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Gondangdia Station

Cianjur, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jalan Srikaya No.1, Kebon Sirih, Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, 10340, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40

Komentar :

Adi Pradana (25/04/2018 16:03)
One of busiest station-commuter in Jakarta. In the heart of central Jakarta

Jefri Tamba (12/04/2018 04:02)
Great station bright and airy, great staff and easy to navigate.

Hida Malik (06/04/2018 00:32)
Stasiun gondangdia termasuk salah satu stasiun strategis di tengah kota jakarta karena dari stasiun ini bisa menjangkau area kerja di daerah thamrin hingga pasar baru. Yg menjadikan stasiun pilihan adalah moda transport pendukung yang pas yaitu kopaja p20 jurusan lebak bulus ps senen yg melintas di stasiun ini.

Rizqy Unggul (11/03/2018 21:24)
Crowded on rush hour. If you want to come to national monument (monas) using commuter train, you have to stop in here because commuter train doesn't stop in gambir railway station.

Glen Caleb (08/02/2018 13:32)
Double trailed station located in Gondangdia, the station is big, wide with accesible facilities, there are less taxis that driving around here, except you call the taxi first.

Agae Pratama (16/12/2017 13:11)
Beside the narrow stairs, there's only two ticket machines available. I came here during quiet hours so I don't know if more than one ticket booth open.

Adi Setiya (07/12/2017 04:21)
The one aged station in Jakarta that well maintained and lots of great upgrade. Comparing with the old time, this station is far better. Gate system, card ticketing system, machine based ticketing, clean rest room, informative schedule and its all bilingual. The one that still annoying is outside station which is still need to redesign. the narrow streets that always made traffic on busy hours and so on.

Dewi Natalia (11/10/2017 12:26)
I would give five stars if they provide more seats. The passengers may feel more comfortable during rush hour.

Suci Wulan Lestary (05/10/2017 11:04)
They have clean toilets. They have automatic ticket vending machines. But I am not sure about the entrance and exit gate when I am here 😂

AG (24/08/2017 08:16)
This is one of train station that located near several important places in Jakarta, such as Tugu Tani, Menteng District, and Medan Merdeka Selatan. The location is strategic and easily accessible, while the building is in good condition and cozy for people.

Ersandi Al Asra (22/08/2017 01:43)
Quite nice station but it could be better with more escalator, spacious and clean mushola (praying room). Beside i think it could be re-paint with brighter color

Dhani (21/07/2017 18:03)
I like that this train station is compact and equipped with convenient necessities you require for your trip. You will be taking two different set of stairs before reaching the platforms. On the 1st stair you'll meet ATMs, convenient stores, self service ticket machines, tap to check your travel card balance machine, actual kios to purchase tickets, big screen tv advising your next train timetable, bathrooms, informative guidelines, PostBox station (logistic service where your purchased item would be put in the box and youll be given pass to open it), and a room to aid in giving medical treatments when you happen to be ill when you travel.

Fahrudin (06/07/2017 06:32)
Several tenants in here, such as roti'o, Alfamart, indomaret. Very crowded in rush hour, especially in the morning and afternoon.

Safee Peters (19/06/2017 22:04)
Well it's your average train station, just less crowded unlike all the other reviews, and for a train station in jakarta personally i like this one most, quite elevated and safe

Yulia Rahmawati (18/06/2017 04:25)
An elevated station. An alternative​ drop point station if you want to Gambir Station by commuter line. And then continue it with Kopaja P20.

Datu Beru (13/05/2017 04:36)
Clean and neat. There are convenient stores inside the station. Multiple ATMs (Mandiri, etc), but no BCA ATM.

Fransiscus Prawirasmoro (17/04/2017 05:47)
Nice station with two mini markets

Arief Mediadianto (12/04/2017 05:19)
Near the Cut Meutia Masjid

Ilman Akbar (22/03/2017 03:34)
If you want to go to Thamrin area, this station is the place to stop. One thing I like the most is the spacious praying room

Muhamad Yusuf (08/03/2017 00:19)
Clean station, it has two main gates. Indomart and alfamart located in the south gate. Dedicated prayer room is available in the north gate. You can catch transjakarta shuttle bus in front of the station. The right station to stop before embarking to gambir station. Just get cab or bajaj/tuktuk.

Muhamad Taufiq Hidayat (09/11/2016 00:47)
Gondangdia is one among good station in Jakarta, it's extremely busy in weekday. Due to location in the center of offices area. Walking distance to Sarinah building, around 10-15 minutes.

Iskandar Nuhbatubara (14/10/2016 01:48)
The mushalah is dirty. The toilet is okay. The longe is okay. The ticket box guys are not friendly. The only thing I like is indomaret.

Mean Sock (30/08/2016 05:09)
Gondangdia isn't only a station, it's a place for culinary too. Personally, Gondangdia is a very great station, but the food makes it even better.

Ihsan Setiawan (13/12/2015 22:11)
Gondangdia station are known not only for it's station. There culinary places too. If you are looking for traditional coffee or tea, or something cheap in general. For snacks and humdrum chats.

Sukriyanto (25/11/2015 11:23)
A marked improvement to the station (Now the panel shows the position of the train) enhances the experience of commuting. Well done KCJ 👍

Budi man (17/10/2016 12:44)
stasiun tengah kota

Murray ID (13/05/2016 17:13)
quite a lot of foods around here, also there is a small restaurant that sells "Sop Iga", the restaurant is a highly recommended.

Fendy LoveFaith (25/11/2015 05:05)
Small station but very important for people who take the commuter line whenever they want to go to Gambir

Reno Raditya (22/11/2015 13:58)
It's a bit better now that the escalators are working. Definitely more works need to be done on the ground level.
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