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Kediri Town Square

Kediri, Kabupaten, Jawa Timur
Klasifikasi: Mall dan Department Store
Alamat: Jalan Hasanuddin No.2, Balowerti, Kediri, Balowerti, Kec. Kota Kediri, Kediri, Jawa Timur 64129, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 354 673838
Web: malls/ Kediri-Town-Square/
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Luna Dragon (06/06/2018 14:38)
Lengkap, nyaman, bersih, family entertainment recomended

HJC Thijssen (04/06/2018 08:01)
Medium size mall with large Hypermart supermarket and different café's as well as a play zone for kids upstairs.

Oktavia Dewi (17/05/2018 11:13)
Nice one . Bcs in nganjuk there is no mall. So when u r in nganjuk u want go to the mall. U can go this mall

Choliqurfatwa Amanuthaher (27/03/2018 13:26)
Pretty neat and classy for a small shopping center, provides hypermarket, department store, and pretty good coffeshop/restaurant, the place is in the middle of Kediri city and easy to spot, the parking is not to good as it does not have many spot

Yosafat Adiguna (13/03/2018 16:34)
I think this is the best mall in Kediri so far, it is more comfortable, clean and cozy than the other mall in Kediri. The toilet is clean, not like the other mall. Kind of place to hang out with friends. And the grocery price is competitive to other mall. It is big and complete for usual mall, there are foods, clothes, grocery, phone and phone's accessories and timezone in this place

Rosa Julia Damayanti (11/03/2018 19:10)
Instagramable. Strategic. There is no Mcd and KFC there, but CFC is available. There is a Sport Station.

cecillia (03/03/2018 21:14)
tong ji tea house is recomended for you. you can enjoy the food when you feel hungry after shopping 😁.

Syahrir Rahmadi (30/01/2018 16:28)
Nice place to get shopping here. Complete facilities. Full of store n resto inside.

Serafin Roar (27/12/2017 10:21)
Fried rice in kediri it's must try ... the best

Rusdi Kalensang (09/12/2017 21:35)
A small mal but its the best one in town for now

Dotty (06/12/2017 09:10)
I love matahari dept. And i like teapress,, gress jellu and pudding topping is good

Indah Yuli (05/09/2017 11:10)
You can find a lot of store like a sport station, matahari, hypermart, kids station, etc, enjoy shopping

farhan febrianto (13/08/2017 17:56)
Need to add some good tenant. Nice place to have "mall" ambience when you in the city

Dandy Purba Cantaka (01/08/2017 16:29)
Best shooping centre in kediri residency

Primita M. (22/07/2017 15:27)
It's quite a nice place for a one stop shopping spot, just a little bit cramped imo. Doesn't matter. You'd still have many choices of tenants here though. It's a mall after all.

Fifi Ikayati (02/07/2017 14:38)
Its complete place for shopping and hanging out. Not big mall but just enough.. toilet is not clean so you need to bring tissue. But overall is fine.

Fendy Kusuma Wardhana (01/07/2017 20:43)
This is best & newest mall in kediri so far. Great tenant and stores. Few food choise in Foodcourt. Parking is spacious. Crowded in weekend.

David R. Sentika (21/06/2017 01:36)
With huge building like this, and one of biggest mall in town, the praying room should have been bigger. Isn't it Kediri are city of santri (muslim student), is it?

ibnu aiei (15/05/2017 16:02)
A place to hangout in kediri. Sometimes, people from blitar city also come here.

yudha aries (22/04/2017 14:01)
greet mall n good place... 😊

kjell grindhagen (12/04/2017 19:58)
Nice place. Good place for shopping

Michael Aditya (29/03/2017 09:56)
Great Mall in a great town, please try the authentic Kedirian original coffe brew called"Berontos" coffee, very recommended

Nur Cahyo (16/03/2017 09:04)
A good for your everyday needs

abdi nurdiansyah (02/03/2017 13:35)
One of the best mall in Kediri-Jatim

Wendra Kurniawan (16/01/2017 16:32)
New hang out place at kediri, supermarket and department store , some food court but not much choice . Very crowded during weekend but not much during weekday

Ahada Almayuda (25/12/2016 18:17)
every things we need available in this place

Mr Jimi (09/11/2016 10:51)
Nice town n i enjoy it well

nekodeman ade (06/10/2016 17:15)
Good palace
Buar hangout buat meeting

Ezekiehl Zachary (28/08/2016 00:19)
Once a week I've been there before. 👌💋 now Hopefully could there anymore .. Miss tht lil' things

ROBBY KURNIAWAN (16/08/2016 14:16)
Best Mall In Town.
You can find any resto such as :
• Tong Djie Tea House
• Solaria Resto
• Es Teller 77
• Excellso Coffee Bar
• Mokko Donut
• Roti Boy Bakery Store

Wanna buy some clothing?
Yes, Matahari Department Store are available here.

Wanna shopping for daily consume?
Yes, Hypermart are available here.

What are you waiting for?
Come in...

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