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Irene Hotel

Gorontalo Utara, Gorontalo
Alamat: Buntulia Jaya, Duhiadaa, Pohuwato Regency, Gorontalo 96466, Indonesia
Rating: 3.70
Telp: +62 443 210120

Komentar :

Adriyani Syakilah (22/03/2018 05:23)
A comfort place to stay

leo chandra (03/02/2018 16:09)
The only one hotel in marisa city that has good facility.. excellent wifi connection

Mido Gustaf Santana (15/12/2017 10:49)
Actually pretty good place to stay. But like many other low cost acomodation (but this place is a rather bit pricey though), they didnt give sufficient electricity source. Or rather to say they intendedly to place the electric source from your bed. So its rather hard to charge your device or working if you didnt bring any extended cord

Safirotul Huda (17/10/2017 11:03)
A little bit expensive. But probably the best hotel in Marisa.

Rainer Jehl (13/07/2017 01:53)
Staff was friendly, but for nearly 400.000 Rupiah room quality was too poor. There was no towel in the room. Hot water and A/C were well working. Room and bathroom very tiny, not well furnished.
For breakfast there was a very thin tea and slices of cheapest toast with an ugly mess of margarine. Infamous!

Denny Kriwil (23/02/2017 14:30)
The food, yes the food incredibly match my Indonesian taste. It's spicy, it's balanced tasty without spiking ingredients. It makes me feel homie. They serve food by order. By the time we stayed there, we ordered breakfast and dinner. As for the staff, they're friendly and helpful. The room should have to be cleaner though, especially the bathroom. It was incredible 6 night stay.

Nurulhaqi Asri (25/08/2017 01:08)
Good hotel

Bayu Erlangga (15/06/2017 04:59)
Best hotel in marisa, great taste of breakfast and dinner, clean

Mahmud Mahmud (07/06/2017 10:52)
Hotel dengan harga terjangkau dan fasilitas yg sesuai dengan harganya.

Adjis Sandjaya (02/06/2017 10:51)
Hotel yang nyaman, WiFi cepat, sarapan enak terutama menu bakso dan tempe goreng tepung+cabe.

Arief Setiawan (28/01/2017 15:28)
Hotel terbaik di pohuwato

Viola Iselin (20/01/2017 13:05)
Hotel Irene, Marisa

Room was decent ("junior suite"), overall pretty expensive (600.000 rupiahs), compared to what we got and to what we had paid for comparable places. We initially thought that they might have taken us to the wrong room. BUT it was more or less clean and completely bug/cockroach free, which was most important to us. The room had ac, electricity, toothbrush, etc. Breakfast included.
We had no toilet paper but were overcompensated for that with mango juices, bananas and sofas(!). Apparently, you can never have too many sofas ;) Be sure to bring a mosquito net, long rope to set up the net couldn't hurt. The staff was hospitable an friendly, we felt very welcome.
They were helpul and spoke some English, so it was quite easy to arrange for a car to take us to the ferry from Bumbulam on the next day (250.000 rupiahs, you might be able to bargain for a lower price though).
Standard rate: 250.000 rupiahs, suite: 750.000 rupiahs

Gunawan 01 (23/08/2016 22:08)
siap melayani

Rama Tri Yustoro (19/08/2016 04:22)
Kamar tidur kecil. Harga mahal untul kelas melati. Tapi masih lebih bagus dari yg lain

Herry Sulistyo (17/05/2016 15:16)
Tempat menginap selama tugas beberapa hari di Pohuwato. Hotel nya lumayan bersih. Lumayan buat tempat istirahat selama tugas.

alfred saleh (19/06/2016 02:34)
Lumayan bagus

Sitty Rahmawati Utina (04/06/2016 02:31)
Lumayan letaknya di pusat kota marisa

Yunus Ajulani (24/03/2016 22:57)

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