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Taman Simalem Resort

Karo, Sumatera Utara
Klasifikasi: Hotel and Villa
Alamat: Jl. Raya Merek KM. 9 Sidikalang, Kodon-Kodon, Merek, Kabupaten Karo, Sumatera Utara 22173, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 811-6077-616
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Bernard Tung (30/05/2018 06:32)
Temperature is cooling at night (about 20 deg Celsius) and air is really fresh. Good view of the lake. Conditions of room is generally good.

Quite a few cafe around although not every cafe is open daily.

If you are not with tour group, it would be good to engage a driver to be with you before going to the resort.

Excellent hospitality.

weichen tay (28/05/2018 17:05)
The view is superb. Other than that, I'll give 3 stars for everything else. Plenty of activities available at the resorts but not all is always available, and some are free, some are not, you have to check with the hotel staff. Located on mountainous area, not easy to navigate if you are not driving. Either hire a driver or take the free shuttle provided by the resort.

Fathiya Hadi (23/05/2018 11:38)
We spent two nights in the hotel in this place. The room was good, the kids loved the jacuzi. The view was excellent and the air was fresh. Kids can feed rabbits, ride horse and plant some flowers here.
The staff was kind and helpful, giving the guests many smiles was needed.
Most of them have plain face without bright smiles.

Wiwid Mulyadi (13/05/2018 10:11)
My favorite activity when visiting this resort is jungle trekking to waterfall.
It started with briefing by jungle ranger, do & don't while jungle trekking.
Prepare spare clothes, swimming in the ponds of waterfall is quite enjoying, after one hour walking.
The rangers tell you few trees that have usage for medicine

Erni Trifena (10/05/2018 14:31)
Unbelievably beautiful scenery, breathtaking. Nice food, nice people. Resort rate is high but is worth every penny you spend

Aerick Siswanto (02/05/2018 20:41)
Nice view and nice service as well..

TL Ang (27/04/2018 06:29)
Intent to just swing by to see the scenery of lake toba. We have to fork out 400000 Rp for entrance, wonder if we are overcharged for this by our driver. Do not trust your driver and make sure ask the price before you go in. Facilities is bit run down and lack of maintenance.

2 star is given for the scenery there but as for the facilities and activities shall only deserve 1 star only.

Fahriza Pratama (27/03/2018 18:26)
Great place to spend a night with biggest lake view

Weiyuan Liu (20/03/2018 16:32)
Guide was great. But you should get your own car as the area is quite huge and hard to get around without your own vehicle.

Jemario Mestika (10/03/2018 19:21)
Relaxing, a very comfort and quiet place for you who want to runaway from the crowd. You can go through many activities there: trekking to waterfall site, outbound, nursery & farm tour, pony riding, and many more. I recommend you to come and feel it by yourself.

Denny Hamonangan Chan (06/03/2018 17:26)
Spectacular point of place to view the Magnificent Lake Toba. Although, for staying overnight the room rates are expensive, you may be able to visit the resort for a day pass. There is also a stand-alone tree on top of the hill. Be sure you have a good car to reach this resort. Overall, nice place for a day trip with family.

Stanley namio Hutabarat (08/01/2018 12:40)
It is a really great experience to ever come and stay here, the view is amazing. food is bad tho and the staff is not that supportive. The price is quite reasonable and they are quite flexible in changing rooms. This resort is not yet complete so there is so many on going construction around that quite disturbing the visitors. A lot of improvements needed in this resort but you cant deny this resort's view is amazing and that point is already covered up their lacking. i hope my next visit will be better tho.

Nuh Agungg (12/09/2017 09:56)
Kerenn dinginnn viewnya danau tobaaaa

Natan Sembiring (14/08/2017 16:16)
Ngapain tunggu lama-lama, langsung aja wisata ke sini....

Andi Susilo (25/07/2017 23:36)
Segar indah

Jodi Silalahi (24/04/2017 00:52)
Di sini nyaman.
Pemandangan indah.

Parsaoran Silalahi (11/03/2017 11:48)
Walaupun belum rampung penataan tamannta tetapi suda memberikan suasana yg indah dan sejuk. Gak bosan kalau datang lagi ke tempat ini karena dapat langsung memandang keindahan Danau Toba dan pulau Samosir.

budi ani (12/02/2017 16:50)
asyik tapi mahal...

Tongat Nangin (16/01/2017 07:35)
Asik tapi mahal....

Budi Saufi (11/12/2016 17:07)
pemandangan ok dan tempat menginapnya pun mantap... mari kemari....

chris saragi (30/10/2016 06:50)
Indah dan alami

Adny Dawaty (24/01/2016 17:24)
Good job

Dagelan Familly (14/07/2016 17:03)
Taman yg begitu sejuk bersih dan sangat indah

p.r.i.s.k.a c.i.a.n.n.i.s.i.s.b.u.r.i.a.n (13/07/2016 16:12)

musliono mellynia (05/03/2016 13:16)
Mantap la kata orang Medan.

Aldi Tarigan (08/01/2016 22:33)
Membantu saya maaps ini

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