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Samarinda Central Plaza

Kutai Barat, Kalimantan Timur
Klasifikasi: Mall dan Department Store
Alamat: Jl. Pulau Irian No. 1,Karang Mumus, Samarinda Kota, Karang Mumus, Samarinda Kota, Kota Samarinda, Kalimantan Timur 75113, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Purwoko Kilauea (28/05/2018 09:20)
Tempat belanja n ngumpul

sibi jose (02/05/2018 18:44)
Good for food and gadgets ... farmers markets .. wow .. itโ€™s far good around this place

Erwinsyah Iskandar (30/04/2018 21:52)
One of happening malls in Samarinda. The tenant is quite complete. Many people going here even on weekdays. The minus is tparking fee for motobike is quite expensive. 2k rupiah for 1 hour. 4k rupiah for 2 hours. 6k rupiah for more than 2 hours parking. ๐Ÿ˜“

Mumnoon Rashid (01/04/2018 16:17)
Nice mall with many store. It gave JCO, Ramanaya , Ace hardware etc.

Yonk Wen (11/03/2018 10:30)
Not much to see. Its okay if u r looking for foodcourt but dont expect too much

Ridhotya Warman (08/02/2018 15:32)
Pretty good mall, but very hard to get parking spot here. Especially when weekend

Victor Tuhumury (31/01/2018 22:32)
Low to middle class shopping Mall in the center of Samarinda. One of the best stop to shop, to dine or just hang or watch movies. One thing short is a magnetic foodcourt

Maulidya Namira (19/01/2018 12:06)
The location is very strategic, it also had many famous shops / restaurants, clean restroom, and it also provide some chairs so you can rest while shopping.

Kenang Tris (02/12/2017 12:27)
Mantab lah adem

Grace Erlinda (30/11/2017 19:59)
Great place for shopping, watching movies in cinema, etc. Also the only place where McDonald's be in Samarinda.

Wahyu Pratama (29/11/2017 23:08)

bayu akbar (02/09/2017 15:09)
Good mall with many things, there is a foodcourt also...

Jeri Anri (31/08/2017 08:31)
one building with aston hotel, and connect with swissbell hotel

famala eka sanhadi rahayu (06/08/2017 11:16)
It's the only place I can get Mc Donalds, KFC, Pizza hut, Movie Theatre in one place. Such a complete place

Steven Young K (01/07/2017 19:06)
The place isn't spacious, the cinema have only 4 studios, the food court have only 16 stands.

Cavin Tube (01/07/2017 15:48)
Standard plaza. Offer cheap price product & there's a cinema here

Sonie Halim (24/06/2017 11:10)
Up town mall, complete, not big enough but comfortable, the only one mall have ballroom and usually used for wedding ceremony, seminar, etc. Also there are cinema - XXI and studio 21, kids playing. Connection with aston hotel and swiss bell hotel in samarinda

Ivan G (23/06/2017 12:16)
Old Plaza but still ok with good traffic

Crazygurlx _ (08/05/2017 12:22)
As u can see, this place is a stress relased

Lies Permana (06/04/2017 20:54)
the one and only mall that have MCD

Muhammad Zaini (04/04/2017 15:36)
One of the most visited mall in Samarinda and the only McDonald restaurant in town is here too. Famous for the cinema and some good restaurants. A little confusing for the exit access.

Kurnia Darmawan (03/03/2017 10:58)
The voice from the event at ground level is too noisy.. how can the management let it? It is so annoying

Achmad Badrus (06/02/2017 08:47)
mall di smd

Rion Sesayap (10/01/2017 04:05)
Nice place for hangout but no marking for direction so very confusing especially to find way out

Muhammad Irwansyah (23/12/2016 10:52)
Departemen Store Is complete and the helpful place

Arie Kusuma Atmaja (11/07/2016 08:05)
One of crowded malls in Samarinda. You can hang out with your families, relatives, and friends here to have fun and buy daily necessities. It's located near many hotels and motels.

ainur rasyid (05/10/2016 09:11)
lengkap lah

Conrad Ruben (12/07/2016 00:36)
Old mall in samarinda.. Another option to go beside big mall

Soni Irawan Jatmika (22/03/2016 03:31)
Ke sini palingan cuma nonton aja..

Budi Said (03/02/2016 20:36)
This is one of samarinda hang out place, where you can find many shopping place, cozy food court for hang out, and the cinema where you can enjoy the newest movie with family and friend.

And the important one, this place is located at the middle of samarinda city.

KangmasJoko Erlianto (19/12/2015 03:59)
Sambil cuci mata

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