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Jurang Mangu Station

Cianjur, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jl. Cendrawasih, Sawah Lama, Ciputat, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15413, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20

Komentar :

Rafy Sugiri (30/05/2018 15:14)
This station can be accessed from Bintaro Exchange Mall, makes it quite convenient for commuters from and to Bintaro. For those who drives to the station, very limited parking space available. There is an option to park at Bintaro Exchange Mall but this option is very expensive.

The facilities in this station are well kept and clean.

marlisa kurniaty (19/05/2018 02:45)
I love this station. Small but very effective. We can reach Bintaro Xchange by walking. Also to UPJ campus by walking... clean and provide many bench.

James Ridwan (14/05/2018 12:00)
The access station from the Bintaro Xchange has been renovated well, there was canopy, so when the rain comes, you haven't got wet.

Fajar Fajar (27/04/2018 00:29)
Not so big station but serving Bintaro sektor 7,9 area..cleanliness is good, there is a minimart, bakeryshop, and little vending machine, service management is nice, parking space is bad, there is a lot parking space but some area (down area) very wet and full of mud if it rain season and dust if it dry season, the station is having 2 access, one is (zebra cross what the local used to say it) is drop off and pick up only is nice and have a roof, comfy for pedestrians located next to Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall, and shelter for shuttle bus. One another is (stasiun atas) this is a small access road and if you want to park your car/moped this is your access, there is a unofficial moped parking outside the station area

Nando Fernando (22/04/2018 05:15)
The stasion is quite clean and pretty close to biggest mall in area,, women would love it much more,,

Jefri Tamba (11/04/2018 19:28)
Traveling as a disabled senior the extra care they took to get me from the train to my transfer was timely and done with great care which I so appreciated.

Danny Rama Chandra (07/03/2018 04:57)
I revise my review re. tapping your ticket for changing platform 1 to 2 as now they fix it but other things remain the same. Its an improvement & my rating also improve from 2stars to 3stars :)
Access could be better, the street is too small, parking area need to be more spacious & clean, it's too small & too many wet area for cars since this station becoming a busy station. But there's a few nice things about this station, yes they have a clean toilet, mini shop & a coffee shop & it's very close to BXC with a nice access to walk by

Khairul Habib Muttaqien (14/02/2018 02:39)
Its not a big commuter station. No elevator yet, so we have to climb up stairs sometime. No ticket machine available yet. But luckily we can find coffee shop and convenient store inside. Seating are abundant.

Nathan A (27/01/2018 18:17)
Access from and to BXc mall is nice, but only small road and sidewalk provided from Jl. Cendrawasih road. Car parking is also very limited, especially between office hours. Otherwise, facilities inside the station is sufficient and service by personnel is good.

salahuddin muhammad (10/12/2017 10:43)
A train station serving people live around Kanpung Sawah area and Bintaro area. This is a pretty small but busy train station. Although it is considered a small train station, they have some tenant that provide baked bun, coffee, and even a convenience store. Parking area available but quite limited capacity

Ruston.nawawi Almustofa Mustofa (01/02/2017 15:23)

Chandra Wahyudi (20/12/2016 02:16)
Sangat strategis

Aarief Khan (31/10/2016 23:41)
Tolong pihak Google di cek lagi. .setiap ada pembuatan titik.

Djunaidi Rinin (13/09/2016 11:58)

Aming Aming Nurdiansyah (25/07/2016 03:44)

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