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Jembrana, Bali
Alamat: Jl. Pantai Berawa No.36, Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Rating: 4.70
Telp: +62 878-6207-7011
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Komentar :

Dom Bhuphaibool (19/05/2018 06:46)
Great food, great ambiance, and friendly staff. It's also reasonably priced. Usually busy but it's for a good reason.

Aaron Keeffe (15/05/2018 08:55)
Freindliest place on the world's friendliest island. Outstanding coffee by any standard, especially pleasing as it's not one of the Melbourne coffee spots that have just dropped into Legian and Seninyak. Locals owning and running it and producing damn fine coffee. And you can't go wrong with a 25k omelette!

Widhawan Aryo Pradhita (08/05/2018 05:10)
I think the house blend product of this cafe is very good. Here you can spend time relaxing, enjoying the atmosphere with friends, and of course, get various tasty coffee beverages.

Gibran Aditama (26/04/2018 06:16)
A nice coffee shop, the coffee is quite good the food is also good, the place is comfortable but I think the place is hard to find and quite far away but if you are around the area I think you should give it a try

Shanee Peleg (24/04/2018 15:34)
Friendly staff. Great iced Americano and avocado toast. Feels good to support local family and not another expat owned cafe

C T (30/03/2018 22:10)
Super friendly staff.. Excellent service.. The price is great too..

Roni Zobali (23/03/2018 07:45)
Great coffee place, very reasonable pricing , Indonesian owned not foreign so everything is not overpriced. Great and friendly staff and has WiFi. Place also takes credit card even though most don't know with a minimum of 60k

Dennis Ng (20/02/2018 02:57)
Nett prices system. Very good. Portion could have been slightly bigger for the price of the food. Drinks all great example avocado shake for 30k add 2k for pure coconut milk.
Avogatto (coffee + ice cream) = 25k
Food such as wrap about 50k

CM Long (11/02/2018 05:15)
Really busy little coffee hub in crazy Canggu with an industrial vibe. Coffee at reasonable prices and standard fare on the menu. Food and drinks at a good standard. First class service from the staff. Very popular with the 20 to 30s set. Salad was delicious.

Mark Chaves (03/02/2018 13:25)
I finally got a chance to try out this place after a friend's recommendation. Overall it's worth a visit because there is ample motor bike parking in front, the vibe is chill, the coffee & food is decent, and the staff are incredibly attentive and thoughtful (rare to have both in Bali).

My cappuccino wasn't anything to brag about. It was on the weak side. My wife ordered a double; she said it was fine. I guess you have to order a double to taste the flavour, unfortunately. The prices are very reasonable. I was pleasantly surprised. My medium sized cappuccino was 25k. Both of our dishes were just so-so as compared to the higher quality for the same items we get in Ubud.

Kudos to the staff for making our visit very enjoyable.

Comet Knoxville (29/11/2017 05:06)
Good food, good price, friendly staff, infuse water makes it even better..

James Drummond (25/11/2017 00:58)
Lived here for months and come here every day. Excellent friendly service and great reasonably priced food. Satu satu is locally owned and managed which is a nice change in Canggu.

Ni Putu Eka Evayanti Dewi (16/11/2017 02:42)
I love how the coffee taste, big portion of meal and the staff so friendly. But dont expect the place just for your self. I do believe the customer come along for the taste and nice service

J. Reese Hopper (13/11/2017 01:29)
Amazing coffee, these guys really know what they’re doing. Great helpful staff and a good clean environment. Good music selection too

rubby emir (11/09/2017 03:53)
Great flat white coffee (I ordered my second right after finishing one, without any doubt)! Great authentic Nasi Goreng with the right recipe and sate too! Definitely the best breakfast in the area with reasonable price!

Silviu Bowing (06/09/2017 23:41)
it s lovely place to relax over great coffee and good wifi. also, the food is very good! i recommend everything from the menu

Veronika Topicova (04/09/2017 09:27)
Great, affordable cafe. They understand and speak English which is a nice change. The meals are not overpriced and the environment is very cozy.

Hippolyte Bonnet (04/07/2017 03:45)
This café has some amazing food for a cheap price. The salads and bowls are gantastic. The waiters are really nice. The place is often busy but it is still calm. I keep going back there and I really enjoy the place!

Raman Shalupau (29/06/2017 06:55)
The friendliest owner and staff ever! I come here every day for breakfast and lunch. It's also a great place to meet nice people. Everyone just seem to be attracted to the community here.
And yes, the food is very good and quite cheap too!

Morgan Roff (29/06/2017 02:20)
This place was very well priced (50,000 for expensive breakfast) and incredible. Some of the most fresh and delicious breakfast food I have ever had. On top of that, I had a phenomenal flat white. Thank you to the staff for making it an enjoyable experience.

Armin Wurmser (25/06/2017 05:46)
Nice place but after seeing the pictures of coffees here we had high expectations however flat white was way too hot.

Very attentive staff filled up (free) drinking water that came to the coffee as soon as it was empty. Breakfast was nice.

Diana Naicu (10/04/2017 10:15)
Great choices of food, all delicious. Coffee was amazing! It is rare to find such a good barista! We have tried coffee in many places in Bali but this was the best! Friendly service too and located in a chill area in Canngu :)

Matthew D (04/04/2017 08:58)
Good service, excellent coffee and delicious food. A little bit pricy in my opinion.

javiera isidora (26/03/2017 05:14)
My favourite in canggu! Tastefully plates! Perfect presentation, affordable prices and a really nice friendly staff!

Dick Wynendaele (18/03/2017 17:19)
Lovely staff, nice interior and great coffee. I'm impressed by the amount of slow brew options. In terms of food: I had the avocado smash and I enjoyed it. The poached eggs were great. I recommend this place to anyone who wants good coffee, slow down and eat a tasty meal.

Katherine Annesi (13/03/2017 12:17)
great cafe! Delicious food and cheap for canggu! Smoothie bowls and avocado toast are great. Super friendly staff. Good place to bring your laptop and do some work

Alina Gran (01/03/2017 01:26)
Nice place with parking and baby corner. In the menu there is a good choice of healthy food and drinks. All we tryed was tasty.

Jana M (12/02/2017 07:55)
Love this place! The staff is nice, food is delicious and fresh and the price is reasonable. Also the interior and the atmosphere is pretty nice and I will definitely come back.

Mariana Wijayanti (31/12/2016 02:09)
Good coffee, good price point, good atmosphere.
I personally feel that the coffee is much better than the food. So if you need your coffee fix, this is the place. I hope they'll improve on the food.

Shaun Nixon (25/12/2016 05:07)
Good place for coffee and a snack, although there is a child area for children to play, when we visited, it was very dirty and not somewhere our child would play! IMHO whilst the staff are very good at serving, they should also be cleaning and keeping the place clean! Not just waiting for the next customer order. ..

Zuzana Dvorackova (14/12/2016 04:22)
I could eat there every day of the rest of my life! The food is amazing and the coffee is the best in Bali (seriously!). The stuff is very nice and always smiling. One of my favorite places in Canggu.

Julia K (25/09/2016 01:43)
Great coffee, fluffy as hell pancakes, and delicious eggs! Got a Green Peace smoothie bowl because I was trying to be healthy but the avocado smash looked so much better haha, staff is friendly and welcoming and we had to wait a few minutes for a table.

Lars H. (09/09/2016 04:21)
Very good coffee and tasteful food. Batu Bolong with Avocado and Bacon on a bagel was delicious. I had to wait a bit, but that was due to the many customers. Thank you!

Ina Plesca (05/08/2016 03:24)
We are staying just around the corner & this is our first breakfast in Bali. So far so good. Loved my monstrously big vegetarian breakfast which to my surprise had a dessert of fruit & granola come after I finished my plate. We have a feeling we will be hanging out at this place more often as we work online & they do the food we need for a couple of fitness freaks like us :) Bring on those pancakes 😎

Timothy Schilling Jr (30/07/2016 04:30)
Great food! Great price! They have a few dishes that I didn't find anywhere else, and they have local eats as well. If I was closer, then I would have gone here everyday!

Елизавета Петрова (12/07/2016 07:08)
We decided to visit this place for breakfast mainly because of high coffee reviews.
We didn't like coffee here as much as we expected but we enjoyed the food.
Tried eggs benedict and a bowl.
I believe the price to be reasonale and the atmosphere to be sweet.

Erik E (20/06/2016 04:30)
One of the best values in Canggu. Very well rounded when it comes to service, quality, food, and workspace with wifi

André Parente (16/06/2016 12:52)
Nice small cafe with good menu. Good internet.

Natalia Varela (24/05/2016 06:10)
Excellent place to have breakfast or lunch. We had meals here many times and the service is exceptional. The staff is super friendly, specially Dedo! Food is super delicious and very affordable. I recommend the muesli bowls, the avocado-egg toast...ohh and awesome coffee options. In brief, don't miss this place if you are in Canggu!

Trent Collins (22/03/2016 06:54)
A some little cafe with some of the best coffee I have had. Food was a little basic bust still very tasty and amazingly cheap. We had breakfast for 2 with coffee and juice and it was only 120,000 IDR- about $12 Australian dollars.

steve cossins (19/03/2016 07:02)
Great food, staff, service and value.

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