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Ciputra Seraya XXI

Kampar, Riau
Alamat: Mall Ciputra Raya Lantai 4, Jl. Riau No. 58, Kampung Baru, Senapelan, Kp. Baru, Senapelan, Kota Pekanbaru, Riau 28111, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 761 868521

Komentar :

Steven Zhuo (30/04/2018 04:36)
Wanna watch the latest movie? This is the perfect place to watch 🤙🤙

Annisa Safanta (24/04/2018 17:25)
Seriously,, having a minimum parking fee is good but consider how many people will go to Ciputra on weekend😎

Syahri Mara Bagyo (07/04/2018 10:29)
The popcorn is very delicious..~

Jonathan Herrera (25/03/2018 07:25)
This is the best mall in Pekanbaru. The place is clean and not over crowded.

yuliawati saleh (11/02/2018 15:38)
Good place for shopping..entertaiment

Roro Wulandari (09/02/2018 12:43)
Weekend fun time is a must! It s the best place to spend time with family n friends.

William Wijaya (08/02/2018 11:24)
Always remember to bring your bag... for bring food secretly or you will suffer your wallet

Marcos Torres (29/11/2017 22:23)
Nice theater. We always go to the premiere screens. Comfortable recliners and food as you watch movie. Just like being at home.

Bane Doli Simanjuntak (18/10/2017 02:10)

Teguh Martoto (09/09/2017 03:58)
Best Cinema in the City

Sasikumar Rajapan (22/08/2017 15:09)
Great Theatre...

David Yang (29/03/2017 15:32)
the one and only place for moviegoers.. but need to improve more cinematic experience, like introducing IMAX and more...

Teja Kumaro (29/03/2017 10:56)
Still best mall in town 😂

wibenson huang (10/02/2017 08:14)
Best place to hangout in pekanbaru

Andri Rejaldi (20/01/2017 04:37)
Nice and cozzy movies in pekanbaru.. the best and update movies

irfan ammar (08/10/2016 08:30)
Smaller than SKA, but pretty good and complete. The only 'modern' theatre in town is here.

Harry Krishna (04/10/2016 05:13)
Nice sound system, great service

Hartono Widjaja (31/07/2016 07:30)
The new interior design and decoration are cozy. Premier theater really relaxed your body and the sound systems are very real.

Delfan Marli (30/08/2016 14:33)
The only XXI in Pekanbaru. Unfortunately the price is a little more expensive.

Yosefh Angga (22/08/2016 05:14)

Daniel Chua (11/06/2016 03:56)
Good cineplex.

Ricky Irawan (13/04/2016 23:28)
So far so good, audio dan soundnya ok.

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