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Kedai Kopi Kimteng Mal Ciputra Seraya

Kampar, Riau
Alamat: Mal Ciputra Seraya Lt. 4, Jalan Riau No. 58, Padang Terubuk, Senapelan, Kota Pekanbaru, Riau 28155, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 761 868788
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 9:30 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 9:30 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 9:30 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 9:30 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 9:30 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

AEGIS 21 (30/05/2018 03:36)
A modern take of a classic example for a bustling kedai kopi or a coffee shop,that serves good food and beverages though sometimes t's crowded even outside of lunch but it just increase the overall experience of a kedai kopi

A Wepe (23/05/2018 01:41)
so so...simpe food, litle bit expensive but ok lah

Devi Marwana (24/04/2018 14:32)
Have a good coffee and toast . they allow customers to smoke inside so i don't really enjoy sitting here.

Ali Lai (29/03/2018 15:48)
A nice place to relax after shopping. Good food and coffee.

Afdanil Iswandi (28/03/2018 00:54)
Black coffee without sugar, mak me feel happy... Come on to drink cup a coffee at kimteng coffee shop

wahyu prihandono (27/03/2018 11:03)
good coffee choice. small area. crowded at busy hour.

Andrew Christian (09/03/2018 08:53)
Fell in love with the coffee. One of the best coffee that I ever tasted. The kitchen is very clean. The foods are good. Smoking area is available inside the shop (even the mal area is no smoking area). Surely will come again to this coffee shop for the coffee. A must try local coffee.

Febrila Arifpraja (26/02/2018 13:44)
You must go to this place if you are visiting Pekanbaru. But personally i prefer other place such as Megaria for Pangsit, King for Rice Porridge. The coffee relatively the same

Enry Mazni (21/11/2017 01:26)
A shopping place all you wanted here, there's place for kid's play is playsand the awesome game

Muhammad Fadhly (06/11/2017 10:59)
Cozy places. And a lot of food store

Mas Eno Ganteng (07/10/2017 08:25)
Peri peri goot plas

Gusti Bayu (25/09/2017 11:31)
Chic mall in Pekanbaru. Some tenants offer different choice from the other mall. Great hall in ground level that serve different activity every week. But the parking lot quite limited and located in narrow street

Jessica Sobian (29/08/2017 15:59)
Good place to spend time here. Clean and neat. Good place to shop also. Have many food option. Good cinema. The toilet is 2nd best among competitor

Ira Naomi Purba (29/08/2017 08:58)
Suitable for one stop leisure place. Foods, merchants, cinema, hobbies, fashions and else are available here.

Akhmad Syapar (19/08/2017 14:23)
One stop shoping. You can enjoy shoping, eating, watching the movie and playing some game at timezone

Lord Codbuck (11/07/2017 06:20)
Not a place for someone that want to waste time without buying anything, really the only reason to go here is to either
A. Go to the cinema
B. Run some errands
C. Eat

Viktor Setiawan (28/06/2017 12:58)
Dept store, cinemas, food stalls, restaurants, cafes, fast foods, nice place to hang with family
Don't go by car in weekend, you will spent your first half an hour just to find a parking space

David Sugianto (19/06/2017 06:24)
Parking space is adequate, it has cinema, supermarket and clothing stores. Need overhaul to stay in the competition due to several new upcoming bigger malls..

Tia R (18/06/2017 17:25)
Easy to find anything we are looking for. I love the light here

Ken Liunardy (30/05/2017 14:12)
So far the closest one to what mall in Jakarta feels like. Not many food variations, but almost cover all kind of food taste.

Bintang Zet (02/05/2017 19:01)
In this mall you can find everything. Example you whant to find a food you can find it in here. You can watch movie to in here

Jefferson Lian (01/05/2017 03:41)
It has a great cinema and nice places to hang out

Efni Indriamirna (10/03/2017 13:55)
The famous shopping Center in Pekanbaru. Provides famous brand of lifestyles include 21 cinema's

Edy Susanto (31/01/2017 03:15)
One stop shopping and entertainment, cinema, restaurants and fast foods. Kids playground, mom shopping and dad's coffee..

Andri Rejaldi (20/01/2017 04:32)
Great mall to hangout. There are many thing to do and buy here. Shop, music, movies, food, drink, electronics, etc.

Nesia Riyana (03/01/2017 02:31)
You can find many things from head to toe. Chic, cause it suit teenagers.

yvonne spencer (24/12/2016 16:45)
One of the most popular mall in pekanbaru there's a supermarket, a theather, foodcourt,and so many other

T. Meiko Sofyan (25/09/2016 09:34)
Cool Mall in the heart of Pekanbaru city

putra perdhana (06/09/2016 11:25)
Mall dengan konsep high class

fatah fatah (08/07/2016 16:03)
Enak buat belanja

Aldoyanto Yanuar (02/07/2016 08:17)
The gratest mall in Pekanbaru,, hv alot of sruff insidr, but no more parking space if u come on week end..

muchtar lee (25/06/2016 15:25)
Mall ciputra seraya

Rieswin R (13/05/2016 10:30)
A great mall of Pekanbaru city. Could use some fixings for the parking space as it's very hard to park properly there.

Rudy (27/03/2016 18:30)
Small mall in pekan baru nice n clean

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