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Bone, Sulawesi Selatan
Alamat: Makassar Town Square Lt. 3, Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan KM. 7, Tamalanrea Jaya, Tamalanrea, Tamalanrea Jaya, Tamalanrea, Kota Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan 90245, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 411 583321

Komentar :

Willem Laula (30/04/2018 15:34)
Such a nice place to have quality time with fams.. easy to reach and free of traffic jam

Nask Hansam (27/04/2018 17:44)
The cheapest cinema in Makassar with good quality of service. But I had a bad experience when I was watching Infinity War. The show suddenly stopped playing when it was only after 35' playing. It took about 15 minutes for the management to solve the issue.

Inside theather, staffs are offering snacks and now mtix ticket counters are available at the entrance.

I like how the restrooms are managed. They are clean and fragrant.

The cinema is located on the third level of Makassar Town Square and it's only accessible from within Ramayana Store.

Leoni TM (10/03/2018 14:30)
Easy plsce to find plus you can get cheap fashion item

Brando Ramo (10/03/2018 01:08)
Nice small mall to hangs out with friends, the location is bit far from the main makassar city, this mall is in Tamalanrea, although it is small but I can say it does have most things any mall will have like KFC, Pizza Hut, Cinema 21, supermarket to name a few, the best thing about this mall that I can say undoubtedly is that its cinema 21 is the cheapest in Makassar, as for movie lovers this is the best place to watch your favorite newly released movies I highly recommended .

Dadan Sorana (16/02/2018 11:53)
Nice place... Large parking area.

Lots of stuff & available studio movie

aikawa rise (02/02/2018 06:23)
It's far from the city.
But you can watch movie more cheaper than other cinema. Just go here.

Santoso Vantoso (29/12/2017 04:42)
Movie theater. Better than 21 after renovation. Use mtix to easy buy ticket

Wahyuni Palimbunga (10/12/2017 14:47)
On weekdays we just pay 25.000, in another cinema you pay 40.000/person in the same day. the lowest price of ticket in makassar.

Andi Dirga Putra (10/12/2017 12:01)
Ticket price is cheaper among other XXI. Not so cold air conditioner, but it's ok for me.

Rizal MN (05/12/2017 17:50)
good mall... low price

wahyudi alwi (03/10/2017 22:32)
Not crowded at all. Its good

FPA Channel (03/10/2017 02:45)
Harga murah, berkualitas, worth it, very recomended

Nur Efendi Darming (09/09/2017 08:13)
one of them the best mall cinema xxi

muti'ah Moreira (19/06/2017 03:43)
I miss 21 but you know what? everything need to be better tho! My new home! XXI

samwinaldi junaib (02/06/2017 10:41)
This cinama was named cinema 21. Now it changes become Mtos XXI

Indira Thamrin (29/01/2017 09:52)

nasrullah au (30/11/2016 04:37)
Easy access. Damri bus from and to airport available here. However, heavy traffic as well

Santo Crist (20/11/2016 11:02)
Bagus dan bersih

Manji lala (21/08/2016 07:07)
Baru 2 kali sih nonton di sini, ya secara umum ruangan dan suasana di dalam bioskopnya masih terwat.

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