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Hutan Pinus Gunung Pancar

Cianjur, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Gunung Pancar, Karangtengah, Babakan Madang, Karang Tengah, Babakan Madang, Karang Tengah, Babakan Madang, Bogor, Jawa Barat 16810, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20
Telp: +62 857-8033-1638
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Fahrudin (22/06/2018 05:57)
Wisata alam yang recommended di Bogor. Ada pintu tol Jagorawi ga begitu jauh, sekitar 30 menit. Untuk masuk daerah ini kondisi jalanannya bagus di area perumahan sentul, ketika masuk ke jalan pemukiman agak sedikit menyempit. Pohon pinus di sini sudah tinggi-tinggi, jadi bikin sejuk ketika piknik. Ada yang jual jajanan juga di sini, jadi bisa sambil nyemil. Tiket masuk per orang 15 ribu. Tempat parkirnya cukup terbatas. Tempat parkir yg luas letaknya ada di bawah sebelum gerbang masuk. Kalau lagi ga dapat parkiran, kita bisa parkir di pinggir jalan tapi harus mepetin banget ke jalan. Disarankan untuk bawa tiker buat duduk-duduk sambil santai.

Justin Kelvianto (20/06/2018 18:16)
Have a big opportunity for tourism but still need more improvement. The road is too small and too crowded with cars, also too many people go to here so this place is a lil bit crowded. Too much garbage like plastics and snack wraps. But still recomended (a bit) to go to the pine forest, because the place is so instagramable spot. Also be careful because a lot of pungli in here some spot cost around 7000-10000 rupiah.

Daz Dez (07/06/2018 05:22)
Used to be back to nature place. Used to love this place. But now it is too commercial. People start to set up like small studio spots for visitors to take selfies. Not recommended

Ursula [byurmo] (05/06/2018 04:28)
This spot is good for camping with kids. But I like to come here to do some walking and jogging while breathin the fresh air. Because this spot is not that far from Sentul City, only 15mins drive for me. Too bad the management is not that great. The area doesn't look neat.

There is hot water facility inside which they will ask you for another fee to park you car, entrance the location, and fee for each pond, which is weird..since it is one area and they already charge you parking fee before etc. Overall that hot water spot is not recommended AT ALL. It is ugly, doesn't look clear or clean, the area is dirty, the size is not that big and you only able to put your feet since the pool is not that deep, so don't waste your money for this one.

Nina Liu (29/05/2018 12:53)
Nice place for picnic and camping. Easy to find. Atmosphere is good with cool weather. Local people build cute many kinds of backgrounds for tourists taking photos, but you need to pay.

Go inside more can enjoy hot spring. Highly recommended. Each person rp 70,000.

Lia Nurida (20/05/2018 12:09)
Lumayan buat ngadem. Tapi pemandian air panasnya big no

Yusan Henry (03/04/2018 02:29)
banyak spot foto seperti maribaya. cm kurang gmn gt jadinya biasa saja. fotograper banyak di sekitar area foto. bs langsung di foto dengan slr atau pakai hp ssndiri. untuk wc agak kurang.

Jobrinson Simanungkalit (25/03/2018 10:56)
Back to nature, cold wether, fresh air and feel like in heaven in the midle of pine tree. This place located in Sentul Selatan about 60s km from Jakarta. Recomended for those people who love nature. Good choice for open air weding celebration. I love this place because I love nature and adventure. ❤🌳🌴🌲

M. Rizal Ridhal Malik (13/03/2018 22:45)
The forest is good and Naturaly shape. But Those people here usually ask for illegal levies for every attraction here. Not Good.

Mira ayu Pratiwi (24/02/2018 08:27)
Actually this is the nice place for hangout with friends or family. There are good facilities in here like praying room toilet and small coffee shop around. They also provide a placr for taking picture like hammock or bridge. But i think they are very commercil because they count per person for taking picture in their area even we eat and drink at their shop you still have to pay 20.000 per person for 1 selfie spot.

Jean-Christophe Blachere (17/02/2018 12:49)
Much ado about nothing.
I went there with my family and our two dogs, hoping to take a walk through a pine forrest (as this is *literally* the name of that place - Hutan Pinus)
We reached the forest at the end of a ridiculously steep, narrow and in dire need of repair uphill lane where vehicles can hardly pass each other. After paying the usual absurd "tempat wisata" fee to access the forest, we discovered that most of it is off limits, either occupied by camp sites or restaurants on each side of the single road leading up, which is (of course) quite busy with a lot of traffic. I should have remembered that indonesians are notoriously adverse to physical (or otherwise) effort.
An encounter with arrogant mountain bikers (going downhill of course) sealed the day for me.
Off back to our car, and away we went; needless to say, I'm still looking for a place to walk our dogs

Alfita Rahma (17/02/2018 09:27)
The scenery is quite good as the location is near from Jakarta. But unfortunately there are pungli and trash everywhere! Yucks!

Hamaris Mudayat (05/09/2017 00:02)
It is cool atmosphere with greeny site seeing, a lot of fees to pay and there is no site map

Helen Magdalena (12/07/2017 11:57)
There are camping grounds, you can also rent camping equipments here. It will be good if they can provide photo spot like in Hutan pinus mangunan

Farraas Muhdiar (25/05/2017 04:58)
Recommended to go if you want a bit of fresh air but couldn't go far from Jakarta. Bring your own lunch to have a picnic there. You can go farther than the parking area to find a less-crowded place, but be careful as the path might be slippery during rainy season.

Febriatiyasari Nfa (29/04/2017 15:25)
Gate entrances 50k for 4 adults and 3 kids..
Needs more improvement for facility... more toilets. ... needs Professional management for parking and operational matter
But overall is ok..
Cheap.. fresh air and so natural

M Nurilman Baehaqi (13/04/2017 12:12)
Enak banget, bagus nuat foto foto. Tapi mahal mahal heheh

Ferry Hattawidian (10/04/2017 05:23)
First, you must prepare to pay extras for the parking. The money is collected by "unofficial" organization (local 'preman' if i may say).
Keep a sides,
The place if good for a walk surrounded by pine trees the air is fresh and I think a nice place for gathering.

Reza Bax (04/04/2017 04:37)
Nice place for quick escape from th2 city life. The management could be done much better tho

Fakhri Aufar (26/03/2017 07:41)
You can stay here for camping. The rate is 100k/person exclude tent. You can rent it here with extra charge. The forest is well-maintained, clean toilets are available in every camp sites, there are some open spaces for you to gather and play games or light fire in the night. Bring your food supplies as there's only few food stalls in here and they close after 4 PM. Suitable for pre-wedding photography —or even the wedding itself!, relaxing your body, picnic, leadership training, outdoor gathering, etc. Bring your blanket as the temperature drops at night! Might be packed with dozens of Jakartans on the weekend.

Naufal Mu'azzi (09/01/2017 16:04)
Very nice place

abdul fattah hasibuan (09/01/2017 08:19)
Very serene, but need little improvements in facility

Viddy Kesuma (24/11/2016 01:41)
Great place for have fresh air

Adi Saputra (20/08/2016 06:26)
the nearest forest from jakarta... have a lot of pine tree. but little bit crowded with people and food seller.

good place for wedding too :)

Yefta Gilbert Aprideta (05/07/2016 11:47)
A great spot to escaping from city life. See the greenery and breath the fresh air, it's really soothing the mind

siti khoiriyah (19/06/2016 02:30)
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