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Blue Marlin Dive Komodo

Bima, Kabupaten, Nusa Tenggara Barat
Klasifikasi: Toko, Hotel and Villa
Alamat: Jl. Soekarno Hatta, Labuan Bajo, Komodo, Kabupaten Manggarai Barat, Nusa Tenggara Tim. 86552, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 385 41789
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Jam Operasional:
Monday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Thursday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Friday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Sunday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Komentar :

Ilham Mezyan (15/05/2018 08:12)
I completed my Open Water Certification with Blue Marlin Dive Komodo and it was the best experience. From the discussion with the crew to the meeting with the instructor, Elisha, and the dives, everything exceeded my expectations. They are all very caring, and make you feel part of the divers community right away. Elisha has been beyond wonderful, I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor to complete my certification. She listened, provided support and made us feel very comfortable and confident before the first dive. She was open, honest and made sure we enjoyed everg second of the experience. She shared her passion for diving with us and love for the open water world and animals. I highly recommend this shop if you want to get some scuba experience that will blow your mind in and out of water! Thank you so much for creating so mang great memories, Blue Marlin, and Elisha, thank you so much for being a wonderful human!

Amy Nickals (21/04/2018 17:01)
Amazing diving, top quality dive instructors and dive masters

matthew sayles (04/04/2018 11:28)
Hotel in middle of Labuan Bajo.
Great views from balcony. Nice breakfasts and happy smiley staff. Bit noisy in mornings when housekeeping are mooching about at 6.30.

Rob Comans (09/03/2018 09:10)
Genuine feeling that the staff want you to have the best experience possible. All the staff were awesome, gave great briefings and made sure we were safe and enjoying ourselves. Special shout out to Elisha, our instructor who went above and beyond to make sure we had the most amazing week.

Pim van den Toorn (06/03/2018 19:24)
I only can tell something about the restaurant. A very nice view. Not much choice in food, but good beer named Proost.

Vera Arreola N. (14/02/2018 08:18)
Eat, dive, sleep, repeat!!! Amazing trip and Komodo one of my favorites dive spots so far! Alex is an amazing dive guide and the chefs in the boat what can I say he earned a good tip!

Ben Tuckwell (05/01/2018 16:34)
Best dive crew in Komodo. Liveaboard is out of this world. Super easy communication, ultra safe company where nothing was ever left to chance. Make time and go spend 5 days on their boat. Great food even better diving and super friendly staff. Do it, you'll have no regrets.

Ma Nu (24/08/2017 06:45)
The Blue Marlin Resort is great. The hotel and the diving school are located directly at the port where the two boats Hugo and Toby are stationed. The team consists of young competent and always good-humored people.

The restaurant serves great food and also the staff is very friendly. The rooms at the blue marlin are spacious and clean with a small balcony from which you can see a stunning sunset.

The dives were the best we could ever experience.

Thank you again to the Blue Marlin team for the extraordinary great diving holiday!

Nelson Tiago Salvador (22/10/2017 20:34)
Horrible. You pay for the two smallest gin tonik we had see in ours life's the same price that you pay a dinner in any restaurant... Don't go! 165.000 IDR...

Philippe Daniel (20/10/2017 13:50)
Amazing week spent on their LoB, Ikan Biru! Thanks to Paul and Shannon and all the staff to make this an unforgettable trip! They were super professional and funny, definitely recommended!

Libby Bideau (02/09/2017 00:33)
Before you head out on a live-aboard in this region, I would definitely check the lunar calendar and get some feedback on the time of year and see if the currents mesh with your wishes for your experience during your visit. That said, the environment was truly incredible in terms of wild life and beauty. I also enjoyed the boat, nature observed from the boat and the simple lifestyle. The food was delicious and they offered a variety for different tastes and lots of vegetable options. They did a vegetable dish with peanut sauce that I’m still obsessing about. My partner said he would have enjoyed some more home-baked snacks and goodies, but I liked taking a little break from the temptation! They did have cookies, crackers, tea and coffee available all the time.

The staff was competent and polite, but my dive instructor, Fai was above and beyond. He was so lovely to spend time with and helped me get credentialed to be eligible for the trip. He was very precise in explaining details of the course, but he also kept an element of fun and discovery in the work. I swear, there’s nothing this guy can’t find in the depths, from the tiniest creatures to some enormous, powerful Mantas. He seemed to know the entire area like the back of his hand.

Javier Ríus Trigueros (22/08/2017 19:37)
Amazing afordable luxuary experience with the blue Marlin team, definitly one of the highlights of our 2 months trip through Indonesia.
This kind of trips can be a nightmare if you chose a bad diving center, fortunatly, we choose one of the best and it has been unforgetable.
Since the begining, one week before arriving Labuan Bajo, Kim was really helpful by mail, providing all the info and help we needed. We particularly appreciate their concept of pick up/drop off the boat when you want, it gives you the dates flexibility we were looking for and other dive centers dont allow you.
Once there, they provide you good diving material, including diving computer, torchs or reef hooks with no extra charge.
Ikan Biru is a beautiful and confortable wooden boat, with some luxuary facilities you dont expect, like 2 bathrooms with hot water. The food is simply amazing, varied and abondant. The local crew is highly eficient, is amazing all the work they do without you even realize it, in order everything is always ready at time.
But the best was the discovering the underwater of Komodo :)
We were a quite inexperienced people, 3 Advanced with less than 25 dives each, and one OW with just 5 dives! So we were a little nervous about diving in the challenging waters of Komodo...
This feeling disapeared quickly thanks to the dive master and the instructor/trip director, a really competent team ( by the way, 1 dive master and 1 instructor for 4 divers is a really cool ratio). Katie the dive master was really helpful during all the trip, and specialy helping my gf, the less experienced diver and a bit anxious at the begining of the trip, to build confidence in her diving skills and to enjoy every single dive. And Sean, the instructor and trip director, was the main responsible the whole trip was so great. He is an experienced diver, very organized and responsible, and not only with huge knowledge about dive physiology, tides behaviour, marine biology, and Komodo sea, but also with love to share his knowledge. His brieffings and debreiffings of every dive were very hard to beat. In a 3d/2n he organize 9 dives, progresively increasing technical difficulty, and including some of the most famous spots like Batu Balong, Crystal rock, Castle rock or the Cauldron, and 2 nights dives. We enjoy every single dive, we learned so much in just 3 days, and at every moment we feel safe, which was one of our main concerns.
So many thanks to all Blue Marlin Team. We definitly recomend to dive with them, and we will repeat if we come again.
Javier and Sara

ron ratkelis (09/08/2017 09:14)
My wife and I just spent 4 days at the Blue Marlin in Labuan Bajo. We have been diving all over the world. The Cliche statement " Its all about the People " is 100% spot on when it comes to the Blue Marlin. Their Expertise in Diving , picking Dive locations , Safety etc... was second only to their positive attitudes and their willingness to help with anything needed, 24 hours a day. Paul, Alicia, Stephan, Kim , Jeffrey were exceptional but... entire staff at Blue Marlin was great. With a Fast boat ( Toby : 600 hp) and a willingness to get Us to the best spots quickly we were able to maximize our Trip. On an off diving day , it was no problem to arrange a visit to the Dragons on Rinca island. . Hotel itself was simple but clean. Air Con. and Internet worked well which was important to me. If you are looking for a resort to sit around the pool this is not it. However, if you are serious about Diving and want to be around people that share your passion then Blue Marlin is the place to be.

Alexander Aldehoff (04/07/2017 17:35)
Good food more touristic but still good, great view
I did not dive nor sleep here just had dinner

garrison turner (04/07/2017 17:34)
Only 3 rooms, which are next to the kitchen. Always employees sitting outside your room when you enter or leave. Great bar and food with a view tho. Updated facilities

Reuben Blackie (04/06/2017 12:46)
Ate at the restaurant. Food was nice but service was poor. E.g. ordered one type of beer, they brought a different one. I asked why - the reply was that my order was "finished". Ordered a set menu, some of the dishes didn't arrive. When questioned, these were "finished". Would have been better to inform diners in advance.

Raj Patel (23/05/2017 01:25)
I didn't stay at the hotel, nor eat at the restaurant. My sister and I planned this trip stateside prior to heading to Bali. We stayed at a hotel not too far from the shop.

First day, we met up at the diveshop and got in cars and headed to the dock. The Ikan Biru is not a large ship, room for 8 guests + crew. Really beautiful boat. The Lounge area upstairs is really comfy and roomy. I never felt like the 8 of us were crowding eachother. Sleeping was better than I expected. Obviously, you're not sleeping on the greatest beds of all time, but it was fairly comfortable sleeping on the pads they used for beds. The only thing is occasionally there are noises they can't control, like other boats, so you may want to bring some ear plugs. They have big lockers below deck where you can store your bags. I'd say the lockers are about 7 feet high and about 3 feet wide, and probably 2-3 feet deep. Plenty of room for a large dry bag and more. The only thing with the boat is there are only 2 heads. Not a huge issue, but esp right in the morning or after/before dives, there tends to be some lines. Again, not a big deal, but just fyi. The food was awesome. The chef made amazing soup, like seriously, he had some serious skills.

Now on to the diving. Sean (trip director) and Paul (Dive guide) were awesome. Planning was dynamic as conditions do change, but they planned out dives really well and communicated very well. They were really cool people and Paul was a great dive guide. The diving was challenging, but that's a function of how it is in Komodo. Easily one of the best diving trips I've ever taken and a lot of that was due to the Blue Marlin dive staff and crew.

Thanks Paul and Sean for a great trip, and I will definitely be recommending you guys to anybody headed to Bali!

Novika Dina (18/04/2017 19:36)
Love the ambience! Staffs are very friendly.

Edward Diep (04/03/2017 06:46)
I got my open water certification here. Great experience

Benjamin Wiedenmann (23/01/2017 19:14)
Great dive shop! Made my AOW. Excellent, relaxed and friendly staff.
Food is also good. Nice terrace with great sunset view.

tobi m (28/10/2016 16:29)
Made the open water diving course with a great instructor. The restaurant and the facilities around it are also pretty good.

Cinzia Pinto (09/09/2016 22:06)
Beautiful view, good food and staff very polite! The rooms are very comfortable.

Robin (30/08/2016 19:47)
Me and my friend went diving, both Advanced open water.
We were told that we would be the only one in our group together with the dive master.

At the dive in castle/crystal rock an inexperienced open water girl joined. She couldn't dive at all and performed the schoolswim underwater (!!!!!!!!!).
She ruined both dives, we couldn't stay in the current to see the big fish. We didn't see a shark at either dive because she ruined it all.
Worst dive I ever did, thanks for ruining it.

Diana Matthias (07/04/2016 11:55)
Fantastic dive shop, great advice / planning assistance for the region, and excellent beer & food at their bar-restaurant. And the sunsets can't be beat!

Ask about their live-boards, as well as their day trips for diving in Komodo National Park.

John-Michael L'Allier (27/05/2016 11:27)
Great dive shop. Good dive masters, good boat crew, good restaurant.

Kadek Megah Bintaranny (25/05/2016 18:14)
Good ambience, nice staffs

Travel with Adam (19/05/2016 20:40)
Great setting! The best diving! Loved it! Thanks a bunch! #gotravelwithadam

Arianwen Morris (09/05/2016 14:19)
Tomorrow will be a sad day because it's my last opportunity to go out on the dive boat with Blue Marlin Komodo. I arrived in Labuan Bajo, Flores, seven weeks ago with around 70 dives and a mission - to become a PADI Divemaster. I leave with over 130 dives and a qualification I'm extremely proud of, and I couldn't have chosen a better place to do it.

Considering I'd spent three months in the Philippines trying (and failing) to locate a spot that had the right mix of great diving and a good local atmosphere, it was a huge gamble to book my course without having ever set foot in Komodo - but I knew I'd made the right decision as soon as I arrived.

The staff at BMK are fun, friendly, professional, entertaining, sociable, organised...basically, exactly what you look for in dive centre employees. I felt safe and comfortable on my dives - even when practising the skills I find most challenging, like mask removal. My instructors Doug and Vero knew exactly when to be serious, when to entertain, and when to dish out a little bit of sympathy and understanding, and I'm extremely grateful to them for this.

The centre itself is the best in town. It has a huge restaurant/bar where many people like to hang out in the evenings, and there's a swimming pool to practise skills in. The boats are some of the fastest in Labuan Bajo (especially the speedboat Toby), and the liveaboard Ikan Biru is amazing. Not only do they serve the best breakfast I've experienced anywhere in Asia (I've been here 10 months), but the facilities are very nice. People sleep above deck (with a canvas cover overhead), which is actually cooler and much less claustrophobic than any boat cabin I've stayed in. They separate the mattresses with huge cushions so you have a degree of privacy, but it also encourages everyone on board to get to know each other as they sip a can of beer and look out for shooting stars.

The diving in Komodo is astounding. Once you've been here, you'll struggle to find anywhere better. It doesn't matter if you like big things like mantas, sharks and turtles, or small stuff like flamboyant cuttlefish, frogfish, and pygmy seahorses. Komodo has it all. While I was here there were even sightings of a mimic octopus, some blue-ringed octopuses, a stargazer, and a tiger shark that was following a dead whale through the channel! They've seen blue whales and whale sharks in these waters too, and dolphins can sometimes be spotted while you're diving. Basically, keep your eyes open and expect the unexpected!

I haven't met many divers who aren't also passionate about the wildlife on land, and no trip to Komodo is complete without a trek on Rinca or Komodo to see the Komodo dragons. This is a truly amazing experience, and you can tag it onto a day with the BMK dive boat. I saw two dragons tearing a deer carcase apart, and we had another three come charging around the corner just before our guide distracted their attention and lured them away. It was quite an adventure!

Another top reason to consider Komodo is its currents. They're a great way to learn about tidal effects on dive conditions, and they can be a lot of fun if you're drift diving or riding a 'shotgun'. If you're into adventure diving, this is definitely the place for you, but that's not to say you won't find suitable sites if you prefer a calmer experience. Many of the best spots in Komodo are sheltered. Just make sure you know what you're getting yourself in for when you book!

Labuan Bajo is a small town with character, and it attracts people with a sense of adventure who care for the environment. As a solo traveller, couple or group of friends, you'll find yourself easily accepted into the expat crowd and you're pretty much guaranteed a wonderful experience, both night and day.

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