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Kuningan City Garden

Kuningan, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jalan Veteran, Kuningan, Kecamatan Kuningan, Kuningan, Kec. Kuningan, Kabupaten Kuningan, Jawa Barat 45511, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Dendi FR (03/06/2018 09:25)
Such a kind of nice place to spend of time with families.

Dekat, murah, meriah..

Ikhsan Aprilito (30/04/2018 15:28)
Main plaza in kuningan. Mostly crowded in weekend nights.

Tata Taufik (20/04/2018 03:33)
Alun2, tidak terlalu luas, yang menjadi pusat kota Kuningan. Banyak pilihan kuliner, mainan anak2, dan wisata kota dengan menggunakan delman.

Indra Buana (13/04/2018 07:29)
Great place for a family outing on a Sunday, and very comfortable in the late afternoon

galazhar w (30/03/2018 09:30)
Spend your afternoon and evening time here.. and enjoy the green area and many culinary stuffs !!!

Winda Sofiya (10/01/2018 13:41)
An ideal place to meet and hangout with your friends and family. It has a nice atmosphere. There are so many street foods you can try.

Rinda Damayanti (29/11/2017 02:39)
Great place, you can bring your kids here to play. Better if you came on afternoon or night, around 4 p.m until 9 p.m.

Rinda Damayanti (29/11/2017 02:39)
Great place, you can bring your kids here to play. Better if you came on afternoon or night, around 4 p.m until 9 p.m.

Kazuya Marino (19/11/2017 06:03)
This is my hometown, that nice place you want to be refreshed, and also very good and cheap culinary.

Umi Hanifah (01/11/2017 12:25)
The place is nice, the mosque is near, there are shops around the park but i hate the trash

Esa Putri Azzahra (19/08/2017 14:53)
It's a good place to have a light afternoon walk and relieve some stress.

Muhammad Aprianto (10/08/2017 11:39)
It nice for bringing your family especially on Sunday morning

Mr Nobody (20/07/2017 03:51)
This place i not good but bot bad either but have a very nice ambient

Bhima Chandra (30/06/2017 22:25)
Not a really green place. Limited space for parking. But it's a nice place for kids.

Wahab Afwan (29/06/2017 00:56)
Delman fee only IDR20K and you around the Alun-alun Kuningan.
Enjoy with your Kids!

Ralf BlueLily (17/05/2017 14:11)
Nice place to find some rest water 💦 Fontaine

Adam N. Fadlilah (14/05/2017 12:33)
One of many "Have to visit.." destination in Kuningan.

ALEEV (06/04/2017 10:30)
A small city trying to beautify itself. Hope this stays forever.

arif firmansah (08/01/2017 09:51)
You can find many foods

Deo Nixon Tjahjadi (16/10/2016 06:51)
Great view, place for communities, and lots of hawkers at night

Amar Hamdani (07/10/2016 01:47)
Have a nice Place in the kuningan city

Riza Permana (03/10/2016 04:41)
Nice city (y)

Ratiyan Munggaran Atmadja (21/05/2016 13:59)
One of popular public space and meeting point at Kuningan Regency. Horse statue, main landmark at Kuningan Regency are located in here. There are also many traditional food seller in here.

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