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Vivacity Megamall

Bengkayang, Kalimantan Barat
Alamat: Ground Floor, Jalan Wan Alwi, Kuching, Sarawak, Kuching, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +60 82-263 888
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Alan Png (06/06/2018 05:25)
First of all, this is one of the, if not the largest shopping mall in Kuching as of 2018. Parking is usually not a problem, abundant of parking lots even on weekends, decent traffic planning. Wide selection of major retails can be found here for a good shopping experience. Also a fine place for dining besides the usual fast food chains and restaurants, they also offer 2 food courts. 1 with the standard food selections like any other mall food courts, another 1 with selected famous stalls or shops around kuching all under 1 roof. It is also complete with cinema, 24 hours gym, karaoke, children's playground and unique baby spa. Definitely a good place to spend some leisure time.

Teck Seng Ho (27/05/2018 07:04)
Got the one and only Imax cinema in town. Can find all sorts of delicious food here.
Best mall to go for if u want to do shopping, eats, and movies all three together in one place.

Ayu Zulaika (20/05/2018 10:00)
Lots of shops and restaurants to go to. You can basically spend the whole day here. And the cinema is great!

Cosmas Wang (13/05/2018 14:09)
The mall was spacious. Very few visitors probably because of the booming growth in shopping malls here and there. Food court is on the top floor.

Luke Huang (10/05/2018 05:43)
Big mall with almost all the major brands represented. Can get anything you need here. Clean, spacious and ample parking.

Hayati (02/05/2018 16:22)
If you only have time to visit one mall, Vivacity is the one. It has more quality shops than other malls, and many international brand name stores. There is ample parking space, no matter which day of the week. Clothes, food, electronics, furniture, gym, pharmacies, jewelry, supermarket and many others. This is my favorite shopping place.

lucyana imelda (13/04/2018 12:14)
My favorite shopping mall so far. I love it here. Always has promotion

Yacub Yahya (04/04/2018 05:11)
My 3rd time visit vivacity.still a lot of places i need to explore. Overall the whole setup is very good. Look forward to my next visit.

Elvin Ennosi (24/03/2018 10:26)
A great place for food lover. There are many choices of food (local, Japanese, Korean and Thai's etc...). A good tip to all VivaCity customers, if you come during peak hours, please don't park your vehicles at lower ground. You will create a traffic jam. Please do park at upper level parking places.

Hayati (10/03/2018 11:10)
If you only have time to visit one mall, Vivacity is the one. It has more quality shops than other malls, and brand name stores. Clothes, food, electronics, furniture, pharmacies, jewelry, supermarket and many others. This is my favorite shopping place.

William si (09/03/2018 03:13)
Good location with sufficient carparks. Great place to shop, relax, eat, play, and watch movies.
Great varieties for shopping of branded goods.
Imported goods available in basement supermarket.
Downside is everything here is priced above average, even foods in food court.

Lim Andrew (11/12/2017 06:00)
It's a shopping paradise for shoppers. Most branded merchandises are in this classy mall. It's never too congested with customers because of it's enormous size. There are wide range of things to choose from. Thus there is something for everyone. Don't miss out the fun of shopping in a classy mall for reasonable price.

Edward Ngelambong (10/12/2017 11:09)
Great place for shopping, a alot of shop are available such as sport shop, cinema, fashion shop and fast food stall. I'm recommend to park in basement because it much cheaper.

ProGenetic (04/12/2017 14:35)
Definitely a good place too visit for who needs everything, Inside they got a cinema (TGV), Archery, Arcade and a lot more interesting stuff. This place also have a good food and restaurant such as Seoul Garden , best food courts , Starbucks and so many weird food stuff that absolutely delicious inside. The best part is if you have an infant theres a Baby Spa for this little fellow and their services is tip top. The annoying stuff is that place is huge like super huge, no need to jog in the morning jus walking inside can keep you healthy ^^. Have a good day in your Vivacity Megamall!

dbrhck (10/11/2017 06:23)
I've recently just shoot a short scene for a music video here. The management was so kind and nice to assist us throughout the shoot. We managed to get what we want to fulfill our shooting. So far, eveything was good and Vivacity is really a big help.

Mubashir Ayub (07/10/2017 10:44)
Really nice mall, very large. Good food variety good retail outlets TGV is always a plus. Not as much sunlight as I'd like and the design of the place seems a bit awkward at times. The bike parking is at one end of the mall so you have to walk all the way to the other side if you want to go to nandos. But this is all nitpicking I suppose.

Lewis Hamilton Amat (05/10/2017 08:02)
Nice place to shop. But there lack of signboard / mark to trace for your parking place. takes almost an hour to find my car. By the way, this is one of the largest shopping mall in Kuching. How I wish if this place could operate for 24hours. Prefer to shop at night.

Irene Bong (28/09/2017 12:26)
So far it is the largest mall in is a great place for those who like shopping...various kinds of great food and drinks can be found here also

aRies aCacia (25/09/2017 11:10)
The place is excellent but the parking is not friendly user.Those who just first time visit vivacity need to take photo of where you park the car include the number of the lif you take.This will make easier for you to look for your car.

Lucas Yap (12/08/2017 04:23)
The mall is excellent, the parking system is not so excellent. If anyone is going to the mall, I suggest the multi-level parking lot compared to the underground parking lot. The management of the mall maintain the mall quite well, the security are doing a fine job so far. I hope the mall management can find a solution for safer underground parking lot as based on my previous experience, it nearly cause a lot of problem to user that park their car under the mall.

Jon Grenier (30/07/2017 08:00)
One of the worst malls I've ever been to. Information kiosks do not work. No atmosphere. Terrible construction quality in the building itself. Much better malls around.

Terra Andrick (21/07/2017 07:33)
Nice place to hangout. They got TGV Cinema, restaurants as well as others shopping slots. Go there and experience yourself.

Sati Vex (21/07/2017 05:22)
Lots of shopping options, good hangout places. All in one. Its clean and well maintained too.

Kenneth Wong (14/06/2017 11:23)
New Mall in Kuching. It's about 1 million sq ft and has a variety of retail shops. Not bad in terms of tenant mix. Good place to do some shopping and getting some nice food. In time I am sure it will improve further when the Management Team gain more experience.

Thaddaeus Kouta (31/05/2017 15:10)
If you are looking for branded clothings and gadgets, then this is a place worth your time and effort to visit. The mall provides stores that can fulfill your fashioned desires. If you are a person who are interested in the latest gadgets, the mall have lots of stores for you to go and spend your money. If you are tired and needed a rest, you can always visit their food court or go to restaurants of your liking.

Saifik Affandie (16/05/2017 11:20)
Have lots of parking space and the TGV Cinema is the main reason i went here because TGV have Family Friendly Cinema

Justine Peter Kulai (04/05/2017 14:14)
Clean n variety of shop available.. love the starbucks.. cool place to hangout

ellyana tan (24/04/2017 00:06)
The biggest shopping mall in Kuching. The one and only. Many choices branded clothing line and food selection.

Doug Johnson (18/04/2017 05:00)
Decent mall and movie theater on the top floor also a food court.... very spacious too.
Room to grow with new shops and stores

Kenny Sia (09/04/2017 13:29)
Great, big, spacious mall with more than enough parking. Can do a bit more work in attracting better tenants because occupancy rate is fairly low. Also, smoking restaurant employees by the entrance of L3 is an annoyance to families bringing in little children.

Iffah Rezali (25/02/2017 08:46)
the nicest place for food hunting. the food court is placed at the 4th floor. various kind of food— eastern, western, local food, you name it. often congested with people so prefer to not go there during peak hours. got padini, kaison, h&m, mango, parkson there. the largest shopping complex among the spring, cityone so better wear flat shoes.

edwin ed (09/01/2017 13:54)
Nice place for shopping and chill up. Beside shopping, also have variety of nice food from moderate price to high price. After food hunting can spend two hours on movie too.

Melvyn Tie (02/01/2017 17:34)
The management office staffs are very rude to customers. As I got the car park ticket from the machine, the ticket was scrapped by the machine. I instantly asked for replacement but they were so rude to point out it was my own fault and even asked me to pay for it. I'd not be going this mall for the second time. It was the first and the last time ever. To be honest, the mall interior quality is actually very lousy due to the swift work of developer, I can see a lot of defected hole everywhere in the mall.

Debbie Lim (29/11/2016 04:47)
Currently my favourite mall in Kuching. Love its comprehensive list of tenants. Eat there and go watch a movie. Shop for a bit then get your groceries. Very convenient. Parking layout may be a bit confusing for first timers. Don't worry if you ended up at the premier parking zone. First 15 minutes is free so just exit the area within that time frame.

Jimmy Soboi (11/11/2016 07:47)
Newest mall in Kuching city. Should come here for shopping. Good location nearby residential area. Few kilometres from city centre. Branded items sales here. Accepts credit and debit cards.

Allan Fadlansyah (19/08/2016 08:42)
One of the newest mall in Kuching. The mall itself is quite big compare to others. the variety of the stall is good, especially on fashion stall. the food court also have good range of variety. Mall's interior is quite modern. Good for hangout place

Syed Tarmizi Syed Shazali (07/08/2016 08:23)
Clean and spanking new shopping mall....need to address some parking paystations not available on certain exits to the rear multi-storey carpark especially on L1/P3

Dr. Jye Y Lu (02/08/2016 07:42)
Good place to hang out as it's not too crowded. Need more shops. Lots of room for improvement for it's carpark, the current carpark layout is too confusing.

Timothy Lee (28/06/2016 09:34)
A new definitive shopping experience for the people of Kuching with a good blend of international retailers as well as local ones! Plus, a first Sushi Zanmai.

Austine James (08/05/2016 03:07)
A very large mall with good mix of local and international brand. Perfect for people who likes to go shopping. Parking payment is a bit of hassle because of the hidden autopay machine

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