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Karimun, Kepulauan Riau
Alamat: 2 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore 609601
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +65 6665 8288
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Terry Isaacs (28/05/2018 09:56)
Cheap parking!! And lots of furniture shops. I came here to collect stuff I bought online from the warehouses at the top floor. Crowded on weekends, as per usual in Singapore.

Not connected to the MRT, but still packed. Spacious mall, so maybe that's why

Hoon SzeSiang (24/05/2018 11:00)
This is a huge huge shopping outlet mall. However, the prices seem to be the same as non-outlet stores
Many places to buy things as well as window shop. Ample parking lots. Very spacious parking nd wider roads. However, remember where you park is very important as the parking area is a huge place.
Food is fantastic. There are so many places to eat and dine.
One can literally spend the whole day in there.

Leonard Thangavelu (03/05/2018 15:54)
This mall has everything!

Conveniently located in Jurong East with easy access to Jurong East MRT and Jurong East Bus Interchange. There is also plenty of parking available for those who drive.

IMM has something for everyone! From interior design and furniture stores to factory outlet stores. There is also a slew of restaurants, food kiosks and food court within the mall to suit all tastes and dietary requirements.

What I really like about Jurong East is that all malls are connected via the sheltered J-Walk overhead pedestrian bridge.

A nugget of advice. The mall is extremely popular with residents living in the West and parking whilst plentiful is a nightmare during weekends.

Nishanth Logeswaran (24/04/2018 09:40)
Excellent place to bag yourself some bargains even though it's a little out of the way.
If you're a tourist, you can get a little handbook with discount details and a little card if willing to trek around the mall and get it stamped from stores (purchase not required) in exchange for a surprise gift; save yourself the hassle unless you really want a *SPOILER ALERT* inflatable neck-pillow. If you're a tourist, you'll be eligible for a tax refund (roughly 5%) if you purchase items in excess of $100 so it's worth bringing your passport.

Alexis Cheng (10/04/2018 20:46)
Huge shopping mall with numerous stores, varies from sports wear to eateries to furniture. Shop with my hubby when we are free but it is quite crowded on weekends especially during peak hours. Have to drive all the way up in the carpark to find a empty slot. It's a great mall to shop as they have almost everything.

Edie Tan (08/04/2018 04:36)
Do not go during peak hours as parking could be difficult to find. I like the variety of shops. Its kinda like a one stop shopping mall for me. Furthermore, free parking for two hours. Great place for food too. Huge variety of food available at different price range. Overall, great shopping mall.

Sham Abdullah (06/04/2018 13:19)
Extensive tenant mix here at IMM that make it has a unique appeal. Free parking for the first two hours on weekdays add on to the appeal. Good bargains for apparels n likes are usually on offer too. Many eating outlets to fill your tummy are also available..

Sammy So (23/03/2018 07:43)
The best part is you can find numerous brands of sales outlets : clothing, bags, sporting wears. Food outlets for sure. Ample car parking spaces. Another key item is I can donate unused items to a collection point there

Sachin Somaiya (24/02/2018 14:24)
Fantastic outlet mall! Good collection of stores, great discounts. Location is not the most ideal (it's not central), but despite that it's a must visit for all. There is definitely something for everyone. Make sure you go on weekends as they have higher discounts.

Jackson Lim (22/11/2017 05:39)
Many outlet stores in here. In fact the most outlet stores u can find in 1 location in singapore. Great place to shop and dine. Many dining options available. From economical food court to some up market resturant. Ample parking available and nice ambience after renovations. Great place. Love it !

Gio Pallares (19/11/2017 09:37)
Good prices, relatively easy to shop. Not as crowded as lucky mall or far East plaza. Big brands in the mall. Bugis street has more Korean, Thai and Chinese looking styles in comparison.

Tan William (18/11/2017 09:54)
Almost like shopping in orchard and better than outlet mall. All branded stuff with lots of discounts. Food is very where. Almost have everything you usually can think of.

Jerrick TEE (16/11/2017 09:56)
Lots of discount outlet. Great place to hunt cheap buys. Kids friendly

Ong Tzer Kae (03/11/2017 02:11)
IMM cover most of our shopping needs From Furniture to fashion wear like all in one roof. Many good food outlets with Food courts too. Giant Supermart for your daily needs and Good parking lots available.

Anthony Ickes (15/09/2017 05:35)
Outlet shops galore! Good place to look for designer brand products at outlet store pricing. Their food court offers tons of options.

Flo Yeow (03/09/2017 14:20)
Many many outlet shops in a large confined space. Increasingly well connected, and the mall has an abundance of parking spaces for a low cost. Weekends can be a little crowded so do take note.

MILA JAWA (23/08/2017 02:26)
Big mall with very big Giant supermarket... they have kopitium food stall and most of the food dealers are non halal although you can find Indian and Thai halal restaurants in the second floor... in general you can find most things you will need from sports to food... the mall is generally an outlet mall

prashant ravi (05/08/2017 06:17)
This is very close to my workplace. Its really easy for me to cycle down there during lunch time. Have my lunch and also do some grocery shopping for the evening. Also they have excellent cycle parking also

Nishad Nazmul (23/07/2017 07:54)
Getting there is difficult.

Lots of shopping options. Plenty of sales. Always! I mean all the time.

Shaded smoking area. Loved it. :)

You can easily kill few hours there. Must go for budget buyers (specially travellers visiting Singapore)

Davis Tjandra (05/07/2017 16:08)
Top brand shop with a more affordable prices, it's also very acessible, last time is better when IMM have shuttle but walking is also fine, it's less than 10 minutes walking in a bridge (good quality).

Samson Chan (05/07/2017 07:38)
Good for outlet shopping. Do check and be sure of original prices before purchasing to ensure deals are genuinely good.

Kopi O Kaya (01/07/2017 23:06)
Literally, everything under one roof! This mall has an factory outlet store in every nook and corner. An ideal location for weekend family outing. On the first floor, sports wear outlets, fast food restaurants, eateries, cafes, pharmacy, Giant supermarket, etc. On second and third floors, you have Best Denki, Popular bookstore, Daiso, food court, furniture stores, renovation and interior design offices, etc. Used to be quite inaccessible with few buses coming here. This has since improved with more bus services added operate around the vicinity.

YD (29/06/2017 01:15)
You can often find good deal there, the downside is its location.
Carpark full when you drive, long walking distance when you walk.
P/S: IMM discontinued its free shuttle service

Ryan Edward (16/06/2017 17:10)
great shopping. oulets everywhere. good deals on sports wear and goods. family friendly. can get crowded in the evenings and weekends.

Syikin Rennie (24/04/2017 04:05)
IMM has plenty of shops. There are many good eateries here and a Giant Hypermarket for groceries shopping. There is also Daiso for all the same things. There are also the furniture and bedding shops, as well as stores selling apparels and shoes. Definitely a place that has something to offer to everyone.

Andrew Wee (15/04/2017 15:52)
I will rate 5 star of they offer free parking on weekend. Parent with kid do remember to check out the water playground. Is wonderful place to spend your weekend with family.

Yussof Safari (10/04/2017 15:27)
Great Shopping. Not crowded. Fantastic variety. If you have children they can enjoy the rooftop wet and dry park.

terence goh (26/03/2017 06:43)
Great place to buy home appliances. The stuff there were good and well discipline. Will recommend to anyone i meet indeed. As always i give only the real review

Michael Ng (08/03/2017 17:05)
The best thing about IMM is probably the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf cafe at ground floor. It is spacious, quiet, well designed deco and more importantly its hot brewed coffee & hot baked bagels. You can't go wrong when you set yr foot there.

Jian Lin Lee (04/03/2017 14:46)
You can now walk to the mall from the MRT station via a sheltered walkway but it is still a long walk. A great place to go to if you are a fan of outlet malls.

Paul Chew (08/02/2017 08:17)
The International Merchandising Mart Mall is a mall located within walking distance and visible from Jurong East. It is a five-storey mall with 944,575 square feet of retail space.
Giant HyperMarkets at IMM is a good place to shop for your weekly foods.
The hypermarkets have the largest floor space of all the retail formats, and offer the most complete range of household products, electronics and apparel. Take advantage of big savings by stocking up with bulk packs, available exclusively at these locations. If you prefer to have purchases delivered to your home, they can do that too with a free delivery service (with a minimum spend of $200).

goh kenrick (04/02/2017 07:40)
It's a place where there is a huge shopping centre and great food. There are tons of shops that one can shop from. Price might not be comparable compared to hawker food. it's great for families

Chaitanya Vyakaranam (21/01/2017 13:29)
great collection with good discounts. largest factory-outlet mall with huge collections. also has great wet and dry park - kids love playing around and just forget time!

Ray Fang (28/12/2016 08:36)
My kids love the wet and dry play grounds. It's free, spacious and lots of features to play with. Parking is also lower in cost as compared to surrounding malls.
IMM loses a star for marked up products priced at seemingly discounted rates. 70% discounts look like a good deal, but not when the Polo tee initially costs $200.

Panin S. (03/10/2016 21:15)
The biggest outlet mall of Singapore. With recent renovation, a new variety of shop-brands have been presented including Onitsuka Tiger and Coach! This place shouldn't be missed. For tourists, you should be here at the very first day of your trip to check the price of your target stuffs before continue shopping elsewhere.

Nicky Joseph (25/09/2016 11:44)
Has got lot of stuff to choose ots depand on idividual need...hehehe
Give 3 star for this place..

Ellinor Berninge (20/09/2016 13:07)
Great mall. From well known stores like BodyShop to completely unknown and understand of. Everything is off season but it doesn't matter - the prices are so good! There's also a fair amount of places to eat so a full day there is to be expected when visiting.

Jeffrey Lee (28/08/2016 09:46)
Good mix of retail and F&B outlets. The parking here is free for the 1st two hours. And it is linked with convenient walkways to JEMS, Westgate, BigBox and also to the Jurong East MRT station.

Karen Evers-Foo (18/08/2016 03:19)
Fantastic outlet mall to buy off season branded goods. Lots of really good eateries ranging from street food to hawker fiood to high end steam boat Hai Di Lao and Long Beach Seafood Restaurant. There is also a huge Giant supermarket available.

Esther Tan (23/06/2016 07:18)
IMM is the perfect place for you if you like shopping and also eating because there are a variety of shops and food outlets. There is also a water playground and playground which are currently under renovation. The shops there like Giant and many others usually have many discounts and the mall also has a two hours free carpark.

Kim Kia Tan (20/06/2016 01:03)
IMM is now connected from Jurong East MRT via the Big Box, Ng Teng Feng General Hospital. A shortcut is available from Westgate level 2 (same level from th mrt). This shortcut saves more than 50% of your walking time.

JINI DEVI (31/05/2016 06:33)
Very boring although mall so big nt much shoppi g choices except giant.carpark always full

Leslie Koh (13/05/2016 06:25)
The factory outlet mall of Singapore with brands like Club 21, Cole Haan and many more!

A great place to shop for great discounted items, especially travel items and winter wear!

Not forgetting the $2 Daiso shop and the popular Hai Di Lao hotpot shop that's located that as well!

Downside will be that it's quite a walk from the MRT station and parking can be difficult on weekends.

Chyan Phang (02/05/2016 07:15)
Would recommend IMM to anyone gearing up for travel. The Samsonite, COLDWEAR and The Travel Store outlets should make the trip to Jurong East worthwhile. And there's Coach and agnes b for those who want to clock style points along with their frequent flyer miles.

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