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Giant Hypermarket - Tampines

Karimun, Kepulauan Riau
Alamat: #03-01, 21 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore 528765
Rating: 4.20
Telp: +65 6788 5919
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 2:00 AM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 2:00 AM
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Komentar :

Ma-ku Gan (09/05/2018 06:04)
Because it's a mega mall, you find almost anything there. Besides the normal household foods and home utility accessories, you can also find women lingeries, assorted clothing (male and female) too. Electrical goods are plenty for you choose from. After paying, you can drop by the cafeteria which is next to Giant near the exit escalator and lift. Concept is similar to Kopitiam. Parking is free and lots of available lots. Nice place to shop for your grocery.

Rama R Selvan (07/05/2018 14:58)
Items are always out of stock. (Furniture wise) Good reasonable priced items. DIY furniture sold here. Huge mart that has almost everything you need. Car needs, stationary etc. Great place to grab discounted items. They have thwir own line of products.

Deo Volente (25/04/2018 13:31)
A spacious hypermarket offering a wide variety of goods. Free parking. 1 stop shop for your groceries and household consumables needs.

Jonlyn Tan (21/04/2018 13:49)
Superb supermarket! I especially love the bakery their. The crossant, chocolate passtiries, baguette and the mini sugar donuts are my favourite! The prices at the supermarket are worth it and reasonable. It is really big soon I can find many things there. It also has a food court when I sometimes eat. Next to it their is a IKEA and a Courts, very convenient place to shop.

Themiya Bandara Weerasekara (11/04/2018 14:32)
As the name says it's a giant super market with all the things you need. Huge car park available.

Food court, pharmacy and some small game consoles available near the entrance. Other side of the road from Ikea furniture store.

Don't forget to bring a S$0.50 coin if you want a trolley.

Food items, good collection of household electronic items, clothes and all other household items are available.

No huge queues. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Joelle Goh (29/03/2018 02:16)
It is a giantic giant hypermarket. I find the different vending machines on the ground floor interesting. Basically whatever you want to buy you can usually find it there.

Vodka Lim (17/03/2018 16:52)
Hypermarket like this always attracted crowds especially during rush hours and weekends. A place where you can get almost anything you need for your home. Do remember the queue can be quite long but during festive seasons. This is where you can get last minute shopping. There is a food court serving plenty of local food. Halal and vegetarian are available and usual serve till late around 9.30pm. Weekends and dining hours, tables are very limited. There are plenty of parking unless you shop there before festival. There is also a guardian for your pharmacy needs and 7-11 store at the ground floor. self vending machine are also available. If you are a pokemon go fan. It will good to know there is a lot of spawning there. Do get enough poke ball to catch them all :)

Duchess Dorcas (12/03/2018 12:53)
Having a Hypermarket is awesome. You can get almost everything in one place. Though, I wish Giant could improve on their fresh seafood product, because around 50% aren't really fresh. Cheaper but not as fresh.

Location wise, moderately easy to go to with the free Shuttle Bus available from 3 different locations or by public buses. Carpark is easy to access and is usually full. Taxis are not much available at times.

Andrew Tng (03/12/2017 16:30)
I've always enjoyed shopping at this Tampines Giant Hypermarket. Lots of varieties and good products at very affordable price range. From household and electrical items to appallel to groceries all can be found there. It is a one stop shopping experience.
There's a food court beside it if one is thirsty and hungry after the long shopping.......
The sales persons are all very friendly and helpful ....and are able to assist in reserving your items for a few days at the information counter.

Jerry Lee (24/11/2017 01:41)
All your grocery needs fulfilled. It's only downside is it's upside which is that it's huge and will take you awhile to cover. Cost friendly at the same time.

Tausif Ahmad (23/11/2017 11:48)
They sell EVERYTHING. Best time to visit is on the weekend after midnight - very convenient to move around. great deals and more options than anywhere else. Value for money !

Yeo Justin (14/11/2017 12:54)
Well situated in Tampines near TPE. Best part is that there's free parking! Great bargains everytime, just gotta look out for it. Everything and anything you need you can get it here. Sometimes fresh produce not as fresh though.

Aminah Hussien (12/11/2017 03:48)
Love this hypermart. A good variety of produce. Offer days starts on Thursdays with lots of promotions. Free parking and shuttle service to Tampines and Bedok.

Irfan Ikhsan (31/10/2017 04:20)
For those busy bees rushing off to work and need a quick bite before heading into office. This is the place to be. Their Food court is open as early as 7.30am.

If you are there do try their Breakfast Toast set costing at $2.50 only for a set.

They do have other variation of food open during that hour.

Ambiance - Average
Price Point- $
Quality of Food - Good (My review is base on the Breakfast Toast Set)

Bishu Som (08/09/2017 12:58)
Biggest Gaint outlet in Singapore. Lots of choices but I prefer their house brand... Quality at a reasonable price

Augustin Boey (01/09/2017 05:17)
Horrible layout: very unintuitive escalator placement, no obviously accessible lifts, many narrow passages that impede smooth foot traffic. Shoppers are forced to enter and exit via a very slow moving escalator even if they are carrying bulky items.

In the few times I've visited, the check out service has been uniformly slow despite the long queues. Definitely not a place to shop in a hurry.

On the plus side, this is a "hypermarket", and does contain the large variety of goods one might expect from the appellation.

If you have to shop at Giant though, you'd probably get a much better overall experience at the VivoCity branch.

Hux Siah (26/08/2017 09:00)
Big hypermarket with a huge variety. Crowded on all days, the queue on weekends can get really long. The food court has good variety of food and getting seats is a challenge

Li Heng Fong (07/08/2017 10:24)
Huge selection. Ample parking. Self checkout made buying a few items relatively fast

Tay Andrew (22/07/2017 05:58)
Price value for money. Lot of food to buy. Experience for paying your good Long Queue. Today too me more than half hour. I don't think would recommend people to shop. Beside NTUC, Shing Song.

benjamin xue (30/06/2017 12:06)
Lots of food and daily necessity stuff. Great for family outing. Free parking too

The Meme Bear (29/06/2017 11:33)
Prices gone up throughout the years. Giant used to be the cheapest supermarket amongst Fairprice and Sheng Siong but prices has raised ALOT since the really end of 2015.

Still a great place to have a walk. Housebrand electronics are cheap (Possibly the only store to sell housebrand electronics?)

Clarice Ang (21/06/2017 03:58)
Free parking. Vegetarian and Halal food options are available at their level 2 food court. Guardian store is located at level 1 near the entrance/ escalator. Wheelchair accessible with lift located on the left facing the entrance.

Paul Wei Quan Loh (04/06/2017 15:19)
One of the best place for grocery shopping. Carpark is huge and is free. Many different varieties to choose from. But it does not carry products of certain brands.

Adrian Oh Kwan Gee (04/05/2017 15:39)
It is convenient for me and my family to shop around from the tv, electronic, fruit.. So much thing are in one place, get the food court as well

Roisu Tsan (29/04/2017 02:27)
Wow laksa 小碗面! I always like 小碗面, but this is an interesting combination. The laksa is sweetish which is "distracting". The portion is huge - noodles and ingredients galore- so for $5 its really a feast. Lots of pork too, i love pork, oink!

Enjoyed the meal.

Peter Eng (28/04/2017 03:38)
Certain products are competitively priced. Wide range including appliances and bicycles.

Deema Yanni Ma'at (18/04/2017 06:29)
Not like mustafa. For the space they have. I am expecting more than mustafa centre.

Hanafi Hameed (19/03/2017 13:23)
Free and plentiful of parking ..need i say more :) and there are plenty of stuff to find (and buy) from groceries to cheap electronics

Rudy Baylor (05/03/2017 18:06)
Could you please tell your in-store plain clothed security guard to back off a little and not stare at shoppers as if i'm some crook can??? Just because i looked like one and dressed shabbily that doesn't warrants you to treat me like a potential thief! Bad experience! Puik!!

Nishad Nazmul (01/03/2017 01:42)
Insanely huge. Loved that. The shop is not very clean. Could use a few wash/renovation (minor).

Overall shopping experience is good.

Tuck Wai Lam (27/02/2017 11:51)
Giant Tampines is not just a place to buy groceries and toiletries. You can get great food at a great price. Not to mention good coffee (local style) and teh. Ample parking too.

ravivarma raja (25/02/2017 01:23)
Best place to look for all the items ranging from vegetables, households, chocolates, bicycle, utensils and much more. A must visit if you are a tourist.

Wan Hashim (04/02/2017 22:51)
Free parking available on site. Items are restocked regularly. Nice food court offering reasonable prices for food/drinks.

Gary Foo (05/10/2016 12:57)
Hypermarket where you can find cheap groceries, electronics, household appliances, and more. Has an IKEA beside it too

Eric Chan (14/09/2016 06:49)
Hyper Supermarket in Tampines/Pasir Ris. Convenient and reasonably priced, everything you'd need and more in a supermarket. Food court on the same floor.

Han Wei Pek (13/08/2016 12:45)
It's a hypermarket where you can find fresh produce to auto accessories. The attached food court has a good selection of local cuisine which is quite tasty and good value for money.

Yi Long Tan (10/08/2016 13:50)
Very big but selection is about the same as it other normal branches. Food court is very cheap though. And free parking.

Prashant C (05/08/2016 10:37)
Single floor model. Convenient and good deals are generally there. Food is also fine. Great place to pick up variety of fruits and discounts. Bakery section is also nice. Good for visit over weekends to buy groceries and errands.

rapheal azrin (07/07/2016 15:34)
Book an uber if you got too much stuff. Free shuttle to bedok mrt

SC P/L (05/07/2016 13:31)
Giant hypermarket is very well stocked with fresh food items, frozen food products, dairy products, other personal and household essential items. The premise also houses a food court, a pharmacy and a Seven-11 outlet. There are plenty of free parking lots for cars. The hypermarket is crowded during peak hours.

Lim Yu Min (07/06/2016 16:13)
Ample parking, shuttle service provided(if not buying too many things) and taxi service (join the queue) very friendly services but no POSB atm.
From supermarket stuff to electronics stuff all here and good offers too.

SK L (05/05/2016 14:43)
Good hypermart concept, Singapore should have more of these. Don't expect good service quality as on par with our local based supermarket operators.
The stalls in the food court is surprisingly good with many stalls like the Chinese noodle stall which offer traditional taste and quality. Overall, somehow I got a JB feel when I step into this place....which is good without having to be struck at the causeway....only difference is that I am paying SGD not RM.

eunice kay (24/04/2016 17:01)
Cheap groceries, but quality of product may be compromised. I bought a box of strawberries only to find out its rotten... Other than that, a good place to buy groceries due to its many offers, but beware and check before purchasing!

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