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Cinema XXI - Mall Gorontalo

Boalemo, Gorontalo
Klasifikasi: Bioskop
Alamat: Heledulaa Selatan, Kota Timur, Heledulaa Sel., Kota Tim., Kota Gorontalo, Gorontalo 96134, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 435 8592521

Komentar :

Imran Rizki Dukalang (21/03/2018 20:25)
Come to watch movie here..
The only cinema in Gorontalo

alam syah (24/02/2018 17:24)
the movie is always updated, the price is also good for even student, the food and drink are also good, and there is plenty chair to sit while waiting the movie to start 👍

steve saldy (20/02/2018 20:11)
good place for weekend

R D (07/09/2017 21:34)
The best place to watch movie in town

Imam Muharram (09/08/2016 13:10)
Why 5 stars? Because this is the only place you can watch new released movies in Gorontalo. So, dont get surprised if you come this place and must wait in a long line, especially in premiere.

yanwar usli (26/07/2017 18:36)
Come n enjoy your moment

fararel fararel (26/07/2017 15:14)
Good cinema,good movie and good people

Imam Noegroho (20/06/2017 11:09)
Mostly indonesian film

Nizar Pranata (03/04/2017 08:55)
The only one professional cinema in town

w legendani (06/03/2017 21:37)
The only teathre in the city, nice place

Rifina Murti Almira (26/02/2017 15:56)
film ok

Benny Chandra (05/02/2017 00:35)
Currently, this is the one and only cineplex in town

Vincentia Hasibuan (28/01/2017 11:04)
Long queque just to watch a movie.

Ariez Jamil (02/01/2017 03:31)
So very best Quality Theatre in town.

A Google User (26/08/2016 23:29)

Mohamad Steven (24/06/2016 18:20)

Alixas Biki (17/06/2016 20:58)
Satu-satunya bioskop di Kota Gorontalo saat ini.. :)

Roy Wijaya (02/04/2016 19:21)
Okai. Movie time here

moh fadly fachruddin (05/11/2015 15:14)
Tempat nonton satu satunya di gorontalo

Mohamad Musa (17/09/2015 18:54)
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