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St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church

Jembrana, Bali
Alamat: Jl. Kartika Plaza No.107, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Rating: 4.70
Telp: +62 361 750043

Komentar :

Eugenia Mulian (13/04/2018 13:45)
the 1st church i visited when i came to bali..its very near with this church so much..especially the adoration room..

yves frombelgium (13/04/2018 13:30)
New looking building... beautiful church... located not far from the airport...mall in front

Evelyn Limanjaya (09/04/2018 16:51)
Beautiful church. They have screen display to guide singing and prayer which is very helpful. It has ac but for some reason it doesn't work well.

elvi4n Trg (30/03/2018 06:53)
I love this place.. the best escape from the world

Eduardo Pradana (24/03/2018 15:07)
It's located near the beach so you can visit by walking from your hotel. There's also a shopping mall in front of it so you can grab some food after attending the mass. For English Mass, it's every Sundays at 18:00. My friends sing for choir here. First floor is parking lot and the church is on the second floor.

Theresia Aprilita (18/02/2018 10:12)
Enjoy Bali but don't forget to pray. This place is good and clean. The snacks outside are amazing and cheap too.

Davide Bott (16/01/2018 17:05)
Beautiful church and beautiful people. Adoration room is absolutely beautiful and peaceful. I think it's open 24hours. I went there a few times when I was in Bali.

Harry LimaNol 50 (31/10/2017 05:22)
Best Church.. Best Place.. Best View..

Christine Natalie (21/10/2017 12:38)
A lovely place,i go here almost every saturday to have a mass😊😊

Steven Wahyudi (21/10/2017 11:11)
If you have active children, you should not in here. They are not allowing active children inside.

Mia Truly Retnaningsih (03/09/2017 01:14)
Large Church.. Happy Sunday!

Jefree Sujit (31/08/2017 15:39)
The Shrine was amazingly built. The structures looks great. Great ambience, peaceful to pray.

Andrew Alvares (20/08/2017 09:25)
Lovely people with their welcome smiles. Fantastic choir. Big Church and very welcoming congregation

Greg Philemon (13/08/2017 04:38)
Fx Kuta Church

G L Littleton (18/06/2017 15:47)
A large church here in Bali. It has a few huge statues and lovely stain glass.

Felisiana Tukau (01/06/2017 05:15)
The ambience just can't lie

Sony Ganadhi (02/05/2017 05:53)
Its just like other catholic church.

liem kikie (15/02/2017 04:02)
New building, nice and good looking

Steve Freddy (22/01/2017 04:13)
Nice catholic church 👍

Aldo Maudy (14/01/2017 13:31)
One of the biggest holy mary statue in the church, i've seen so far.

Winten Wilaras (11/12/2016 10:19)
Beautiful church and English Mass available on Sunday evening 6pm. But unfortunately it's hard to understand the English sermon delivered by the pastor.

vincent L (25/11/2016 08:48)
simply the best church on Bali even way better compared to the cathedral in Renon. this church also close to shopping malls and hotels great for tourist. English mass at 18.00 sunday

auxentius yesaniawan (30/08/2016 06:23)
Tenang dan Damai

yohanes henry a. (24/07/2016 03:38)
Praise the Lord

Candra Gunawan (04/07/2016 07:04)
Place of prayer and worship

Oktavianus Pasaribu (31/05/2016 00:43)

Antok Frans (01/05/2016 05:01)
Catholic Church in the heart of Kuta area...
Also with English Mass on Sundays afternoon...

Levina Sunaryo (10/02/2016 09:12)
A piece of peace in a crowded Kuta shopping district

Grace Inge (01/01/2016 03:37)
Big n nice church..good choir..good location easy to find for turist like me. Always here when in Bali

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