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Laprima Hotel

Bima, Kabupaten, Nusa Tenggara Barat
Klasifikasi: Hotel and Villa
Alamat: Jl. Pantai Pede, Labuan Bajo, Goron Talo, Komodo, Kabupaten Manggarai Barat, Nusa Tenggara Tim. 86554, Indonesia
Rating: 4.00
Telp: +62 385 2443700

Komentar :

Mar Tam (26/05/2018 21:27)
Good hotel but not much to do here. Sea view from balcony pretty good, that's all you can do.

Daniel K (14/05/2018 19:24)
A basic hotel. A bit old and worn off --but still serve its purpose. Probably the only 'hotel' in the area at the moment, although this record may not stay long given the rapid development in the area. The beach was filthy with plastic from the Pacific Garbage Patch --but still looks pretty from the window.

Rudy Tk (23/04/2018 20:33)
not much to complain or praise. regular room. location not far from everywhere as the town is small.

Putri Prathiwi (14/03/2018 16:46)
the room was nice
they have view to the sea and access to the rocky beach
unfortunately the rocky beach was dirty at the time I stay
dunno five years later
the swimming pool was great

Abu Bakar (27/02/2018 08:14)
PT Bt uu. J.😴 ly

Muhammad Reza Aryanto (25/02/2018 08:19)
Not value for money kind of hotel

The view from the room was amazing (i got sea view room on 7th floor). But the breakfast was minimalist; the toilet's jet washer wasn't really a jet, since its only droplets; the air conditioner dropped water to bed; the internet was only decorate our wifi lists, cannot use it; the pool was dirty. The conclusion is, we pay too much for such hotel. Might as well we stay in budget hotel.

Ben Tuckwell (06/01/2018 19:29)
Where to start. Staff are friendly but ordered food and was told that due to a party there was not enough food for the rest of the hotel. The next day room service offered 3 options for meals which was obviously left overs from previous nights party and breakfast was the same. Pizza and sausage for breakfast? No coffee, cold tea stale bread. For a resort style hotel this is unacceptable. Let's not get into the fact it's currently a construction site. Not great experience.

gita lestari (25/12/2017 18:20)
Beautiful view, beautiful outdoor area with a bridge to the ocean. Good, clean rooms with balcony so get the highest floor you can have. You can just skip breakfast, it's awful. Just get to town or go to the Italian resto besides for brunch. The location is far from anywhere so you need to spend extra for transportation.

Yun Damayanti on indonesiatouristnews (02/11/2017 09:29)
3 star hotel in pede beach southern part labuan bajo

Hanny Lee (31/10/2017 09:54)
Greatest resort in labuan bajo, great view, clean hotel, excellent service , standard breakfast.

ranto S (22/10/2017 21:05)
5 - 10 min from labuan bajo airport. No wifi in hotel rooms, only at the lobby you can have wifi.

Miqdad Anwarie (08/10/2017 20:41)
This hotel gives us good facilities and room services, not too far from the crowd but still quite and has good view to the beach.

Bella Belinda (30/08/2017 18:51)
A quite nice place to stay.. or maybe its just the East Nusa Tenggara that I love.

Tjoeng william christian (22/08/2017 07:23)
Perfeccttt... Sea view, clean and big room. WiFi not discovery to room

Andre du Plessis (04/08/2017 20:56)
Don't do it. The place is presently under construction but we were desperate. The rooms are dirty, the towels grey and stained. The breakfast is worse than average. It's far too expensive for what you get.

Jan Bex (23/07/2017 13:37)
Clean rooms good service and a Nice pool and garden make this one of the best hotels on Flores. Don't eat here though. The buffet style food is not worth your time. Lousy breakfast too. Take the sea view room for a slightly higher price and a fabulous view over the bay.

Zacharias Ersa (15/07/2017 23:15)
View was nice. But the beach is dirty. Can't swim at the beach because of that. And then the room is not that clean enough. The wall is dirty. The ac was leaking the water. And they just clean it up without changing Our room for. Complimentary.. But we'll it's Just OK situation.. Ok meh.

Indramin Darmadi (18/06/2017 18:22)
Good clean new minimalist hotel. Love this place. Got room with hill view and sea view.

Kurniawan Fahmi (16/06/2017 23:51)
I like the sunset view from the balcony ... once I can see the color of red, orange, yellow... and green. Too bad I did not bring a good camera at that time.

Martin Vinduska (13/06/2017 05:00)
Clean modern hotel, food average, very nice pool. Sea view room is recomended....

Theodora Dyah Paramita (04/06/2017 15:26)
View from room and the service are incredible. The staff are so friendly. They willing to go extra miles to help us :) The food is good.

Gunawan Nirwan (14/04/2017 07:09)
Nice hotel for holiday. Have private beach and pool. Foods were tasty. Service was okay.

Sofan Hadi (13/04/2017 21:56)
places to stay and the rest were quite comfortable in Labuan Bajo, very nice beach scene, there is a swimming pool, a bit far from the city center, the entrance to the hotel is not so good, hotel rooms are very comfortable, especially that there is balcony

Scharlita Imbiri (23/03/2017 05:30)
sea view is great spend time w ur love one or family to get to know indonesia

Arjan Rijkers (19/02/2017 06:42)
We did stay here more then 6 times. Maybe the best hotel in labuan bajo. Good location. Directly on the beach. Beside the PEDE beach. Not too far from town. Clean and reasonable prices. Very good view over the bay. When you have kids. For sure the nicest swimmingpool in labuan bajo. Proffesional Dive school. Save parking. We always enjoy our stay here. Breakfast is more then ok.

juwita saptomo (20/01/2017 12:42)
The hotel is clean and nice. You can see the beach from the room. Amazing view at sunset.

Linda Sulistyowati (31/12/2016 22:03)
If you wish to have a room with great view, then you need to come to this hotel.. But please don't expect to have internet connection in your room. Internet only available in the lobby. And for the breakfast, don't expect too much..

Maxi Kamil (12/12/2016 17:05)
One of best 4* Hotel In Labuanbajo Bajo west Flores

Rubi Perkasa (10/09/2016 12:29)
One of the best hotel in labuan bajo. Good price with good quality of the rooms.

Dana Suprihatin (04/10/2016 16:53)
nice hotel with good price.. but i dont like the breakfast menu..

Didit Putra (19/08/2016 12:18)
It has a lush ocean view and located near Pramuka Hill when you can hike and enjoy the dazzling sunset of Labuan Bajo. The hotel itself has a complete feature for a modern hotel so you can just come without worry.

The downside is you need to take a car to go to the town just to get some food or groceries.

Rysiek Krakowiak (12/07/2016 16:32)
In Labuanbajo one od the best but in conparision to hotels on Bali below average.

Kadek Megah Bintaranny (25/05/2016 19:39)
New hotel in town. Modern and minimalist

Yohanes Kristiano (10/03/2016 10:55)
A good hotel with a good view and seaside in Labuan Bajo

Pantelis Karras (26/12/2015 16:52)
A hotel in Flores located on a very nice beach. But once you make the mistake to take a walk at the beach you will be disgusted and outraged because the trash at the beach and in the sea a few meters away from the swimming pool is unbelievable. Shame to the owners for their disrespect to the environment and to their clients. It is the most disgusting thing i have seen in long time. Thousands yes thousands of plastic bottles and all kind of trash 5 meters away from the garden and swimming pool. Who ever goes there will be as outraged as i was. The owners and the management are uneducated people i guess who don't have anything to do with hospitality. Shame!! Disgrace for the environment!! Idiots who do't care about anything. Really frightenig and disgusting to see!! It's as if all of a sudden you are in trash park!!!! The quantity of trash and plastic covers the sand of the beach and it's the same when you walk into the water.
Shame on the owners!! Somebody should tell them to change profession.
Really disgusting. Then you don't want to know anything more of this place

Tim Boende (23/10/2015 07:16)
Location is nice, but it's a giant 8 story building. It really does not fit in at all.

Clever Haliman (19/12/2014 06:18)
nice service and appropriate price

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