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CGV Cinemas Green Pramuka Mall

Cianjur, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Green Pramuka Square Mall, Jl. Jenderal Ahmad Yani No.Kav49, RT.16/RW.9, Rawasari, Cempaka Putih, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10510, Indonesia
Rating: 4.00
Telp: +62 21 29624566

Komentar :

Yossy Putra (03/06/2019 00:11)
Not as big as the other CGV, but the price is reasonable. However, policy in purchasing popcorn is sucks tho. You cannot mix salty and sweet popcorn unless you purchase the biggest package, which is too big for most of us

Bill Lin (27/05/2019 12:55)
Great theater. However, the payment system for members is absurd. It's not like having a membership at all. The payment method is absurd and all the benefit stays the same (unlike XXI which has numorous discounts and promotions as benefits for members.) So we'll need to pay from CGV pay, really? It's not like we must have another digital wallet to make another transaction for another movie theater, duh.

Guruh Andika Putra (26/04/2019 19:11)
Great theatre! Nice salesgirl. I bought a large popcorn there, good taste! You must go there! I recommended it.

Artenans Adnan (22/04/2019 10:12)
The studio is rather small. Because its one of the budgets studio though we cant complain. But the ambience is nice. The food is on the average and the access to the cinema is easy to find.

Rini Fitriani Abdullah (08/04/2019 01:24)
This place is quite comfortable. Not too crowded, so we don't have to wait for a long time to buy food and drink. It's located inside a mall with lots of restaurants, so we can also eat there after or before watching our film. There's also a mosque in the basement to do our prayer.

Ira Setianti (18/05/2018 04:47)
When we were there the last time, it was Family Movie Time which was actually I have never known such programme exsisted, so it was a lovely surprise for our little one because they gave away free pins and sticker books with stamps to be collected for a free movie! The place is clean with proper rest rooms. Family friendly.

Tenno Aldo (11/05/2018 12:33)
Good place to watch cinema.. Or buy your groceries.. The place have several restaurants and shops.. It also have a lot of drugstore..
Keep in mind the parking space kinda limited.. And it also include several apartment towers in one complex

Richard Saptabharata (11/05/2018 12:03)
Big place for walking inside the mall. Actually it is the lobby of its Green Pramuka Apartement. Even they have own cinema. Lots of parking and lots of cafe. Lots of fun.

Kezia Wajong (09/05/2018 14:11)
Good place to watch movies. However some theaters are quite small. Nice employees

rifi anggriawan (01/05/2018 08:45)
Like this place. Not over populated, the ticket is cheaper than most cinemas. The complain's just because they never show the movies on time

Indri Jayanti (21/04/2018 12:21)
CGV is on 4th floor. i love the design industrial cinema 70’s theme. CGV offers booster pillow seater for children 3-4 years. it has soft seats inside theaters. the price is affordable enough.

Faizah Finur Fithriah (21/04/2018 03:50)
Room was less cool, that it felt like it had no air conditioner inside hehe. But I do love each and every single cgv for its design! It's warm and sooo artistic.

Glorious Vagabond (11/04/2018 11:58)
They only seem to have one ATM and it did not work with my non-Indonesian card. The people working in various shops seem friendly and helpful. This is a small shopping center compared to Grand Indonesia and others.

Robert J. Jongkees (08/04/2018 05:45)
Nice cinema. Comfortable seats, and just very okay!

Achmad Vicky Andiansah (08/04/2018 05:35)
Loving its typical interior design. CGV has something unique to offer compare to its competitor.

Nurul Dela (08/03/2018 07:05)
Located at the highest floor of Green Pramuka Square, CGV Blitz is choosing the very strategic option. Surrounded in Green Pramuka Apartment, this theatre becoming the best option for anyone who lives nearby. However, the parking option is not so good. Unless you come here by walking, then there will not be a problem.

The cinema itself has a limited space. Their audio room is not as big as Cinemaxx or XXI. Also, they do not have a good quality speaker and wide screen, like XXI. With all the advantage, XXI could give the price cheaper, but not for Blitz. That is why I'd choose XXI more than Blitz.

On the other hand, Blitz is more child-friendly. And there just lots of self-ticket machine for us, instead of waiting on a queue. They're having some cool concept of interior, too.

But their cleanliness around the toilet or on every seat of audio room is poor. For me, XXI would still the best.

vivi agustin (22/12/2017 13:40)
Many area are empty, not too many shop but quite crowded. No atm yet. But already crowded.

Odi Hutajulu (20/11/2017 22:07)
This movie theater is strategically located in center of Jakarta. Surrounded by the most and cozy (maybe one of the biggest complex apartment in Jakarta) is called as the Green Pramuka Apartment. This movie theater is so close to another popular place from every direction (Jatinegara, Matraman, Salemba, Manggarai, Kelapa Gading, Rawamangun, etc).

Yosephin Lis Darna Silalahi (18/11/2017 19:53)
I think the sound management system should be improved, because we can hear voices from the next theater.

Rendi Suwardi (10/09/2017 07:46)
Nice place for a cgv.. It's not too big yet not too small... Also it cam be a little crowded on weekend

surya pranoto (13/08/2017 06:33)
It's only has 1 toilet, imagine if u want to pee after the film end. Hehe

Ahmed Prasojo (02/07/2017 11:15)
new seat, new looks, best movies places in north jakarta

Budi Ulia (04/06/2017 05:41)
Good option for people who wanna watch a movie and lived near pramuka or rawamangun..bare in mind that the escalator will be off at 10 pm

Gandhi Ferdinand (12/05/2017 03:29)
Price is cheaper than many other CGV cinemas in Jakarta, but this place is small... only 4 auditoriums.

Galih Dwi Putranto (02/05/2017 03:50)
The most affordable CGV I found in my surroundings. Cozy and neat interior as well, love the atmosphere. It's a shame they only have 4 theatres so they can't have many movies played in one time.

NIKEN Heriani (22/04/2017 08:08)
Bioskopnya OK. Spot foto2nya juga bagus. Bisa order tiket pake go-tix, tinggal print di ticket box disana, itu yang paling asiiik :)

Manael Sudarman (20/04/2017 03:55)
Finally CGV Cinemas has arrived! Loving the cozy location and well decorated venue. Be sure to have your camera with you, IG Worthy.

Jonas Adhitya (18/04/2017 16:31)
Cozy place for watching movies

Adam Faridl al Fath (22/01/2017 08:25)
Great quality cinema that offer us with wide screen, bright pictures and powerful audio system.
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