Direktori Lokasi di Indonesia @ Bounty Sukabumi

Cianjur, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jalan Siliwangi No.90, Cikole, Kota Sukabumi, Jawa Barat 43113, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 266 221900 index.php/ hotel/ sukabumi/ location/ 7/ city/ 4
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

agus saputra (23/05/2018 13:47)
Some bussinesman, some are friends of mine, used to come this everytime their bussiness related to this this city and I several time come to here to meet them. Comfort seems to be one of main keys

Robby Wijaya (28/04/2018 11:56)
Nice pools, great lobby, swimming pool is next to lobby not convinience

Clara Lila (27/04/2018 08:46)
Nice hotel in sukabumi. The lobby has lots of instagramable spots. The breakfast buffeet is average

Adi Jayamulia (07/04/2018 13:12)
Good 3 star budget hotel, neat, clean, but limited parking space. They don't have prochedure to handle overcapacity parking as well.

Rifqi Firmanda (31/03/2018 06:46)
Nice location and nice place

Akbar S. Nugraha (18/03/2018 14:56)
The hotel has interesting interior. The service is good.

walkin 360 (11/03/2018 16:37)
nice place nice coffee. comfort feels like home

Fernanda Liesdayanti (20/01/2018 17:34)
The place is great, they also got a swimming pool, it is great but the pool is too small, hope they'll make it bigger tho. And also, you'll get a welcome drink, that's the best part. The service is also great. Plus it has a strategic location, make it easier for you togo anywhere. Love this place.

sasi ibrahim (28/10/2017 15:26)
Nice room and good services

Pairach Anusorn (22/10/2017 05:26)
Clean and good service,
The staffs were friendly with guests.
Breakfast is a good choice.

Bobby Mizutani (11/09/2017 11:00)
Nice and clean room, staff is very friendly

Vandy Zeng (02/09/2017 06:50)
Nice and cozy

Antya Catra Denira (04/08/2017 12:14)
Nice place! Highly recommended.

fanny kusumahadinata (31/07/2017 01:26)
Nice Room, available swimming pool and good service,and have a nice staff😊😉😘

Efron Nunumete (10/07/2017 04:32)
Good nice place

Muhammad Akbar Ziaurrahman Ziaurrahman (21/06/2017 12:00)
food is good

Achmad Hizazi (28/02/2017 06:06)
Cozy room @affordable price. Breakfast meals are awesome. pool have a small glassed viewable side, located beside restaurant, make less privacy swimming.

Budi Santoso (05/02/2017 09:37)
At a many certain time, had competitive rate when compared with other Sukabumi's Star Hotel.

andrias hardinata (31/12/2016 01:52)
Very nice hotel, specially traveling with family and children
Great swimming pool
Clean room, really like to stay again

Cahaya Setia Mulia (30/12/2016 16:05)
Good price, clear and nice receptionist

Denael Lim (28/12/2016 01:47)
The place was so quiet.. Good place to have a good sleep. All the facility was good andd all of the staff is very kind.

Usep Sadikin (20/12/2016 06:34)
Out of the box, modern, artistic, fast response, nice swimming pool, accessable, good wifi. I think Hotel must change a sandals: innovative but frail.

Kurniawan Giam (05/10/2016 12:15)
Nice hotel

mav3n (29/08/2016 01:12)
The place is very good. Maybe the room is a little bit too small, but overall experience is okay here.

Adiyosepri Sep (05/08/2016 08:24)
Hotel Bersih. Staff ramah. Lokasi bagus.

julijanto only (20/07/2016 10:15)
Overall very nice

Ernawati Sunaryo (04/06/2016 06:09)
Nyaman ada wifi

Ramadhan Dwiki Ajira (30/05/2016 10:37)
Simple, clean, and nice place 4 holiday trip.. you'll love it!

Ade Meisya (28/11/2015 03:00)
Good place for holidays

Claudia Wats (02/08/2015 23:28)
Clean, Simple, Comfort all u need for a short trip

farra dian jauhari (06/06/2015 15:16)
clean comfort n simple ist satisfied me
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