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Namira Mosque

Lamongan, Jawa Timur
Alamat: Jl. Raya Lamongan - Mantup, Jotosanur, Tikung, Jotosanur, Sanur, Jotosanur, Tikung, Kabupaten Lamongan, Jawa Timur 62281, Indonesia
Rating: 5.00
Telp: +62 822-5177-7777

Komentar :

Ghiffary (31/07/2019 10:56)
Good place to prayer at lamongan.. hopefully the spot of wudhu the girl and boys must be separate track, right now is the same road

Muhammad Imron (29/07/2019 06:28)
The most popular mosque in Lamongan and several places around. Many people stop by here to pray and take rest. It provides free meals for people who pray fajr and people who observe Monday and Tuesday fastings. With paddy fields around the mosque, makes the mosque even more beautiful.

Mohammad Ferianto (20/07/2019 10:38)
Masjid Namira is a fairly new mosque in Lamongan, East Java. This mosque is very large, so that can accommodate so many people who wants to pray here. The architecture design of this mosque is unique and modern. Facilitated with large parking area, this mosque is the perfect place to transit during your trip via Lamongan.

Alex Prastya (04/07/2019 02:41)
The scent is pretty good (people said it smells like your praying in madina or mecca mosque, the air conditioning is great, the parking area so big. The water though have a smell of land water because the position of the mosque used to be rice field i presume. The carpet was nice but it havent been replace so the colour is fading and dont bounce again..maybe because so much tourist pray in the mosque (its a good thing though) last people takes photo in a certain place because it looks like they were abroad.

Syahrul Istiqlali (24/04/2019 03:02)
Its a famous mosque which attract muslims, not only to pray but as a rest area also. Plenty and spacious ablution area, clean and tidy toilets, breeze praying hall with really nice carpets. Free parking for hundred car and buses. Please drop by sometimes..

Mochamad Mahir Haqiqi (29/09/2018 18:05)
MaasyaaAllaah... Tabaarokallaah...
اَلۡحَمۡدُ لِلّٰهِ رَبِّ الۡعَالَمِيۡنَ
Haadzaa Min Fadhli Robbinaa...
اَللّٰهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَی سَيِّدِنَا مُحَمَّدٍ وَ عَلَی اٰلِ سَيِّدِنَا مُحَمَّدٍ

Whan Azizah (24/09/2018 11:44)
Namira mosque is located in Lamongan district, precisely in the middle of the rice fields, this adds to the rural atmosphere. This mosque is very good, visible from the building, interior to the facilities available. some say that this mosque is similar to Nabawi mosque, seen from the interior of the mosque is similar to Nabawi mosque.
This mosque also has a park, where the park is most favored by children and families who visit this mosque.

Indra Aritonang (29/08/2018 06:11)
A nice place for worship & short rest area on access road Lamongan-Surabaya,very large parking area,and free drinking water..

Maqfi Reza (05/08/2018 11:45)
Masjid e Namira is a very big Masjid. Six hundred thousand people can pray at a time in this Masjid. This Masjid hah a vital rolls at the day of Arafa. Main prayer and khutbah is conducted from this Masjid. Some parts of this Masjid is out of Arafat maidan . So have to be conscious at Arafat day while talking salat/ namaj.

achul mh (12/05/2018 15:35)
This is good mosque that placed at south Lamongan City. This mosque has good architecture. There is piece of cloth cover Kabah (Kiswah). Namira has large parking area that sufficient to accomodate hundred car and motorcycle. There is regular religious lecture events in this mosque.

anis roga Warsito (05/05/2018 20:18)
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Humada Alfian (26/04/2018 12:54)
1. Super huge parking lot capacity
2. Super huge capacity for taking ablution and toilet too
3. Nice park on every place
4. Accessible on Lamongan main road access to Mojokerto
5. Free parking

Ilham Darmawan (31/03/2018 08:51)
I really really love this place, i can enjoy pray here. Namira mosque, very clean and parking area is large. Free drinking water and safety locker for shoes or bag.

Himawan Nugrahanto (20/03/2018 03:53)
The masjeed is a perfect place to perform salat. But some of the staff (marbot) is having some attitude to the visitor. Good place, unfriendly staff. Hard to find a perfect parking spot (no trenches) it's so hot when it's noon. But the area is so spacious

Bayhaqi Ahmad (20/02/2018 02:23)
It could be better. The inside of the mosque was pretty noisy and there was several groupies to take a group photo INSIDE the prayer area, which is unethical. Although it seems there was no-one to put a good order inside. As if it was supposed to be a tourist destination, not a mosque or a place to perform prayer.

elsa novarina (18/02/2018 02:05)
A beautiful Masjid in Lamongan. Everything is clean and well managed. Visitors friendly. Even you can drink cold water as much as you need.

Serman Prayogi (09/01/2018 02:15)
I really love this place. It brings new standards to local people for the concept of a mosque. It's well managed, designed, decorated, secured, and cleaned. The imams here are also the ones who have high standards of capability with mesmerising voice and recitations. It attracts people to come not only for praying but also for taking pictures.

Bimo Triyudanto (05/11/2017 11:15)
Ibadah disini bikin betah, gak mau pulang. Tempatnya nyaman banget, bersih, luas, memuaskan lah pokoknya. Suasananya itulo mendukung banget!

Usman Fanani (15/10/2017 09:46)
5-star mosque with excellent facilities. Still wondering who the inventors are

Diani Tri Wiguna (12/09/2017 10:18)
Subhanallah.... The best mosque that i ever come😊😘😍

Danar Dono (27/08/2017 01:14)

alexis jungen (26/08/2017 11:11)
Great mosque with beautiful architecture, spacious parking lot and good ablution facilities

RedBios AS (21/08/2017 09:25)
Have large area, especially for parking. Also have best environment for praying at lamongan

Abdiel Varian (20/08/2017 23:07)
MasyaaAllah... One of the best Masjid in Indonesia.
Not only built with great architecture, the facilities are really support the Masjid worshippers more solemnly, added with an amazing voice of the imaam.

Eko Hp (27/06/2017 09:46)
Great Mosque in Lamongan, large parking area, clean, comfortable inside.

sri suhartini (20/06/2017 15:29)

Suciati Ningsih (18/06/2017 06:41)
Wonderfull mosque,comfort for praying,like this place 😍

Angga Bassoni (01/06/2017 03:46)
This Mosque is best Mosque in East Java. I love Namira Mosque

Achmad Zulfikar (27/04/2017 21:44)
This mosque is beautiful, one of the best at Lamongan city

Bayu Pancoro (16/04/2017 01:10)
Salah satu masjid yg bagus. Bagus secara fisik dan kehidupan masjidnya.

Deni Hermawan (15/04/2017 22:01)

Ratna Rahayu (05/03/2017 10:13)

Siti Suharni (13/02/2017 12:30)
Masjid yang indah & nyaman untuk beribadah.

Najwa Najiha (29/01/2017 11:17)
Overall bangunan dan suasana menyenangkan dan lebih Terkesan lagi saat ada check log anak2 lingkungan sekitar waktu mereka sholat, katanya tiap aktivitas u/ mereka ada poin nya jd mendidik anak u/ berlomba-lomba dalam kebaikan. Salut Lanjutkan program yg baik ini

Taufan Nur Hidayat (31/12/2016 09:29)
This place is awesome for relaxing and praying. If you're muslim, must visit this place. I like it

Jofiandina Gazali (21/12/2016 07:35)

sofyan halim (23/08/2016 05:27)
tau jum at an nag kene aku

Fajar Ikhsan (17/04/2016 12:56)

mikocok (16/04/2016 07:02)
Keren, bersih. Lapangan parkir luas, fasilitas lengkap.

ahmad artha (05/04/2016 16:26)
Nikmat sekali sholat di sini... Barokallah

bii kooL (31/07/2015 09:26)

Klient Fish (03/07/2015 07:57)
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