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de CLASSE Gelato & Coffee

Blitar, Kabupaten, Jawa Timur
Alamat: Jalan S. Supriadi No.56, Bendogerit, Sananwetan, Bendogerit, Sananwetan, Kota Blitar, Jawa Timur 66133, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 823-5430-4898
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

kemosabe thinking (14/05/2018 11:18)
Cozy place with great peoples (they are so friendly) great coffe taste, delish pizza, lovely gelato......... Loved this place so much

Ekky Hapsari (25/04/2018 07:30)
This place honestly exceeded my expectations.. 😊 the place is super instagramable if you love to take picture of you and your friends hanging out, and they have tons of flavor for their gelato. Oohh and you have to try their pizza, its super delicious. Its definitely worth the price.

Jutex Outsiders (25/04/2018 06:31)
Such a nice place n my favourite is matcha..hope your cafe also provide some of cheese cake n more variant of bread..I like croissant bread😊n hope your putting cream for topping in some of cold drink

Cliff Valentino (14/03/2018 06:56)
I order turkish tea and didnt like it at all. Better to drink water than that drink

Nina (16/02/2018 06:21)
I love so much for friendly waiters. The taste of ice cream is sooooooo good and delicious and the coffee too, but for barista is less friendly when i talk about the coffee. And very crowded btw. But so far is good

Arif Brother Indonesia (20/01/2018 12:43)
Good place at town and very popular. They serve various gelato, snacks and coffee. This place very crowded and the service was ok. Good job. They seems to be serious to be best cafe in town.

nurul hidayati (17/01/2018 13:52)
It is recommended for those who like gathering with family or friends. There is parking area for both motors and cars. It's a nice cafe.

denenet (25/12/2017 23:06)
Recommended place for hanging out, chit chat with friends or colleagues. Affordable price and tasty for ice cream, coffee, beverage and snacks. Air conditioner not working enough inside the room, not sure they set up in lower temp, inside the room fells warm

Ratih Andikasari (05/11/2017 05:32)
My favorite place to hang out with my daughter. We can have a affordable and delicious gelato ever.

Amee Mizuno (03/11/2017 05:35)
The best place for family time.. My doughter fav place.. 😘

Daniel Simangunsong (20/10/2017 13:10)
Nice place for hangout. They have a lot of menu, from coffee, tea, milkshake and also their speciality the gelato. For meals they have pizza (not good enough sorry to say) and another snacks like french fries etc. They also have healthy meal like salad & yoghurt. WiFi is good, free mineral water and they have guitar hanged on the wall but I don't know are they permit the customer to play it.
Unfortunately parking lot for cars not so big, overall is okay

A. Gilang Indra Salam (02/09/2017 05:42)
The gelato ice cream is good, but I am not suggest you to order any other food than ice cream because it's take a lot of time to make it, you will spend your time. It's need approximately 1hour to serve your order rather than the ice cream

Rosaria Dewi (21/08/2017 11:58)
Cozy place with affordable food price. My favourite gelatto flavour is mint and rarely available because always out of stock. Better be hurry when u want it

tommy pramono (20/08/2017 04:10)
Loved it very much.Good yet cheap gellato served with a high quality of hospitality and quality. Best in East Java in my opinion.

Fahmi Samastuti (15/08/2017 17:31)
They got a great variant of gelato/ice, food and beverage. Serves coffee that originated from various places in Indonesia. Have outdoor space as well as indoor.

Rizqi Mayang (05/07/2017 00:47)
I like the place, espesially because it has good interior, design room, and they are very lovable, besides that it has a lot of gelato variants, yummy 😋

Nur Ika Liana (02/07/2017 11:39)
This is the right place for you to hangout and make a good conversation. Have a cup of gelato or tasty coffee then you'll come back for next time

akhmad khabibi (27/06/2017 04:02)
It's a perfect place for a coffee lover like me. They have various kind of Indonesian single origin coffee and they can perfectly brow it to serve a super delicious coffee l, manual brew or espresso based coffee. And, it's surprisingly not to expensive compared to the quality of the dish. The place is cozy, and the variety of the dish is very wide, snack, gelato, pizza, etc. I highly recommend this place to seriously drink coffee or just laze around to spend a nice time.

Neru kuroichi (26/06/2017 07:54)
Just visiting new place, i'm only tried the gellato and dripped gayo.. bot so bad lah

Aida Shafira (18/06/2017 16:28)
This place is such a cozy place for teenagers and also family who wanna spend their time together. This place has a lot of delicious menu; pizza, waffle, smoothies, GELATO (with numerous flavors), and numerous kinda coffee made by professional barista. I frequently come to this place on saturday night to meet my friends and really enjoy to come to this place more often. Very recommended!

Lies Nureni (01/05/2017 00:15)
Blitar is not really a big city and thus there are not many decent places for young people to hang out. de Classe Gelato sees this opportunity to offer a hype place so that they have a nice place to spend their time. Well, not only young people who can spend their time here but also parents with children and adults because who doesn't deserve a cup of gelato in a hot noon?
The gelato is nice with an affordable prices. Too bad they don't serve gelato with cone to, they only serve it in a cup. They also serve some coffees, pizzas, and other snacks. The place is great with a good ambience and it really is an instagrammable spot.

Satwika Paramasatya (22/04/2017 15:08)
Excellent combination of coffee, white tea, and gelato. Cool place and awesome owner. Splendid! Would give 10 stars if i could

Dave Chris (13/04/2017 16:39)
Elegant place, elegant menu, lovely atmosphere. One of the best olace to hang out. What's missing is having a better music. But the price is very affordable

Attina Firdausy (21/03/2017 12:14)
Nice interior, many variant for coffee, taste good. Indoor and outdoor place. But the wifi is so bad, good place for hangout with friend, family.

Hafizh Arief (07/03/2017 02:01)
This place is awesome! It has 20, more! of gelato flavors. Sure taste is awesome too. Has a bunch of coffee selection. You could also choose the origin and how the coffee is made. There are high chairs and a lot of seats. It is also Instagram-able!

Jack in the box (26/02/2017 09:02)
Good place for spending time together. Very reasonable price... yummy ice cream and food

Lanang Aditya Nugraha (12/02/2017 09:16)
Best caffe in blitar with cozy ambience

Dani Mujtahidin (06/02/2017 23:09)
Good coffee. Good gelato. Good food

Rina Kurniawati (24/01/2017 08:30)
Love the ambience! They have many choices of gelato. The pizza is good and affordable.

roedy yuanto (06/01/2017 00:57)
Nice place, great place for selfie, good service, just took a bit long to order original or premium pizza....the waiter and waitress are such welcome and humble.....i like to be here....xxxxxxx

Wening Winarno (20/09/2016 10:39)
Gelato ice cream in the house on Blitar City. Cheap, they have good coffee.

Suprajitno Poniran (14/09/2016 00:37)
Only one of the professional serve in Blitar. Quickly to try this

Nunung Afu'ah (12/09/2016 16:42)
it's a good way for spending your leisure time for a cup of gelato

Tejo Waskito Effendi (11/09/2016 14:36)
Best café in Blitar yet

Heffer Maniku (27/07/2016 11:42)
Murah meriah...

SANTY ERAWATI (21/06/2016 13:00)
Asyik banget buat nongkrong. Matcha Green Tea Latte nya enaakkkk banget. Sayang menu makannya masih dikit

radja fira (17/06/2016 05:45)
Tempatnya keren,.,.
Menunya OK banget deh,.

rUlyy Prasetyo (16/06/2016 08:27)
the best gelato & coffee shop in town

de classeid (16/06/2016 08:19)
Common join us.

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