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Merdeka Field

Kutai Barat, Kalimantan Timur
Klasifikasi: Area Publik
Alamat: Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Prapatan, Balikpapan Kota, Kota Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur 76111, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Udi S (06/06/2018 19:35)
Asyik buat joging

Diviart 25 (02/06/2018 03:42)
Tempat yang asik untuk menghabiskan waktu weekend. Setiap Minggu pagi ada Car Free Day khusus bagi yang ingin joging dan olahraga lainnya

Faizal Siri (11/05/2018 07:24)
get your family here and enjoy jogging or cuisine and beverage from the local vendor

Jessica Morina (27/04/2018 12:54)
It is more like a park lol. on saturday and sunday the field is crowded. there are a lot of street food, so many different types of food like, salome, bakso, soto, siomay, nasi goreng. On the weekend there are animal lover community, usually they bring their animal, like snakes, dogs, reptiles, cats and other animal. Or you could just sit there and do people watching it is kinda fun.

Henry Setiawan (25/04/2018 08:03)
Consist of 4 large field, and the main field is called "lapangan dua", when the ceremony or event held. These field are crowded especially in weekend, either morning or evening. Lot of hawker stall is offer street food. Populer for its sunday morning car freeday. During the night is also crowded when youngster hangout near the field along the way to coastline called melawai.

Iklan Baris (02/02/2018 09:48)
Good place to exercise in the morn, especially the side that close to Melawai beach or way to the port of Balikpapan.

Anggi Tri Lukito (21/01/2018 16:47)
Publics attract, a place where people spends a whole time with family, or even with someone you loved

Noor Wahyudi (07/01/2018 12:00)
The best place in Balikpapan to simply chillin' or just do an easy jogging. Usually being crowded on Saturday and Sunday. And also have it's Car Free Day on Sunday Morning

Bakti CosmozGate (23/12/2017 08:56)
Merdeka/Freedom Park/Yard, place for jogging track, car free day, family fun weekend, public gathering yard, city centre for any kind of celebrations.

Shindu Yudhanta (19/12/2017 14:27)
relaxing on a busy activities, various kinds of food available. suitable for young couple or family with kids

Monica Febrina (29/11/2017 23:10)
Place whre u can jog ur self/ with ur friends. But then thre r so many food stalls there that makes u totally forgot ur first intensions come to this place..

Bambang Budiarto (29/10/2017 16:54)
Balikpapan's melting pot. Numbers of automotive clubs gathered here especially sat night. Car free day every saturday and sunday morning. Many street food vendors with various menu.

Dapur Nesia (15/10/2017 12:10)
Cool place at balikpapan, should be visited when you come to balikpapan, especially at sunday morning.

MrTakpayahlah (07/09/2017 15:48)
Famous garden in balikpapan city.... sport bazar....etc

Eni Harris (05/09/2017 07:58)
A place that people use to exercise on the weekend (jogging, hiking, and aerobic) or just relax and hang out and also there's a lot of culinary specially hunting salome 😘💞

Novi Abdi (17/06/2017 23:52)
just love it, it's green, it's clean, it makes healthy by it's wide open and those chicks around

Timbul Siregar (15/06/2017 08:12)
Lapangan merdeka is a wide yard for many event at balikpapan city.
Car free day is one of routine event at weekend till sunday morning.
Many traditional and fast food culinary available at car free day event.
Official ceremony such as independent day always at lapangan merdeka.

Garden management needs to be implemented to make lapangan merdeka more beautiful.

Sitti Sahara Ira (27/05/2017 17:52)
Public space, crowded at saturday and sunday. We can enjoy everything there.
There is "car free day" in sunday, so we can jogging in the morning without worry. Closed to istiqomah mosque too.

Riyad Filza (17/05/2017 11:27)
There is "Car Free Day" event every Sunday morning. Nice place for spending family time with your children.

Rendi Komara (25/03/2017 01:54)
Good for jogging in the afternoon, and so many food stalls on weekend. Nice for family.

Roney Wijaya (16/03/2017 08:31)
Open space for public, with numbers of facilities nearby. Perfect excercise or just hangouts with family.

Fromesa Pamungkas (23/02/2017 20:56)
Anything you could do here, gathering with some friends, community, jogging, playing football, volleyball, eating some streetfoods, or just enjoying the situation. One of street photography and human interest photography spot where many kind of people gather and do many kind of activities. The morning and the afternoon in the weekend would be the best day to enjoy those situation.

el hadid (15/02/2017 22:55)
Near Istiqomah mosque and melawai beach, and there are many food seller surrounding this place

Ken Liu (25/11/2016 21:22)
Great place to jog and do sports and even hangout, but only during Sunday evening

Amo Sardi (14/09/2016 16:11)
It was cool, beautiful, etc. Maybe sometimes it gets a little bit hot, but thats good for your health! Enjoy doing diet here. Because there are so many food that dont have many colesterol. You can also cycling here. Hope you enjoy Lapangan Merdeka.

agustri S (13/09/2016 11:52)
One of greatest town square in Balikpapan city, iconic place with great views and cozy place for all ages. Sport purposes, folk food court or just place to spent the time.

fanani (01/08/2016 06:27)
Pertamina owned park
can be used as public gathering
and in the weekend have a car free day from 06.00 to 09.00

Roy Tumimomor (09/06/2016 09:18)
Great place to meet new people, a lot of new people. Great for outdoor activity, close to beach. A lot of food stall. Be wise when choosing what to buy.

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