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Taman Bunga Nusantara

Cianjur, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jalan Mariwati KM.7, Kawungluwuk, Sukaresmi, Kawungluwuk, Sukaresmi, Kabupaten Cianjur, Jawa Barat 43254, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 263 581617 en/ en/
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Komentar :

Arithma Fajar Trilaksono (29/05/2018 03:22)
Great place to bring your kids, they can see and learn various plant and flower species. The place is not too big, you can either walk, or buy a bus ticket that will guide you around the place.

merlin hutagalung (27/05/2018 13:00)
Tempat rekreasi keluarga yang menarik. Temanya adalah bunga dan kebun, mereka menyediakan berbagai jenis bunga dan kebun. Ada kebun model prancis, model jepang, dsb. Lalu bunganya disusun sedemikian rupa hingga membentuk dinosaurus, burung kasuari dan berbagai macam. Juga menyediakan taman bermain anak seperti, kereta mini, bom bom car, kuda, gokart, mandi bola, mini excavator dan masih banyak lainnya. Di dalam juga tersedia restoran dan warung di banyak tempat. Untuk keliling taman bisa jalan kaki, naik mobil kereta atau menggunakan kendaraan wara wiri. Harga tiket masuk dan aktivitas juga masuk akal. Overall mantab 👍👍👍

Yunita Irina Handayani (24/05/2018 14:26)
The ticket price is 40k and 50k if you want to looking arround by bus. This place is so broad, beautiful place. That place is compatible for family.

farry prayubi (09/05/2018 01:17)
What a Wonderful flowers garden. So relaxing. Not far from jakarta. This is very special for old people because they can release their tire and bore there. Prepare much money to enjoy the best picnic experience at this place so you will miss monday again and again guys

Lia Indriati (02/05/2018 23:27)
Good and beautiful place for gathering or students excursion. Full of flowers, large area for playing outside, we can play labyrinth. There is available playground for kids. We can see flowers art as a Dinosaur, duck, bunny, elephant, etc. There are available mini car for go around the park.

Dinda Idrd (27/04/2018 08:42)
Good place for family, the place really wide, you can explore them. My favorite is the labyrint playground, its really hard to find, remind me the shinning movie. The weathers so good, the food really affrodable, dont forget to bring umbrella, upscale area always rainy

BGCK BGCK (25/04/2018 15:15)
Great place to visit if you like flowers or just enjoy watching a good landscape.
The ticket to enter is affordable too.
You can see alot of flowers in this place and can do pre wedding too.

Triyono Adinugroho (22/04/2018 15:25)
A rather unpopular gem in Puncak area because Taman Bunga Nusantara is a “proper” old school garden without any fancy and flashy attractions. If you appreciate the beauty of flowers and gardening, you will love this place.Those who love open space and fresh air will also enjoy so much. The flower and garden is rich in varieties and is well taken care of.

My only wish is this place open at an earlier time (6 AM) because the view would be superbly beautiful with much gentler sunshine and fresher flower still weet with morning dew to photograph. One can only wish because i heard that every morning from 6AM to 8AM the grund staff busy maintaining the flowers in the first place.

Tejo Cahyono (08/04/2018 14:54)
Nice view.beruntung kalo lagi gak hujan.datang pagian gan,biar puas explore n foto2 di setiap tempat.

maya sartika (04/04/2018 03:08)
Good place to relax with fresh air and great scenery but the location is too far, unpredictable rain often occurs there, so be prepared

cecep ramdani (01/04/2018 07:24)
It was beautiful flowers garden.. There're also playground for kids.. The children will have fun time here..

Fedor Konyukhov (02/03/2018 17:11)
A huge and neat park, carefully managed. The territory is so big, it takes around half a day to see everything, they have some attractions there: horse riding, cars, waterballs and so on. You can find various cafe there too. The park is clean, they have gardens representing gardening styles from around the world. The entrance is very cheap, it wirth seeing it.

Naman Singh (21/01/2018 05:27)
Well its a good place to be at because of its beauty. The various designs with flowers are very pleasing. But don't go in sunshine without an umbrella and sunglasses

haerunnisa nisa (27/11/2017 05:49)
Para petugas sangat tidak ramah, harga tiket weekend n weekday sama tapi fasilitas yang d dapat sangat mengecewakan. Naik garden tram yang dijanjikan 30menit skali lewat tp smp 1 jam 30 menit kami ditelantarkan dgn posisi hujan n cafe pada tutup. Petugas informasi tidak ada d tempat.

Katarina Embula (22/11/2017 02:14)
Nice place to spend your holiday with fam or friends. Huge,well managed, many Instagrambale spot inside the park.

Yuda Pramana (25/10/2017 15:02)
I was amazed with the variety of place to explore inside this huge park. It draws people on all range of age to go there, whether they just want to relax or working themselves out with variety of facilities.

Istiana Sutanti (21/09/2017 21:50)
It's a huge and well managed place. Even though, there are some places that not accessible for wheelchair. But it gives us a lot of places for taking pictures. Also, they have various kinds of garden, such us French style garden, Indonesian, Japanese, and a lot more.

There is imagination world too, where you can bring and treat your children as much as much as they like

Shanaya Fitri Zen (18/09/2017 00:47)
A lot of attractions but very pricey. Great for those who are looking for some scenery place for wedding photoshoots. Great for kids. Very accessible for disabled people. Overall I won't visit it again

Nie Nonny (23/08/2017 03:27)
Beautiful flowers in park! Many beautiful spot to take a pic. Highly recommended

Tevi Supangat (15/08/2017 16:09)
A good place to relax and enjoy the nature.. It's beautiful especially at the blooming seasons.. I've been here for five times and will back again.. A must at Puncak region..

denvil prasetya (10/08/2017 04:05)
The best worth it place to see green ambience, make sure you bring good camera to take good picture. Price is good, place is big. The price inside also good.

Sa'ad (31/07/2017 01:56)
What a beautiful place to visit with your family and loved ones. Calm atmosphere, clean place. So many flowers and trees from all around the world. I highly recommend it

Satinder Minhas (27/06/2017 15:08)
Nice place to visit. Full of different kinds of flowers. There is a maze too. Well maintained & clean place. Can take lots of photos with flowers as background. Can easily spend an hour. Only too far from jakarta unless staying there. Went during Eid holiday, it took 3 hours to reach.....

Joris Satyadharma (25/06/2017 11:01)
A beautiful park ideal for a weekend getaway. It's quite a drive from the main road but it was worth the trip. For kids, there is a decent section of this huge park filled with exciting rides. You can ride segways, ATVs, horses and many more.

dinno mulyono (25/06/2017 07:43)
Good place to spend pleisure time with family. You can find many kind of family game, also you can find any place to eat. It's awesome..and beautiful too

Novi Rukminingrat (21/06/2017 14:49)
A very beautiful place, quiet and peaceful. There are various themes for the garden, Japanese-style garden, Balinese-style garden, europe and many others. Highly recommended to visit.

Kimberly (17/06/2017 23:39)
A very beautiful place, really well maintained. Relaxing and educational atmosphere. Recommended for family, couple, and group trips. A lot of photo spots.

Nyai Nurjanah (05/05/2017 12:48)
The park so large prepared yourself,using casual with running shoes recommend for explore all park

bapo calypso (08/04/2017 05:02)
This place will relaxing your eyes, not just all of Indonesia flower you aslo can see flower from America and Japan. Not just ordinary flower in here you can see giant peacock made by folower and dinosaurs too. They have maze that will make you lost, come and see by your own

Zulka Nasution (01/04/2017 18:21)
There are many themed garden. Palm, Japanese, Mediterranean, etc. It also has a maze garden. I love it.

Sari Rahmawati (28/03/2017 04:00)
Taman Bunga in Puncak, Bogor is the main destination for anyone who find large flower park in west java. It has large park and various flowers. But it only has a few of shelter and food stall/corner also pray room is only located in one place. Hopefully, it can be improved a lot since the demand of this destination is very high especially in holiday

Achmad Anwar Sanusi (03/03/2017 12:23)
Koleksi bunganya banyak sekali. Baik bunga dari Indonesia ataupun dari luar. Cuma ga ada bunga sakura aja. Cocok untuk tempat refreshing.

Henry Erik Estrada (26/02/2017 16:34)
The park is an open large area with only few places to take shelter from the heat or rain. If the weather is too hot you need to bring your own umbrella or hat, also wear sunblock. If it is raining there wont be much you can do instead of wait in 1 of the resto in the park. Best time to visit : morning or afternoon with clear sky.

Bobby Mizutani (16/02/2017 08:13)
Nice and beautiful place. So many flowers to see. Ideal place for photographer hunting.

Ashish Bhatnagar (16/01/2017 01:10)
Taman Bunga is the main attraction in Puncak. Taman Bunga is flower a garden. Place is very beautiful and every corner of this place is worth clicking a picture. It is very well maintained by a large army of skilled Indonesian gardeners who work very hard round the clock to make this place amazingly beautiful. There is a small theme park inside for kids entertainment. Small snacks shop are also there both inside and outside the main campus. Heavily crowded on weekends and public holidays. Entrance ticket is very cheap only 30k IDR. Lot of parking space. Numerous hotels are there near this park. I have been around 15 times to this place but never bored of coming here.

Tini Hartini (08/01/2017 15:27)
One of my favorite place.. Its almost every 3-4months i go there, clean air, colorfull flowers and very wide garden. I like to have family picnic here, children can playing around greenfield and the adults relax behind tree. You can buy garden train ticket if u dont like to walking, and children can play various game with pay other price

Constantius Gusti (11/10/2016 23:09)
Keren abis dah...

Suer Suryadi (07/10/2016 16:54)
For those who love flower, this is a must visit place. Its about one hour from Cipanas through narrow broken paved road. Spacious parking lot. More later

Raeza Astutiwulandari (02/10/2016 05:13)
Very big place... Need full day to explore the entire garden... if you don't want to walk there are vehicles that can be rented for around the garden...
The weather is quite hot there, prepare hat or umbrella for you're pleasant.. There are many thematic gardens of various location in Indonesia and around the word.. There are food vendors in a special section...

Arief Rachman Ashar (09/09/2016 23:25)
This national garden has many beautiful and fresh flowers. Vastly diverse from Indonesia's signature plant to all over the world, even the one usually found in cold climate. While you're relaxing, you're being educated as well (lots of flower information). Several activities are available, such as greenhouse, mini theater, labyrinth, etc.

Jensen Alansander (13/07/2016 11:15)
Wonderful place, lot of theme garden, lot of flowers, you could visit the maze garden too.
It has really big peacock made from flowers, so beautiful.
You could also take a pre wedding photoshoot for fairly cheap price, 500K idr including 6 person ticket.
Perfect runaway place with your beloved or your family for one day

Suryadi Hertanto (29/06/2016 05:49)
Nice view. Nice flower park.
But must have other alternative roads to visit here, especially to avoid heavy traffic jammed around Puncak area.

Yustinus G (11/06/2016 04:46)
Nice place dan greath flower dan garden

Adam Rifaldi (03/06/2016 05:39)
This is a cozy place. You can find many type of flower, there is also have a restaurant and picnic site. If you're a moslem, this place have a mosque so you can pray. This place has many type of garden, like Bali Garden, France Garden and many more.

Ryan Batchin (25/05/2016 00:33)
One of Top tourist spot in Puncak.
So many varieties of flower in here.
One of recommended spot for Pre Wedding Photo i think.

adhyatnika nugraha (18/03/2016 01:51)
Well actually this gorgeous place near my home. It takes 10 minutes to go there. Cianjur has others beautiful site, from the mountain, lake, waterfall even a temple and prehistoric sites. By any chance if you visit this place, feel free to call me and i'll be your guide.
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