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Alila Solo

Blora, Jawa Tengah
Klasifikasi: Hotel and Villa
Alamat: Jalan Slamet Riyadi No.562, Jajar, Laweyan, Kota Surakarta, Jawa Tengah 57144, Indonesia
Rating: 4.60
Telp: +62 271 6770888
Web: solo
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

David Lase (17/05/2018 12:20)
Very comfort
Nice welcome and service
They gave me a good threatment for my bday and very helpful
Just need to improve the breakfast
Thx alila

Episcia Wardyani (13/04/2018 19:46)
Amazing hotel in Solo. It has a rooftop bar which serve a very wonderful scenery especially during the sunset when the sky is clear. It is located in the center of Solo. You can easily go to the city center by bus that you can get in front of the hotel.

Anggara Namensis (08/04/2018 21:29)
The best hotel in town๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜™. I really love it.. It has scanning machines for everyone who enter. The security s really amazing๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ. U can enjoy ur day in beautiful pool๐Ÿน๐Ÿธ. I wanna missed this place soon๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Adi S (30/03/2018 18:53)
A very nice hotel conveniently located right next to major artery road. Roomy and spotless. Perfect for a short retreat.

Selina Lee (15/03/2018 04:49)
Overall, the experience was not as great as I expected for such an expensive 5 star hotel. Our room was supposed to be non smoking, but it was ABSOLUTELY a smoking room. The smell confirmed it immediately. When we first checked in, our washroom had a cigarette butt on the floor! So obviously the cleaners did not do a thorough job, not to mention the carpet had small plastic broken pieces on it. Which means the carpet was not vacuumed. The restaurant was super expensive, and the kicker was that we asked for water, and they gave us bottled water worth $4 each. I feel that if water is charged, they should let us know. Apparently we were told there is no other option besides bottled water. That would have been nice to know since we ordered 4 glasses of water, plus drinks on the side.

With all that being said, the staff are REALLY nice and the service mostly was great. The breakfast buffet was really good and the decor of the place is truly quite beautiful.

Stackofsugar (11/03/2018 17:08)
Been here twice, attending my friend's wedding. The ballroom was huge with luxurious design. The floors, the walls, and the interiors are designed for perfection. Other, the parking lot was nice and big, almost impossible to fill them all. The only cons is my wheelchaired friend got a hard time reaching the ballroom. Apart from that, it's great, it's awesome.

kiki tsalatsita (10/02/2018 17:40)
Guest room was comfortable, bathroom was spacious and provided with city view. It could have been 5 stars if the TV was working. But during my stay, the TV was hang all the time (Smart TV), only displaying the Homepage. Frustratingly, it couldn't be turned off either, so I couldn't sleep alright. Didn't call the room service since it was late and I was very tired. Breakfast was excellent except its poached eggs were cooked with vinegar.

W Trenggono (22/11/2017 10:31)
I Stayed here for 3 days meeting, and enjoyed the relaxing ambience of this hotel. Especially, I enjoy the pool with itโ€™s wide open space on 6th floor.

West & East Eatery (18/11/2017 13:21)
Quaint and luxurious hotel smack in the middle of Java. Art items throughout this hotel. Friendly yet professional service members to be found round the clock ready to serve all visiting occupants to this 5-star hotel. Great experience

agung wibowo (10/11/2017 21:54)
Upscale, very good interior, nice service, very delicious various meal, good entertainment, comfort bed, luxury at all.

Adeline R (08/11/2017 12:40)
Comfort 5-star hotel in solo... they have rooftop pool and good food with Javanese culture interior that feels like home

Andhina Riskyta (08/09/2017 10:27)
Best hotel! With many option for breakfast and great facilities in room. Super recommended.

Mochamad Rasyid (23/08/2017 09:55)
Good place to stay.. The only one tallest building in solo...the view at agra at night was wonderful.. :)

Bimanda Budihardjo (31/07/2017 22:12)
New hotel, best facilities and amenities in Solo hands down. Staffs are very friendly and helpful, rooms are big and bright and modern. There is a gym and a pool for laps. The rooftop bar and the restaurant are the best place I say to hang out and dine while in Solo, respectively.

Veronica Utami (01/07/2017 14:58)
Modern and clean rooms. Pool was large and good for kids. Has one of the best views of the city as it is probably the tallest building in Solo

Sindhu Wibisono (30/06/2017 11:13)
Great hotel to stay. Very comfy. Big tv

Ivan Tanuwijaya (25/06/2017 23:46)
One of the best hotel in town.. they also had a very nice interior design with a very friendly staff.. their rooms are also clean and tidy.

Fadli Abu Ankafa (13/05/2017 15:48)
5 star quality. Room is clean. Love the facilities such as pool, gym and the children playground. Food are delicious. Located in the downtown of Solo.

Emil Bachtiar (24/03/2017 11:54)
Cozy and elegant hotel. However, its layout, especially for public space is inefficient

Queen Hyeri (16/03/2017 15:17)
The best five stars hotel in town! You will love this place since they offered good place with good foods, excellent service, helpful staffs, and reasonable prices! They said 'money cant buy happiness' but lemme tell you at least you can buy great coffee here which is the same! Would love to be back!

Rachmat fauzan (06/03/2017 00:17)
Staff very friendly and help full..
Check in and check out management are perfect..
Very clean room and bathroom..
Price is worthed (idr 890rb)
Very well interior design...
Recomended for bussiness and traveler visitor..
5 star review for 5 star hotel..๐Ÿ–’

Dewi Laksmi (21/02/2017 11:43)
So cool for a 4 star hotel just like a 5 star but no ballroom

nurul huda (18/02/2017 15:45)
I stayed in some other hotels at kota solo. But this hotel is exceptional. Fast check in..thanks to the staff who work efficiently. Room is very good not so big but very modern yet still has a traditional touch. But one thing that make a little bit disappointed, we have to pay an extra rupiah to use the jacuzzi facility. No cost only for executive room guest. Which this never happened at other 5 star hotel. But overall things were awesome.

erlando arozal (16/02/2017 13:54)
one of the best hotel in solo, easy access, large parking space, spacious room with reasonable 5 stars room rate, Liberica Coffee shop just few steps away from the lobby, nice place to stay with family

mbak ahla (06/02/2017 05:06)
Five star hotel you know. Has nice music and food

Vania Virginia (11/01/2017 15:23)
Nice new eve party

Ross Peden (13/09/2016 06:47)
Fantastic staff, great facilities, centrally located

Wibisana Salam (29/08/2016 09:17)
Best Hotel in Surakarta. Best location, The quality and the service is good. The room is super cozy, and you can take showering with the breathtaking view of Surakarta City esp. Slamet Riyadi surrounding area. the swimming pool is the best! Quite huge and enjoyable. i am very satisfied with this hotel

Ryan Samuel (12/08/2016 10:35)
Its pretty good hotel. But the problem is, the drop off site is too small like only fit for 5 cars! And the lobby also too small. but the swimming pool is pretty good!

Winanto Wins (09/07/2016 08:17)
Great food, great room and nice atmosphere.
Take the higher floor, then you'll enjoy sunset with the Mt. Merapi and Merbabu as foreground.

Billy Darmawan (21/06/2016 13:55)
Tempat bagus

Anindhita Sunartio (14/06/2016 10:52)
Superb design, nice hospitality

Judith J.N. Dipodiputro (05/06/2016 08:35)
Most beautiful... perfectly designed... best modern representation of Javanese cultural symbols.... Best hotel in Solo today. Value-for-money with good sized rooms... and again perfect layout. Aaaand : yummiest bed.

Gigin Ginanjar (28/03/2016 22:09)
Cozy hotel with modern and traditional ambience. Great room since it is brand new, but the amenities are standard of its class. Iron available in the rooms, smoking rooms are of limited quantities so book in advance if you need one. Wifi also available with adequate speed.

Stefanus Sugiarto (19/11/2015 06:47)
Brand new hotel (as of November 2015). Here's my summary review:

Rooms : Spacious rooms for two adults and one child. Makes this the perfect hotel both for business and pleasure

Cleanliness : Very Clean

Price : A little bit on the high-end for Solo. However, considering all the amenities provided, I would say the price is justifiable.

Location : Stratigic. A couple of minutes drive to Jalan Slamet Riyadi, Solo's main street.

Breakfast : Good, but not great. Given the detailed attention the hotel has provided to everything else, the breakfast quality and variety could use some improvements.

Facilities : Gym, Spa, wifi, pretty much everything you need for a comfortable stay

Overall : 9/10 good place to stay both for business and pleasure.

Note : I spent a couple of nights last week. During one of those nights (a Saturday nght) there was a pool party on the 6th floor. The music was quite loud, and I can hear it bumping all the way up on the 11th floor. The noise-leak should definitely be addressed by hotel management. The party went past 11pm, which makes the night uncomfortable. Other than this incident, I am very satisfied with the hotel.

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