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Studio 88

Kampar, Riau
Alamat: Gedung Plaza Citra Lt. 5, Jl. Pepaya, Jadirejo, Pekanbaru, Jadirejo, Sukajadi, Kota Pekanbaru, Riau 28121, Indonesia
Rating: 4.00
Telp: +62 761 28411

Komentar :

berkah undangan (06/05/2018 15:01)
Good cinema

Surya Darma (05/05/2018 07:18)

Prastya Noprianto (04/03/2018 07:36)
Nice place, cheaper than others, it's fine if you just looking for the movie not a sleeping seats

Tua Parulian (10/08/2017 07:22)
The movie theater has been here for quite sometime now in this Pekanbaru's truly first mall. The mall itself has been sort of falling out of favor among the people here in comparison to other newer, bigger, more spacious, more attractive malls. The movie theater therefore, is sort in keeping with the atmosphere of the mall, rather quaint, dark, and a little bit unappealing. But, it is easy to reach and closer to my place, so I sometimes make a conscious choice to come here for obvious reason. It may not be great but it fulfils its office. You go there, have some popcorn and soda, you watch your flick and go home. Is as simple as that.

yuni asnita (29/06/2017 05:59)
The service is good

salomo hutagalung (11/03/2017 12:13)
good for budgeter

Sofian Pane (07/01/2017 16:21)
Recomended place..

Risky Ade Maisal (25/03/2017 02:01)

Efni Indriamirna (09/02/2017 13:14)
Good place for watching cinema

Deasy Dewanna (08/02/2017 23:46)

Andri Rejaldi (16/01/2017 05:30)
Cheap and cozzy

ADITYA ARIEF PERSADA (26/12/2016 17:58)
Nice place

Arie Sanyi (26/08/2016 03:55)
Bangunannya sudah lama dan tak terawat. Cocok belanja dengan harga murah

Muhamad Ilham Santosa (20/07/2016 09:49)
Parkir di hari libur agak susah... mushola di prakiraan basement

Emyan Alras (23/05/2016 05:12)

Rezi Firwandri (28/06/2015 08:15)

Doly Andi Firmansyah Pos Pos (05/02/2015 09:19)
perlu renovasi

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