to when your train is available for boarding.

There’s toilets on the concourse but these have a charge of IDR 0 per visit. If you wait till you go through the barriers there’s free toilets. Or you can wait until you board, of course.

Nabilla Khudori (20/01/2018 08:48)
It is not big railway station, yet has complete facilities. Nice arrangements too. Quite cozy and even when it is raining, it is still very neat. But, like other Indonesian railway stations, civilians houses are build too close, need a strict policy about this. It is for their own safety.

Dumami Hadisumitro (09/01/2018 09:07)
Train station

khamim fariyanto (01/01/2018 01:25)
Small station but clean. Nice view and not very crowded. Ticket box is not available, reservation made by a customer service. The waiting room is nice too.

Hubertus Eko Budidharmaja (02/11/2017 16:52)
small station, clean waiting room and toilet

Humada Alfian (06/01/2017 14:55)
1. Strategic place, on pantura main Street
2. 24 hours open
3. Food retail available
1. Need more clean
2. The peron to narrow for long train

Zhall Leonhart (25/07/2017 00:18)

Miftahul Arif (21/07/2017 11:43)
Small Train Station.

Dany Virgiyanto (30/03/2017 01:12)
Nice station..

Yuliati Anggrek (11/02/2017 12:13)
Pernah naik kereta, jam berangkat dan kedatangan selisih sedikit

Andri Stikom (24/12/2016 06:47)

tri hadiah muliawati (20/11/2016 22:31)
Clean, affordable and punctual :)

Widodo sukardi (21/10/2016 03:27)
Strategic feeder transportation

Thofiq, Ahmad (28/12/2013 05:33)
Makan soto dulu ach..
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