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Stasiun Kediri

Kediri, Kabupaten, Jawa Timur
Klasifikasi: Stasiun Kereta, Lain-Lain
Alamat: Jl. Stasiun, Balowerti, Kec. Kota Kediri, Kota Kediri, Jawa Timur 64129, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20

Komentar :

Nadhia Callista (23/05/2018 12:17)
Good service. Nice place.

Dzaki Taufiiqul Hakim (10/04/2018 05:35)
It's clean, it's toilet is even cleaner than the Pasar Senen station. There are taxis outside the station, so overall it's great

pieter karunia deo (01/04/2018 06:03)
Keep improving the facility and service. Good

Waliyanti Widayat (21/12/2017 06:23)
it is an old & cozy train station,it's small but it has clean environment & friendly staffs.

Arief Mediadianto (11/12/2017 14:49)
A memorable place
A must visit place when i was child, played at the station
Listen the whistle and ran to the station

Since strict policy for the person to enter the station building, the station is not crowded as before. But offers better in service and comfort.

ikhwan arief (14/09/2017 16:18)
A nice old station, the staff are quite friendly

The transportation from station are rather monopolyzed
There is no underpass to get into another lane, so the safety aspect is rather low

Michael Saychu (10/11/2017 10:51)
According to my experience using it.

It was very recommended ...

Maz Yoezmanto (22/10/2017 22:38)
Nice station, old style very memorable because is heritage building

Safiya Soesilo (15/10/2017 21:01)
Classic but awesome, nice service. Like it 👍🏻

romie effendi (31/08/2017 19:56)
get better, better and better...

silni asfia (09/08/2017 12:30)
Hot enough here with crowded people. Fan isn't working but the staff are quiet friendly

Nur Salam (06/07/2017 13:19)
Good place, good service

Aldo Alase (04/07/2017 16:16)
Not the best, but getting better, keep going KAI

Ardani Hendarta (25/06/2017 13:28)
Cleaner and better service than before.. 👍

Tony Irawan (16/04/2017 08:56)
Getting better and better...

Ulum Pratama (13/04/2017 20:48)
classic and friendly staff

Hendra Adi K (20/03/2017 04:42)
Need more attention for the toilet beside the health care.

budi ningsih (25/02/2017 11:29)
Dah OK...good

Sekar Alin (03/02/2017 06:31)

NURAHMAD (26/10/2016 15:42)

Nirmana Adhelia (26/10/2016 00:09)
This station is clean enough with friendly staff, however when you arrived here in early morning, the rules said that you cannot wait in waiting room in the inside of station

Arief Rachman Ashar (10/12/2015 08:38)
The central train station in Kediri. For a small town, it's quite sufficient. Need more improvement in facilities such as free WiFi or wall outlet, or even more vendors inside the waiting room. It's very old station though, could use better maintenance.

Agus Koko Trisilo (25/10/2016 05:40)
Pelayanan terus dibenahi

Ivan Christian (19/03/2016 21:37)
Sama anjing golden

Ria Lyzara (06/01/2016 10:08)
Stasiun Kediri ini terketak di Kota Kediri. Letaknya tak jauh dari Jalan Dhoho jadi mudah ditemukan. Biasanya kereta dari Jawa Barat juga lewat di Stasiun ini. Stasiun Kediri juga pernah digunakan untuk pengambilan gambar sebuah film.

Fadlih Hasanuddin (02/11/2015 12:41)
Ruang tunggu sempit, peron sedang di renovasi. Pengumuman keberangkatan kereta kurang lengkap sehingga orang yang baru pertama kali naik kereta binggung.

eyieks (27/01/2015 07:50)

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